December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

God JulFeliz Navidad, Frohe Weihnachten, and 메리 크리스마스 (ha.. I only know it in those languages).

Now with all that said... Merry Christmas!! 

I hope you all had a wonderful time with your families, friends, or maybe even girlfriends/boyfriends!

- I sure had! And I guess I'll never have such a weird Christmas again o___O 
In the morning of December 24th (Denmark is +9 hours from here) I got on my Skype and called my parents and siblings, who were celebrating Christmas with my grandparents at their place. 
They had brought my brother's laptop, that they had placed at the end of the table while they were having Christmas dinner. (I ALWAYS sit at the end of the table when we eat there). Once in a while I'd yell stuff like: "Hey grandma! Hand me the potatoes please!" and they'd crack up. Yeah.. it sounds weird.. but that's how my family works. We're unusual :P

I actually had to look this up as I thought it was a "normal" thing that people did on Christmas eve all around the world.. apparently not, but in Scandinavia we DANCE AROUND THE CHRISTMAS TREE WHILE SINGING! And so did my family! My dad held the laptop in his hands as they danced around - And I'd pick which songs! I even had to lead them in one of the songs.. Thank God I was home alone that day. My host family would've thought I was insane. 

My grandpa, mom, sister, brother, and dad~

This is pretty much what it looked like..

When it came to the gift opening, they brought up all the gifts to the table. I myself found the presents that they had sent me and placed them beside me. We then took turns in unwrapping stuff. 

The presents and chocolate calendar that my family sent me~ 

Yaaaay presents! The papers were notes from my younger sister, who wrote how much she missed me and bla~  Sorry.. I'm not very emotional when it comes to that stuff. But nice of her!
I also got these 3 shirts, this hat, and a pyjamas. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the white one.. the other two.. not so much. The cashier where they got them said that it was IN in America right now and everybody wore that kind of shirt over here... NO! Heck no. I haven't seen just one girl wear it. And I get why... I tried them on and.. ew. Just ew. The shape is just wrong.

Thank you Skype for making it possible for me to talk to my family on such a special day!

God Jul/Merry Christmas from my family and I!

Then! Yesterday I got to celebrate Christmas again! ... For Americans celebrate on December 25th!
Carol and Tom has two kids; Casie on 22, who's currently on Honduras and then J (Jacob) on 25. So J came over and celebrated with us.. That's why we didn't really get to open presents in the morning, but around noon instead. He was simply just too lazy to come here early.

We all sat down in the livingroom and then Carol would throw the gifts to us. Btw.. These are Tom and Carol. (This picture has been highly requested by my family and friends). 
Tom got a spade form Carol, she got a giant box with wines, and they gave their son, J, a bag of beans. BEANS!! .. Hahaha these people are crazy, but in an awesome way! :D 

J modelling his new shorts! 
After the gift-unwrapping we had Skyped with their daughter, had dinner, and later that night I challenged J to learn some Danish as Carol had told me he would pick up new languages just like that!
Of course he had a hard time with some of the words but he was trying really hard! Meanwhile Carol and Tom would be cracking up over in the corner.
He learnt how to say: "I am a whale! I am 2 whales. We are whales. I am 6 apples. You are a whalebutt!"
I'd then look at him and say that he couldn't be two whales.. he looked back at me and said "Who gives you the right to tell me what I am? Don't tell me that I can only be one whale. I am 2 whales! I am Copenhagen!".
... J and I bonded really quick after that. I've always wished for an elder brother.. and now I have one. Thank you Fox family! I truly love you all! 

They wouldn't let me buy them stuff some I made them something instead! They also gave me presents (bought ones).
They had read my papers and seen that I liked taking pictures a lot (especially for my blog), so they gave me a camera. "And you can't have a camera without a bag" Carol said, so I got a small bag for it. They also got me a memory card for it, a cuuuuuuuute little bracelet with stars/flowers, and a pair of earrings from Macy's (Few days before Christmas I had realized that the stone had fallen out of one of my earrings). So thank you! I'm looking forward to using my new camera!

