November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Break

So Wednesday night (as you can read in my previous post), our friend Kong Kong (Or just Kong as my host parents likes to call him) "moved in" temporarily, to spend Thanksgiving Break with us.

Thursday was Thanksgiving (Yaaay) and we did nothing but taking a walk to the exchange (which was closed) and back again so we could burn all those calories we'd get from eating the Thanksgiving food~
We had some weird green stuff called "Green Bean"... something, potatoes, turkey, stuffing (to the right), some kind of onion gravy, yams, and "sweet potatoes" with melted marshmallows on top.

Friday was "Black Friday" which is a day that the stores open SUPER early, give some crazy discounts, and where you may see people in little tents in front of the stores - Only the be some of the first to get inside. Apparently it's pretty big... Even my parents back in Denmark had heard of it and it's not even being "celebrated", or whatever you'd say, there. My host mom had specifically said she didn't want to go because of all the crazy people there but because of Kong Kong's eager to go, we finally persuaded her. (I didn't really care, I just want to experience as much as possible while I'm here so I didn't mind going either).

Anyways! We went to the exchange (that small little "mall" that we have here on base) first, walked back home because Norman and Doug took the car, got back into the car, and drove off for Santa Barbara since neither one of us had been there before :)

When people from school ask me where I've been shopping at yet, I tell them base, Lompoc, and Santa Maria, whereafter they'll tell me "Aaawh poor you" and tell me to go to Santa Barbara instead because it is soooooo beautiful - And well... they are right. Santa Barbara is an amazing place and it is absolutely stunning at night.
Soooo many lights ★_

Random pictures from Santa Barbara!
Sondra and I in the car :)
Looking at Christmas trees in Macy's~
(I was just told that Katy Perry was born in Santa Barbara, still lives there, and actually shops in here sometimes! :O How.. surreal :o.)
My host mom freaked out when we came to Bettie Page, which happens to be her ABSOLUTE favorite store. She told us that if she could afford it, she would wear clothes from here every day. Hmmm... I would never be able to do that. Tooooo much vintage! (And yes I know that's the point of the clothes in there). Sondra, King King, and I had fun walking around the store, making fun of stuff, while Rebecca was actually looking. I proposed Sondra to find some of the (worst) dresses in there and try them on just to have a good laugh - Rebecca caught us looking around and called us over. As you can see in the picture, we all ended up trying on the same dress~ Not because it was super ugly, but because Rebecca persuaded us.
King King sat out in the store as we were changing and as we were about t leave the store, I looked through my phone and found this picture~ Poor guy must have been bored but I warned him; Take pictures with my phone and I WILL post it! :P 

 Just King King~

As we had finished our shopping, we went to find something to eat... and we passed THIS place! :O At first I was like: "Ooh.. that place has a Danish name. How funny" but didn't really realize that it actually WAS Danish before Rebecca showed me the menu~ 
Hakkebøf ~  How Danish~
This place was rather pricey .. and we eventually just ended up at a sandwich place.

Saturday was our last day with King King (Or Kong Kong... or just Kong. Whatever we want to call him!). We spent the day hiking at Gaviota State Park~ I had never been hiking before so I was super excited.. It started out with just walking down a path in a really dry terrain .. but then we came to the "mountains" (I come from a literally flat country. These were mountains to me!). Our goal was to go see the famous "Windcaves" which is, apparently, a Californian thing.

At the beginning of the path, you'd meet this sign. How encouraging..

Curious and energetic as I was, I grabbed a stick, proclaimed myself the troop leader, and walked into the wilderness! Closely followed by Kong, my host mom, and Sondra.
Sondra had had a blister on her foot, a few days back, which now caused her pain. Our first stop was therefore at the beginning of the first "mountain".
The walking paths were extremely narrow and there was no way that more than one person would be able to pass at a time.
What a view~
After a long long long long ... long walk we finally made it to the first (very very small) cave, where we also took a bunch of pictures. I knew that Doug, my host brother, had a fear of height but I never knew Sondra did too. Now I must admit, this was rather extreme so I really won't blame her. Besides, at some points, if you took a step out, you WOULD fall and probably ... not get up again. 
King King wanted to continue, so we went up even further. I have always thought I have had some kind of fear of height.. but this experience proved me wrong. I felt completely fine! :D
Rebecca sticking out hr head from the first (half)cave we found.
It was.. rather small. You could sit in there but I think that'd pretty much be it. 
After I had passed a very.. (I'm not kidding. It was VERY narrow. I had to grab the dead plants beside me to make sure that I wouldn't fall.) narrow passage, I came to the 2nd cave. Now this is actually what I'd call a real cave. There was a, supposedly, door and two "windows". Inside it was the finest sand and on the walls you'd see that people had made little drawings or written their names. We decided to do so too!
Rebecca inside the 2nd cave. 
And King King peeking in~
I wrote my name in the ceiling... 
King King in the window.

Sondra never got to see this cave and once again King King wanted to go further up... 
The 3rd and last cave we went to wasn't really a cave either. It was kind of like the first one but greater! 
Here we sat down, drank some water (it was soooooo hot that day), ate some chips, some crackers, and some M&Ms while enjoying the wonderful view right in front of us.
It's hard to tell but the little trees in the upper part of the picture were rather big. They were just so far down there.. 

Random photos from our hiking~

In case you wonder why I don't have many pictures of myself, the explanation goes like this; My host mom was the one who took the most pictures of me but when she tried to move the files onto her computer, her Iphone simply deleted all of them =______=
I'm getting some other pictures from King King in a few days though... And I will put them in this post. So stay tuned for more pictures later :) Have a nice day~ 

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