November 3, 2012

The Big Game Week

Monday SUCKED! Over the weekend I had been sick and wasn't feeling the best, but I knew that this was going to be an important week for the cheerleaders and that I HAD to be there. My day had been okay until right after 7th period. I was supposed to stay after school to practice but when I showed up, the coach told me that practice was cancelled.
"Didn't anybody tell you? Oooh I'm sorry. You're welcome to stay here if you want."
The thing is that only JV was practicing that day... and I'm on Varsity (Juniors/Seniors), so there really was nothing for me to do there..

Instead I sat down outside and found my math homework. (Since my math is easy and I learnt this already, I usually do this doing the weekend but I hadn't had time). Now my host parents have both been working in the afternoon/evenings these days so there was nobody to come get me. I couldn't ride the school bus either since that one left as I had changed clothes. My dad had a day off but was asleep and even though my host sister was at home she couldn't wake him up. I felt left alone and let down .. This was a bad day indeed.
And I don't know about you guys but if I'm sad I'm not thinking clear... even the easiest piece of math can become a problem for me. So while I was sitting there, struggling with my homework, a friend of mine comes over and asks me what I'm doing there.
Quietly I started telling him about my day, how I hadn't been told about the cancelled practice, about my bad grade in English, my many assignments that I had to catch up, the musical audition that I was forced to go to, my need of time, and how I was desperately trying to get home now. When I was done he told me it looked like I was about to have a breakdown (which was true), and my eyes teared up.
(I simply can't stand having people look at me if I'm about to cry.. I HATE it).. And guess what happened then?
He confessed his huuuuuuge crush on me... and LOOKED ME IN THE EYES!
I did NOT (bold and underlined) need that!!! '
I don't like him... at all. Maybe as a friend but that's it. And he kept asking me if there was no chance between us... and if I didn't like him at all?
"No. I don't like you and I never will. You're not my type." <---- Mean? YES! But also completely true! And if you choose to walk up to me on a bad day, this is what you will get. (I'm not usually this mean, but if you poke the dragon there is a chance it might burn you).
Besides.. it's awkward now. I can't be near him. I sound like a drama queen right now but if you were me you wouldn't want to be near him either.

Tuesday was the day of the taco eating contest between Cabrillo and Lompoc. We ended practice at 4.30pm and went to ... Actually I'm not sure where we went but it was near Taco Bell. They had put up a long table and had 5 cheerleaders from each school eat. While they were eating, cheerleaders from the two schools would do their cheers (we even did stunts) to support our "eaters". When we were done, Ashley drove us to Taco Bell as Ella (Another cheerleader friend of mine) had told us that if we walked in and told them "The Giants stole a base", they would give us a free taco. So we did...
Ladies and gentlemen.. This was the first time I had ever been to Taco Bell and it definitely won't be the last!

Wednesday was Halloween! ... And once again I had to get a ride from somebody since both of my parents were working. It resulted in me staying at school until 6.15pm since JV and Frosh had longer practice than usual and the only one who could give me a ride was one of the coaches.. When I came home (After a WAY too long day) at 7pm, Sondra and Doug had already left the house to go Trick-or-treating.
After several calls to both of my siblings from my mom, we finally got Doug to get home and go Trick-or-treating with me (since my sister was too busy with her crush I guess).
Loooooook! Soooo much weird candy that I have never tasted before (but the Twix, M&M's, and Skittles).

Also, in my 5th period class I got this little picture from a friend of mine..
Danish stereotype much? Naah.. Just a rather uninformed guy who thought that the male vikings had long braided hair too..

(Le translation: This is what I really look like. To my #1 fan (as in that kind of fan that blows wind on you on hot days...) Well he tried. 

Thursday: Was the big game day for the JV team. At school my Mexican friend (The one from ROP class) had given me thiiiiiis... 
So apparently I'm the girl with the braids aand.... he's saving me from a dragon -.- (He's been reading Beowulf). Fishy huh?
After class he then confessed that he had a crush on me...Seriously. This has NOT been my week =_____=
(And in case of a dragon I'm NOT the person who needs to be saved. What do you think I am? some little princess? HECK NO!! I can take care of myself. I don't need a hero. AMEN!).
I'm tired of people who think they should "protect" me. Do I look like I need that? Don't answer unless it's a no. I will hunt you down and slap you. 

It was also an Assembly day which meant that every class before lunch would be shorter. After 3rd period I went straight to the gym to meet the other cheerleaders as I wasn't sure if I was going to be a part of this. I wasn't, so instead I just sat down and watched them practice. I ended up sitting on top of the tribunes with two other cheerleaders that weren't in the dance either and I got to record :P The band had made a great show where they compared Lompoc's football team and their cheerleaders with ours. 

After school I got a ride from Ashley to Huyck Stadium which was where the game would be at. (Lompoc's field). As we were driving we were talking but suddenly I lost my voice and got into my coughing mode -.- It resulted in Ashley driving to a store to buy me some medicine. I kept telling her I was okay but she kept telling me to eat it so I did.. and it helped me feel a whole lot better. I love that girl, she's super nice to everybody... No wonder she was the Homecoming Queen, everybody loves her! :)

At 5pm we went "pomming". We all got into out cars, honked, rolled down the windows, turned up the music, (I was with Ashley, Ella, and a JV girl) and drove around Lompoc to spread some noise and Big Game atmosphere :P We had our pompoms out the windows and waved at people with them while we were yelling: "Cabrillo! Go Big C! WOOOOOOH!" and so on. When we passed people they would honk back, smile, and give us thumbs up. It was soooo much fun! :D Oh and my favorite part was when we got to the parking lots. We would take off our seatbelts and crawl out the windows so we were sitting with our legs inside the car and then we would yell while waving our pompoms at people :P It has so far been the best day I have had here in America. 
As we came back to the stadium, there were a lot of people. There were also two firetrucks for the cheerleaders. Lompoc got on one and we got on one. (As in sitting on top of it. It was awesoooome!) Then we drove to the front of the Cabrillo crowd and started cheering to spread a good mood :D
I borrowed a uniform (and got a nice boa from the coach because I was a senior) so I could look like the other cheerleaders and when they went to the field to make two big lines that the football players would run through, I was able to join them.

We didn't win the game but we sure had the nicest crowd and the best spirit - Now I have off from practice for 3 weeks and then I'll be ready for the basketball season to be a full-time cheerleader :D

I was supposed to go to auditions on Saturday but my body said NO. My host parents and Sondra went out to buy us some medicine as the Commisary was out... I knew there were a lot of sick people on base but wow..
In the evening we were invited to Seiya's (The Japanese exchange student) place to celebrate his 18th birthday which was on Friday. We were a lot of people and it was really nice hanging out there. We spent the rest of the evening watching The Avengers on a projector.
I didn't see him open his gifts but I hope he liked ours. Since he was the one of us that brought the least money with him to America, we gave him that and a paper bag filled with candy (He loves candy). On both sides we had made the American and Japanese flag and written "Happy Birthday" (Or that's at least what it was supposed to say) in both languages.

Atka extras:
Atka not only watches (stalks) me all the time, he's also following me around in the mornings now. When I sneak to the bathroom, he will block the door and not let me close it until I let him in...

He also stalked my Halloween candy to check if it was poisoned..

Stalked me as I was writing this post...

Aaaaaand then he was hunting my brother Doug... 

I have been searching around Youtube to find some videos from the Zombie Walk but so far I only found one. You can find it in my post "The Lompocalypse" by clicking HERE :)

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