Other presents I got:

 The last day of school before Christmas Break my friend, Robbie, brought this me me and a few other of her friends. Thank you so much <3

Lori, the host mom in the family that I had stayed with for a week before I came here, gave me a white stocking as you may have seen in one of my earlier posts. She told me that I could wait for Christmas if I wanted.. and so I did. She also texted me Christmas morning and wished me a Merry Christmas from her, her boyfriend, his daughter, her daughter, and the Slovakian girl, Lenka.
 I looooooove chocolate <3

In the morning, I found a stocking outside my room here at the Fox's house. 
 It's so cuuuuute and Christmas'y. I love it!
 Inside there was looooooads of chocolate.. (I think I may have accidentally mentioned how much I liked it). Carol is allergic to chocolate, yet she got me all this :3 The brand Ghirardelli is made in San Francisco (Which is one of my favorite cities) and it is just amaaazing. She had also bought me new underwear, from Victoria's Secret, that she had put in the little pink thingies.. but.. I don't feel like showing you guys that :P

 I also got this little card from Dorothy from CHI (The Area Coordinator) - I love how all the kids are different looking. Perfect for us exchange students :)
And look what's inside! A giftcard for the local coffee shop! 

Anyways, Merry Christmas to all of you! I hope you had an amazing time!
And happy birthday to my grandpa too!! Today he turns 73!

December 20, 2012

From Wells to Fox~

"Life is good" is a phrase that Carol seems to like a lot.

"Who's Carol?" you may ask. Carol is my new host mom since this Tuesday. And noooo... I did not move because we couldn't agree, or I caused trouble or anything stupid like that. I simply moved here because I was supposed to. The Wells was my temporary family - And a good one!

I've had a really nice week with Lori (Temporary hostmom), Cheyenne, and Lenka. We got to make homemade "jødekager" (cookies) and I swear, I have never tasted jødekager better than Lori's. Yum! My family has asked this a lot but I've simply been too busy to give them a decent answer before now. My week there was great! Well... except for the fact that I had no ugly sweater to wear on Ugly Holiday Sweater Friday. But we had fun! Lori is SUCH a nice person, and all 3 of them made me feel home from the first day. I loved it there. This Tuesday I had to leave though. Lori gave me a plate of freshly baked cookies and handed me a Christmas stocking that she had made for me. I couldn't help but hug and thank her several times when I left, that week was great! Lenka is super lucky to live with them :) She even asked me to come make more cookies with them this weekend, I'll have to check though. The Fox'es may have plans.
I had been there for a week and she already saw me as her daughter.. She's has such a big heart <3

The Fox'es are my new host family and gosh.. they're amazing. My stay here in America just gets better and better these days, and Carol is right; Life IS good. (Well except for a few nightmares that has been bugging me the last couple of days).
you can say that I have ...more than enough space :P
 Here's the bathroom.. that is all mine :O
I like to shower in here though~ My hostparents' bathroom.
 This is my bedroom, which is pretty neat. The bed is sooooo soft. You literally sink when you sit on it. Oh and the best thing; you can adjust the intensity of the lights, so when I get up in the morning, I won't have to cover my eyes from the bright light :)
 There's this beautiful door in my room.. Their daughter painted it, which I think is.. amazing! It gives the room such a nice twist~ Oh and guess what's behind the door?
A walk-in closet! :D (Which is suuuuuper messy because I've been too lazy "studying" for finals this week).

These days we have finals and we all have these small schedules that tell us how long our classes are and which days we have certain finals.

Monday during lunch we went to Mrs. Gray's classroom to work on a poster for Fernando (Brazilian student), since he will be going home in December/January and not be here next semester. And since we were still not done when the bell rang, and the poster was soooo beautiful and super important, we simply just skipped 6th and 8th period... Caus's we're exchange students, we can!

