November 30, 2012

Bye Movember, Hello December!

So this is it! :O
Today is the last day of Movember! - The annual month-long event which includes growing moustaches to raise awareness of men's health! (Yes I actually did know the purpose of this).

Movember is reaching out throughout the world and also here in America it is being "celebrated"... buuut not as much as in Denmark. Even though I see a few guys here and there here in America, who haven't shaved this month, nothing.. and I mean NOTHING beats Denmark!
Even their public busses are driving around with moustaches.. Don't believe me?
Look at this picture my best friend sent me in the beginning of Movember~

Oh yes... she had just been standing there when the bus passed her.. Darn I miss my public transport!

My other really good friend posted me this old picture.. (actually just 1 year old) of us, standing in our home-made moustache costume that we had used for a (very belated) Halloween party at our school.
Back then we had never heard of Movember.. yet we ended up dressing up as a moustache - Or "El caracol" as we called it!

(I hate this picture so much but it's the only picture we got of it...)

I hope you guys had fun this Movember, and may even more people join next year!

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