January 26, 2013

Locked out on my second day..

So as ... none of you guys know; I moved again! Last time, I promise!
This is my school btw!

Anyways.. I wanna share with you one of my first experiences here~ 

Having a hot tub will sound like a pretty luxurious thing to most people; same goes for me! The colourful lights, the pumps massaging your back, the warm water, and the comfort it brings sounds just about amazing, right? (And not to mention the relaxing sounds of bubbles popping). You feel like you could spend forever sitting there and just let it wash away every tiny bit of stress or anxious feeling you might have had.

My new host family has one of these outside and my sister and I have spent the last two nights out there. After maybe an hour or so we were starting to feel hot and thought of going back inside and get dry. My (host)family has a 1½ year old little girl. She’s one of the most adorable things I've ever seen! Anyways, we all know that babies take a lot of energy, and Fathi (host mom) had to get up to work the day after, so she went to bed early. My host dad Paul came up to the door and said something about him turning off the lights and that he’d let the dog (a golden Labrador named Pete) stay outside with us.

With only lights in the TV room, we walked back to the dark house and grabbed the garden door like every person would have done to get back inside, but we were met by a problem. The door was locked! We looked through the windows and started to figure out which opportunities we had to get in. It was around 10 o’ clock at this point and our parents had probably been asleep for 1-2 hours. The door was locked. Her parents’ bedroom was upstairs. Paul’s phone was lying at the table in the living room. We had no phones, so even if he had had his phone, it would've been useless. Unable to get in, we kept our moods up and tried to come up with plans on how to get inside. The first thing we tried was to just knock on the door. It didn't work. Then Angel (host sister) took a chair and crawled over the porch that kept us inside the garden, but the garage was locked so she got back. They had a bell hanging outside in the backyard that we tried to ring; Paul had told us that Fathi was a really light-sleeper and could wake up from pretty much everything. No reaction. We checked windows and doors but everything was locked at this point.

I smiled to Angel and jokingly said: “Well… this is California. It’s not exactly cold here at night (at least not in this city. Back in Lompoc we would've been freezing to death), we could always make this an outside sleepover and just stay by the hot tub. (At this point we couldn't even turn it off, it was being controlled from inside). We have the garden chairs to sleep on, two bottles of water, and the heat from the hot tub. ‘Surviving in the wilderness with just a hot tub and a dog’. We can do this!”

Eventually this turned out to be our fate and we got back in the hot tub to sit down and think for a little. At least we had the dog outside with us and the baby inside. We could only hope for one of them to make enough noise to wake our parents up but all luck had turned against us. The baby was being perfectly quiet, and Pete would just look at us confused every time we told him to “speak!” or “bark!”. We sat there and talked for some. It had been raining for a little while (not much. What I’d call “dust-rain”.), and the little mattresses on the garden chairs had slowly obtained the rain and were pretty much soaked when we decided to finally lay down. We had nothing to wear but our bikinis and nothing to cover ourselves in but the towels (that were NOT big enough to cover a person). We had been lying there on the wet mattresses for a little as it began to rain again. Just as we had gotten comfortable! Darn it! The rain was chilly so we took off the mattresses and placed them on the ground under this little roof near the office room. Curled up, feeling somewhat comfortable, not freezing, and with Pete lying by Angel’s feet, we decided to try to sleep again. It began to rain again now. Heavier than before but not pouring, I mean c'mon this IS California, the amount of rain they get here is limited.

I might have been asleep for.. maybe half an hour when I opened my eyes again and found Angel missing. I looked over to the hot tub to find her sitting back in. I was cold now and got in too. She explained to me how she, shivering, had woken up and tried to knock again and call their names from down here, but without any kind of reaction. I walked over to check the time; it was either 12.30am or 01.30am (I couldn't tell. My eyes were too tired). Our hopes and chances about getting in for the night to sleep seemed to shrink minute by minute, however, we had kept up our good moods and both of us found it funny. Actually hilarious! In a pathetic way.

We spent most of the night like that; sat in the hot tub until we became too hot, tried to squish out the water from our bikinis before laying down on the soaked mats, and cover ourselves with the wet towels once again. She’s been camping her whole life and I can sleep pretty much everywhere if I decide to, but this was harder than expected. Every time we’d get comfortable, we’d sleep for maybe 20 minutes, begin to freeze, and soon we’d find our bodies in pain from all this. Pete was shivering too and refused to lay down, poor dog :/ He hadn’t got any kind of rest at all.

We repeated this a couple of times. Every time we got up, we’d try to knock and call their names again. Nothing. At 4.20 am I felt a hand lightly shaking me. It was Angel! “Lucy, Lucy! They've let us in” she whispered. I grabbed my towel and we wandered inside. We said goodnight and, exhausted, walked back into our rooms.

"They better feed us tons of candy, and burgers, and hotdogs, and let us do what we want tomorrow!Angel said with a smile. After 6 hours of being stuck outside we had maintained a positive attitude and kept out moods high.

This is a great example of how your attitude can change a situation. If we had decided to let this bug us, staying out for this long could have been a living hell, but no. We were happy. Joked about it, and we had a great night :) Would I do it again? Not without a thicker blanket and some clothes! But you get the point!

