December 13, 2012

1st & 2nd Sunday of Advent!

Oh hi there~ Uuuh look at those on-their-way applecheeks! I think I've gained weight..
Anyways! Happy 12/12/12!!!

"But.. I had stuff to d--"
"Okay okay.. I'm SORRAY!! D: I'll try to post more.."
MHM!! Now back to the kitchen!

Soooo.. it's been a couple of days with no signs of life from my side. I've been.. well you can't really call it busy but I've had some stuff that I had to deal with. THEREFORE!!! *Bam bam baaaaaam* Today's post will be.. a mix of pretty much everything. Please bear with me as I love to share my random moments with you guys~
See the picture up there? It was taken just as I got home from me and Sondra's big choir concert at school last Thursday. We've been practicing for WEEKS and it turned out really nice. We've never sounded as good as we did that night. Also, the past few weeks we've been working on christmas sketches - My group dod so well that she decided our sketch should be at the Christmas Concert so... I got to play Mrs. Claus in a sketch that people absolutely LOVED, run backstage, throw off my jacket, join my friends on those little benches, and perform the choir songs. It was great! We all had so much fun and people LOVED it.

Now like the title says: "1st & 2nd Sunday of Advent" is the first thing I want to blog about.. well.. at least the first Sunday.
I got a biiig biiig package from my parents a couple of days ago - a giant 12,6 kg /27.8 pounds box filled with christmas goodies and presents for my host family and I.

 My christmas gifts from all of my family members; cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, siblings, and parents :) See the white bad? Both me, Doug, and Sondra got one of these. Each bag had 4 gifts inside - One for each Sunday in Advent.
 And here's aaaaall the yummy christmas candy they sent me! Chocolate cookies (I'm addicted to them), "pebbernødder" which are some kind of tiny cookies, "klejner" are bow-shaped cookies that are being cooked in fat (it sounds gross but it's AMAZING).. It's a Scandinavian type of food, handmade hard-candy, Kinder chocolate, christmas marshmallows, "Tom's karameller" which is a Danish brand .. the most yummy caramels you'll find, aaaaand my favorite...
 Kokoskugler! (Coconut balls) Yet a Scandinavian Christmas treat; little balls consisting of butter, sugar, cocoa powder, oatmeal, a hint of orange juice, and desiccated coconut :) I tell you, if I could eat these all year, I WOULD! (And I would get so fat.. ohmygosh).
 Also my family sent me a chocolate advent calendar (each day I can open a "window" a small piece of chocolate. Yay!), a calendar-candle (which.. literally is just a calendar.. ON A CANDLE! :D Every day up until christmas you burn a date.. it's really cozy), some converters for my Danish stuff, and a santa claus sticker :)

I got to open my first advent present in front of my parents and.. here's what I got.

This is the first advent gift I got from my parents, a phone baggie from Trend, a chocolate lollipop, and my favorite chapstick~ Thank you mom and dad <3
They seemed really happy that they were able to see the surprised expression on my face as I opened my gift.. I think I'll try to open all of them in front of them so they won't miss out.

Saturday I went to a christmas dinner at the library with Rebecca, Doug, Sondra, and Rebecca's colleagues. The party was... awfully boring but she was being paid to go so.. we HAD to. There was a magician though (I looooooooove magic and magicians) and he choose me as his helper at some point. I found this pretty cool~ Don't judge me... I REALLY love magic. This was a big thing for me...

Sunday was the 2nd Sunday of Advent and once again I was to open a present that my parents had sent. his time I got some strange nail stuff.. I've never seen this before so.. I'll probably make a tutorial on my beauty blog about this.. at some point when I get more time.

That day we skipped church so we could go shopping for a suit for my brother, a dress for my mom, a dress for me (since my galaxy dress from homecoming wasn't formal enough anymore), and perhaps a dress for Sondra too. Why do you even need this? you may ask. We are supposed to go to a military ball-thingie this coming Saturday and.. it's a veeery formal event.
After a long day of searching we finally found something!
I got this beautiful beautiful dress from Ross - and a pair of stilletos too because the dress was just too long!

Hm.. what more.. OH YES! My creative friend Ryan has made a comeback, this time he drew me using oil paint~

Lastly I want to promote a little for my cousin, Matt Villan, who's a DJ. Him and his friend just made a new song and I thought I would share it with you guys :)
It is called "One Love" and you can find a link for it here [Click me]
You can find a link to his Facebook fanpage where he will be posting updates HERE, go check him out!

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