Tuesday during lunch we then held a small "party" for him (It was just us exchange students). Mrs. Gray had brought a biiiig pizza, icetea, brownies and little gifts for us all; a candycane and a holiday pencil with a matching eraser on.
It was also the day of my first "final" - It was in Graphic Design so I couldn't really take a final. I jsut had to work on my stuff.

Wednesday I had finals in my math and history class. Math was soooo easy (Algebra 1, duuuh?) and history wasn't as bad as I had expected. I got an A in math and probably a B in history (86%). I was pretty happy~ That day, in drama, I also had to do my monologue in front of class... It was nervous.. and glad it's over. I didn't do bad though!

Today we had a party in drama class and there was tons of food, soda, cookies, cake, and so on. It was also the day that we had to bring our last gifts for our Secret Santa victims. I had got mine a Starbucks gift card, while I myself got a box with little goodies.
Glow-in-the-dark stars (because I love stars.. and stuff that glows!), Cookie butter (I have no idea what that is), some... coated candycane-sticks? (I guess I'll have to eat it to figure out what those are), a bag of random candy, and some Japanese erasers (I love cute erasers!).  These are so kawaii, ohmygosh <3
Oh and.. I had, in the beginning of our Secret Santa "era", got a note which asked me where I was from. I wrote "DENMARK!" on the blackboard and now.. look at this! Lego-shaped candy!! (Lego is Danish and probably one of the things that makes me proud the most about being a Dane).

Now back to the whole schedule topic!
Friday is a, as you can see, VERY short day. Again, I will only have one final (in ROP class) as I went to the Winter Concert with choir class. That concert was our final sooo.. PARTY TIME!!
ROP shouldn't be bad.. I'll just have to look through my review sheets and then my winter break has started :P So far I have no plans.. well.. I have ideas but.. we'll see.

Life is good, and right now mine just keeps getting better.

December 14, 2012

Changing hostfamily..

FIRST!!! I want to share with you guys how much I envy my grandcousin right now.. she get's to walk the Lucia procession for Saint Lucy's Day (Santa Lucia).. a day where you will see youngs walk in lines, dressed in white, holding candles in their hands, and with a leader in front with a crown of burning candles.. while singing this beautiful song about Saint Lucy.. BUT! I got to wear white so I at least, in some weird way, coudl support them. I was proud.

Kittyyyyy <3 
This will probably be the last picture I will be posting of Atka as I moved away from my host family this Tuesday. 
Right now I live with the Wells and I'm really surprised how generous her mom is to just take me in like that. The Wells are Lenka's hostfamily (Lenka is the Slovakian girl at Cabrillo) and they are A-MA-ZING! She lives in this really cool house with her host mom and her host sister~  
I even have my "own" room! 
This is just temporary though.. I'll be moving again on either Monday or Tuesday to a new family... I don't know who yet but it's alright. I like being spontaneous~
Right now I'm just enjoying staying here.. her mom is SOOO cool, her sister is sooo nice, and Lenka is just an amazing girl :) They dance, sing, listen to loud music (heck yeah!), eat cookie dough, etc. etc.
They're really fun to be near, thank you Wells!

~Just a fun little memory for future use~
Right now we're having "Secret Santas" in drama class. We each have a person that we're supposed to stalk and give little gifts.. the girl who's the Secret Santa for our teacher told her to bring us cookies. But our teacher was smart and said that: "My Secret Santa never said that you wouldn't have to EARN the cookies!".. and so she got all of us out of class, made us hold each others arms, and skip (in our huge group of people) all the way down to the gym... while singing Jingle Bells!. So we did! You should have seen the looks we got from the gym guys, my English teacher (who shook her head and closed the door as soon as she heard us coming, and the people in the other classes that we passed.

December 13, 2012

1st & 2nd Sunday of Advent!

Oh hi there~ Uuuh look at those on-their-way applecheeks! I think I've gained weight..
Anyways! Happy 12/12/12!!!

