December 20, 2012

From Wells to Fox~

"Life is good" is a phrase that Carol seems to like a lot.

"Who's Carol?" you may ask. Carol is my new host mom since this Tuesday. And noooo... I did not move because we couldn't agree, or I caused trouble or anything stupid like that. I simply moved here because I was supposed to. The Wells was my temporary family - And a good one!

I've had a really nice week with Lori (Temporary hostmom), Cheyenne, and Lenka. We got to make homemade "jødekager" (cookies) and I swear, I have never tasted jødekager better than Lori's. Yum! My family has asked this a lot but I've simply been too busy to give them a decent answer before now. My week there was great! Well... except for the fact that I had no ugly sweater to wear on Ugly Holiday Sweater Friday. But we had fun! Lori is SUCH a nice person, and all 3 of them made me feel home from the first day. I loved it there. This Tuesday I had to leave though. Lori gave me a plate of freshly baked cookies and handed me a Christmas stocking that she had made for me. I couldn't help but hug and thank her several times when I left, that week was great! Lenka is super lucky to live with them :) She even asked me to come make more cookies with them this weekend, I'll have to check though. The Fox'es may have plans.
I had been there for a week and she already saw me as her daughter.. She's has such a big heart <3

The Fox'es are my new host family and gosh.. they're amazing. My stay here in America just gets better and better these days, and Carol is right; Life IS good. (Well except for a few nightmares that has been bugging me the last couple of days).
you can say that I have ...more than enough space :P
 Here's the bathroom.. that is all mine :O
I like to shower in here though~ My hostparents' bathroom.
 This is my bedroom, which is pretty neat. The bed is sooooo soft. You literally sink when you sit on it. Oh and the best thing; you can adjust the intensity of the lights, so when I get up in the morning, I won't have to cover my eyes from the bright light :)
 There's this beautiful door in my room.. Their daughter painted it, which I think is.. amazing! It gives the room such a nice twist~ Oh and guess what's behind the door?
A walk-in closet! :D (Which is suuuuuper messy because I've been too lazy "studying" for finals this week).

These days we have finals and we all have these small schedules that tell us how long our classes are and which days we have certain finals.

Monday during lunch we went to Mrs. Gray's classroom to work on a poster for Fernando (Brazilian student), since he will be going home in December/January and not be here next semester. And since we were still not done when the bell rang, and the poster was soooo beautiful and super important, we simply just skipped 6th and 8th period... Caus's we're exchange students, we can!

Tuesday during lunch we then held a small "party" for him (It was just us exchange students). Mrs. Gray had brought a biiiig pizza, icetea, brownies and little gifts for us all; a candycane and a holiday pencil with a matching eraser on.
It was also the day of my first "final" - It was in Graphic Design so I couldn't really take a final. I jsut had to work on my stuff.

Wednesday I had finals in my math and history class. Math was soooo easy (Algebra 1, duuuh?) and history wasn't as bad as I had expected. I got an A in math and probably a B in history (86%). I was pretty happy~ That day, in drama, I also had to do my monologue in front of class... It was nervous.. and glad it's over. I didn't do bad though!

Today we had a party in drama class and there was tons of food, soda, cookies, cake, and so on. It was also the day that we had to bring our last gifts for our Secret Santa victims. I had got mine a Starbucks gift card, while I myself got a box with little goodies.
Glow-in-the-dark stars (because I love stars.. and stuff that glows!), Cookie butter (I have no idea what that is), some... coated candycane-sticks? (I guess I'll have to eat it to figure out what those are), a bag of random candy, and some Japanese erasers (I love cute erasers!).  These are so kawaii, ohmygosh <3
Oh and.. I had, in the beginning of our Secret Santa "era", got a note which asked me where I was from. I wrote "DENMARK!" on the blackboard and now.. look at this! Lego-shaped candy!! (Lego is Danish and probably one of the things that makes me proud the most about being a Dane).

Now back to the whole schedule topic!
Friday is a, as you can see, VERY short day. Again, I will only have one final (in ROP class) as I went to the Winter Concert with choir class. That concert was our final sooo.. PARTY TIME!!
ROP shouldn't be bad.. I'll just have to look through my review sheets and then my winter break has started :P So far I have no plans.. well.. I have ideas but.. we'll see.

Life is good, and right now mine just keeps getting better.

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