December 6, 2012

Highlights of last week

Not much happened last week so I'll basically just highlight the most important (or American) stuff that I ran into.

We were taking notes to Macbeth (some boring Shakespeare story) in English class when my teacher suddenly figured that she should show my classmates where Norway and Scotland was, since the story takes place in Scotland, and there are Norwegian people in it. Therefore, my dear readers, she drew us THIS!...

I don't mean this as a personal insult for my teacher... but I DO think it's funny how she can not know what Europe and the UK looks like o__O I mean.. she's a high school teacher afterall. I mean.. Where is Sweden? Where is Denmark? Why is Norway placed where Sweden should be? Finland is placed where Norway should be... and Scotland, England, and Ireland are not even one island!
I found this picture as a comparison for my teacher's drawing..
scandinavia map

The other morning I was sitting in my math class and my teacher, Mr. Stoll, was explaining something using the overhead. Suddenly the speakers went on and said we were having a "lockdown". My teacher locked the doors and shut the blinds - Supposed we were also supposed to be completely quiet and sit under our desks while waiting, but my classmates, being my classmates, just wouldn't shut up -____- I'm not exactly a fan of people in that class..
After maybe 10 min. the speakers went on again and said that the lockdown was now over. A girl from my choir class later told me that "being under lockdown" means that we're basically acting like we're not there as some possibly dangerous person may have walked on campus. (This was just a drill though, don't worry).
That same day we had marines visiting us in my English class to talk about their lives and possibilities and (hopefully) enroll more people. It was very unusual for me since I would never have had the chance to hear about them back in Denmark.

Sunday I went to a christmas party at François and Fernando's place (The Belgian and Brazilian exchange students) where we ate, made christmas ornaments, and played some kind of gift exchange game. We each had brought a present - I got Seiya's (I could tell be the strange little Japanese thingie inside), while Sondra .. well she got chocolate. She doesn't care who it's from as long as it's eatable.
Soooo.. some yummy stuff to eat..
 See! I have no idea what this is... but it's fun :3
Oh and I got weed for christmas... SEAWEED! and... little tentacles..
Yay! Tentacles for christmas!

Also, we each got a christmas stocking.
And look! My name is on it!! ^ ^
Filled with goodies~ 
There was also bubble-water inside it - The last few days I've had fun watching our cat freak out as I blew bubbles for him. Ever since I began blowing bubbles, he's been walking over me as I've been on the phone, laying beside me while I was on the computer, laying ON MY HOMEWORK, and inspecting my stuff. Yesterday he fell asleep on my bed as I went to sleep, and right now he's taking a nap behind me.. cute kitty <3 

Last week was also the week that we started having secret santas. We each wrote down a little bit of personal stuff (favorite TV-show, little things we like, favorite smell, etc.) and our teacher pulled random names for random people. I'm the secret santa for a girl and so far I've only given her a "have a nice day" and a Twix.. better make up for that!
My own santa gave me a small note on the first day..

Our secret santas are supposed to be secret (duuuh) but I think I know who mine is.. by comparing the drawings on her binder and the bear on my note, I could tell. I never talked to her but she seems super sweet. Monday I got yet a thing from my "santa" since I'd "only" got one little note the first week. 

 I must say.. she saved my day... especially because I had forgot to bring lunch ~
Okay.. I actually got 4 of these angelic little muffins but I was toooo hungry to take a picture before I ate them >___>

Atka spam!!

 Confused Atka looking for bubbles.. he was like that for two hours.. AFTER I STOPPED BLOWING THEM :O
 Stalky stalk~
Laying on my math homework.. 
 Taking a nap behind me..
Aaawh <3

And again, laying on my homework.. 

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