"But.. I had stuff to d--"
"Okay okay.. I'm SORRAY!! D: I'll try to post more.."
MHM!! Now back to the kitchen!

Soooo.. it's been a couple of days with no signs of life from my side. I've been.. well you can't really call it busy but I've had some stuff that I had to deal with. THEREFORE!!! *Bam bam baaaaaam* Today's post will be.. a mix of pretty much everything. Please bear with me as I love to share my random moments with you guys~
See the picture up there? It was taken just as I got home from me and Sondra's big choir concert at school last Thursday. We've been practicing for WEEKS and it turned out really nice. We've never sounded as good as we did that night. Also, the past few weeks we've been working on christmas sketches - My group dod so well that she decided our sketch should be at the Christmas Concert so... I got to play Mrs. Claus in a sketch that people absolutely LOVED, run backstage, throw off my jacket, join my friends on those little benches, and perform the choir songs. It was great! We all had so much fun and people LOVED it.

Now like the title says: "1st & 2nd Sunday of Advent" is the first thing I want to blog about.. well.. at least the first Sunday.
I got a biiig biiig package from my parents a couple of days ago - a giant 12,6 kg /27.8 pounds box filled with christmas goodies and presents for my host family and I.

 My christmas gifts from all of my family members; cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, siblings, and parents :) See the white bad? Both me, Doug, and Sondra got one of these. Each bag had 4 gifts inside - One for each Sunday in Advent.
 And here's aaaaall the yummy christmas candy they sent me! Chocolate cookies (I'm addicted to them), "pebbernødder" which are some kind of tiny cookies, "klejner" are bow-shaped cookies that are being cooked in fat (it sounds gross but it's AMAZING).. It's a Scandinavian type of food, handmade hard-candy, Kinder chocolate, christmas marshmallows, "Tom's karameller" which is a Danish brand .. the most yummy caramels you'll find, aaaaand my favorite...
 Kokoskugler! (Coconut balls) Yet a Scandinavian Christmas treat; little balls consisting of butter, sugar, cocoa powder, oatmeal, a hint of orange juice, and desiccated coconut :) I tell you, if I could eat these all year, I WOULD! (And I would get so fat.. ohmygosh).
 Also my family sent me a chocolate advent calendar (each day I can open a "window" a small piece of chocolate. Yay!), a calendar-candle (which.. literally is just a calendar.. ON A CANDLE! :D Every day up until christmas you burn a date.. it's really cozy), some converters for my Danish stuff, and a santa claus sticker :)

I got to open my first advent present in front of my parents and.. here's what I got.

This is the first advent gift I got from my parents, a phone baggie from Trend, a chocolate lollipop, and my favorite chapstick~ Thank you mom and dad <3
They seemed really happy that they were able to see the surprised expression on my face as I opened my gift.. I think I'll try to open all of them in front of them so they won't miss out.

Saturday I went to a christmas dinner at the library with Rebecca, Doug, Sondra, and Rebecca's colleagues. The party was... awfully boring but she was being paid to go so.. we HAD to. There was a magician though (I looooooooove magic and magicians) and he choose me as his helper at some point. I found this pretty cool~ Don't judge me... I REALLY love magic. This was a big thing for me...

Sunday was the 2nd Sunday of Advent and once again I was to open a present that my parents had sent. his time I got some strange nail stuff.. I've never seen this before so.. I'll probably make a tutorial on my beauty blog about this.. at some point when I get more time.

That day we skipped church so we could go shopping for a suit for my brother, a dress for my mom, a dress for me (since my galaxy dress from homecoming wasn't formal enough anymore), and perhaps a dress for Sondra too. Why do you even need this? you may ask. We are supposed to go to a military ball-thingie this coming Saturday and.. it's a veeery formal event.
After a long day of searching we finally found something!
I got this beautiful beautiful dress from Ross - and a pair of stilletos too because the dress was just too long!

