December 14, 2012

Changing hostfamily..

FIRST!!! I want to share with you guys how much I envy my grandcousin right now.. she get's to walk the Lucia procession for Saint Lucy's Day (Santa Lucia).. a day where you will see youngs walk in lines, dressed in white, holding candles in their hands, and with a leader in front with a crown of burning candles.. while singing this beautiful song about Saint Lucy.. BUT! I got to wear white so I at least, in some weird way, coudl support them. I was proud.

Kittyyyyy <3 
This will probably be the last picture I will be posting of Atka as I moved away from my host family this Tuesday. 
Right now I live with the Wells and I'm really surprised how generous her mom is to just take me in like that. The Wells are Lenka's hostfamily (Lenka is the Slovakian girl at Cabrillo) and they are A-MA-ZING! She lives in this really cool house with her host mom and her host sister~  
I even have my "own" room! 
This is just temporary though.. I'll be moving again on either Monday or Tuesday to a new family... I don't know who yet but it's alright. I like being spontaneous~
Right now I'm just enjoying staying here.. her mom is SOOO cool, her sister is sooo nice, and Lenka is just an amazing girl :) They dance, sing, listen to loud music (heck yeah!), eat cookie dough, etc. etc.
They're really fun to be near, thank you Wells!

~Just a fun little memory for future use~
Right now we're having "Secret Santas" in drama class. We each have a person that we're supposed to stalk and give little gifts.. the girl who's the Secret Santa for our teacher told her to bring us cookies. But our teacher was smart and said that: "My Secret Santa never said that you wouldn't have to EARN the cookies!".. and so she got all of us out of class, made us hold each others arms, and skip (in our huge group of people) all the way down to the gym... while singing Jingle Bells!. So we did! You should have seen the looks we got from the gym guys, my English teacher (who shook her head and closed the door as soon as she heard us coming, and the people in the other classes that we passed.

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