Hm.. what more.. OH YES! My creative friend Ryan has made a comeback, this time he drew me using oil paint~

Lastly I want to promote a little for my cousin, Matt Villan, who's a DJ. Him and his friend just made a new song and I thought I would share it with you guys :)
It is called "One Love" and you can find a link for it here [Click me]
You can find a link to his Facebook fanpage where he will be posting updates HERE, go check him out!

December 6, 2012

Highlights of last week

Not much happened last week so I'll basically just highlight the most important (or American) stuff that I ran into.

We were taking notes to Macbeth (some boring Shakespeare story) in English class when my teacher suddenly figured that she should show my classmates where Norway and Scotland was, since the story takes place in Scotland, and there are Norwegian people in it. Therefore, my dear readers, she drew us THIS!...

I don't mean this as a personal insult for my teacher... but I DO think it's funny how she can not know what Europe and the UK looks like o__O I mean.. she's a high school teacher afterall. I mean.. Where is Sweden? Where is Denmark? Why is Norway placed where Sweden should be? Finland is placed where Norway should be... and Scotland, England, and Ireland are not even one island!
I found this picture as a comparison for my teacher's drawing..
scandinavia map

The other morning I was sitting in my math class and my teacher, Mr. Stoll, was explaining something using the overhead. Suddenly the speakers went on and said we were having a "lockdown". My teacher locked the doors and shut the blinds - Supposed we were also supposed to be completely quiet and sit under our desks while waiting, but my classmates, being my classmates, just wouldn't shut up -____- I'm not exactly a fan of people in that class..
After maybe 10 min. the speakers went on again and said that the lockdown was now over. A girl from my choir class later told me that "being under lockdown" means that we're basically acting like we're not there as some possibly dangerous person may have walked on campus. (This was just a drill though, don't worry).
That same day we had marines visiting us in my English class to talk about their lives and possibilities and (hopefully) enroll more people. It was very unusual for me since I would never have had the chance to hear about them back in Denmark.

Sunday I went to a christmas party at François and Fernando's place (The Belgian and Brazilian exchange students) where we ate, made christmas ornaments, and played some kind of gift exchange game. We each had brought a present - I got Seiya's (I could tell be the strange little Japanese thingie inside), while Sondra .. well she got chocolate. She doesn't care who it's from as long as it's eatable.
Soooo.. some yummy stuff to eat..
 See! I have no idea what this is... but it's fun :3
Oh and I got weed for christmas... SEAWEED! and... little tentacles..
Yay! Tentacles for christmas!

Also, we each got a christmas stocking.
And look! My name is on it!! ^ ^
Filled with goodies~ 
There was also bubble-water inside it - The last few days I've had fun watching our cat freak out as I blew bubbles for him. Ever since I began blowing bubbles, he's been walking over me as I've been on the phone, laying beside me while I was on the computer, laying ON MY HOMEWORK, and inspecting my stuff. Yesterday he fell asleep on my bed as I went to sleep, and right now he's taking a nap behind me.. cute kitty <3 

Last week was also the week that we started having secret santas. We each wrote down a little bit of personal stuff (favorite TV-show, little things we like, favorite smell, etc.) and our teacher pulled random names for random people. I'm the secret santa for a girl and so far I've only given her a "have a nice day" and a Twix.. better make up for that!
My own santa gave me a small note on the first day..

Our secret santas are supposed to be secret (duuuh) but I think I know who mine is.. by comparing the drawings on her binder and the bear on my note, I could tell. I never talked to her but she seems super sweet. Monday I got yet a thing from my "santa" since I'd "only" got one little note the first week. 

 I must say.. she saved my day... especially because I had forgot to bring lunch ~
Okay.. I actually got 4 of these angelic little muffins but I was toooo hungry to take a picture before I ate them >___>

Atka spam!!

 Confused Atka looking for bubbles.. he was like that for two hours.. AFTER I STOPPED BLOWING THEM :O
 Stalky stalk~
Laying on my math homework.. 
 Taking a nap behind me..
Aaawh <3

And again, laying on my homework..