January 18, 2013

Back from Winterbreak!

I've been doing a lot of stuff the last couple of days so I haven't really had much time to blog (sorry <//3). Nor have I been in the best mood.. I have a major decision to make these days (which I'll blog about later), and I'm literally split in halves. I'm constantly thinking of it and it just takes up all of my energy :/

(I'm sorry but I simply can't figure out how to make this one post more exciting.. They can't all the gold!)
After a 3 weeks of break, the end has come and I had to go back to school again this Monday. It was fine.. After so long time of being away from school I was starting to miss people there. Nothing special (but a temperature record of 27 degrees Fahrenheit / -2,77 degrees Celsius) has happened so far this week.. so instead I'll tell you about my last few days of the break.
Thursday I had my friend Ryan sleeping over and she gave me my Christmas present (I warned her that I wouldn't be able to give her hers yet as I wasn't done with it but.. she insisted in giving me mine now).
So as some of you may know, I'm constantly wearing this star-shaped necklace with a picture of my best friend inside, and I constantly get comments about it. My friends will ask me if I'm obsessed with stars... and I'll simply show them the picture and say: "This is my best friend. She may be far away, but by carrying this necklace I'll never be alone. I'll always have her with me". (Deep huh?) And they'll nod in agreement.
Anyways, Ryan knew that and she liked the thought of it... so she gave me this for Christmas:
Isn't it cute? They're magnetic and both have a letter - When you put them together they spell out "BF" for bestfriend~Cheese? Yes! But I like it. It's not just a bracelet. She actually spent time thinking of the perfect present. Thank you  
(Also, I LOOOOOOOOVE this picture! For some reason I barely have any pictures of us together.. and it wasn't before now I realized that you could actually see the reflection of us. The little magnets are pretty hard to piece together.. which resulted in my awkward pose).

Poor girl had caught what sounded like a really bad cough, so we were pretty much just chillin'. I did her nails, we talked about boys and... messed up stuff.. you don't even want to know, ate grease food, watched movies, and stayed up until 4am. Typical sleepover ya' know~
She took the bus home rather early Friday...

Thursday was also the last time I'd see my hostparents before they went on their cruise to the Caribbean. They left Friday after work so once Ryan had left, I was alone again.
Buuuuuuuuuuut... I'm an exchange student and not allowed to live alone! At first I was supposed to go back to the Wells that I had stayed with for a week before I came here, and then come back here again but... My hostmom thought that'd be too much moving for me. Instead she arranged for their son, J, to come over and stay with me for that week. J is their 25 year old son and he's pretty cool. He.. isn't exactly like most other people, which is great! He's really funny and just overall a really nice guy.

Saturday J got kidnapped by time-traveling vampire viking! Naaah ... We didn't really do much that day. It was just one of those at home days with boardgames and food. However! It wasn't just wasting time! He taught me how to play poker and scrabble!

I had decided to show off my Danish cooking skills and make dinner that day! At 3pm I was facebook'ing back and forth with my Danish mom who would give me instructions on how to make the dish I had planned for us to have. This was the first time in these 4 months I've been here that I've actually tried to cook Danish stuff (except for my mom's chocolate cake), so I was really excited.
But... It's a very special kind of porridge that has to be made in a pretty... not-so-common way. J had let me do my thing but when I lifted the pot into my bed and hid it under the blanket he finally realized I was crazy. To all the Danes out there; If you want to make Danish food to your foreign friends or families... do not make this unless you want them to think you and your country is crazy. DO NOT!
The porridge had to stay there for 2-3 hours so we started our movie marathon. Lord of the Rings 1 & 2 extended extended editions! Each movie took freaking 4 hours =_____=

J approves the Danish dish!

Sunday we went to actually be physically active by hiking at Gaviota Peak  which is like 16 km (10 miles) west for Santa Barbara. It was a really nice place (take that from a person who usually hates being surrounded by nature), and at the top you had the most beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean, the Channel islands, Lompoc Valley, and even Santa Barbara! I took us around 2 hours and after we were done we went to this Mexican place to have lunch. Of course we had to finish our movie marathon with Lord of the Rings 3 and THAT was the end of my break.

On a totally different note, remember my good friend Ryan? He just started working with oil paintings and some days ago he finally put this up on Facebook.

I found you guys the real picture (of me back in 2009) so you can compare and enjoy this amazing drawing~ 

Aight that's all for now. See ya' later! 

January 8, 2013

"I must go, my people need me"

Saying goodbye (or in my case; See you) can be a really hard thing sometimes.
I remember kindergarten where a goodbye was a good thing. My friends were finally old enough to leave kindergarten and begin school. It was a good thing.
I remember years ago when we all had to tell our friends and classmates: "Have a nice summer!", and how some of us (not me) started crying because we were going to miss them in those 2 months we were going to be away from school.
I remember how hard it was to tell my best friend that she should take care of herself, that I loved her more than anything on this planet, that she should stay the same amazing person, and that I'd come back for her! I remember how heartbreaking that was, but after all I knew that I'd get to see her in just 9 months. I KNEW this wasn't  a goodbye. It was a "See you".

For me, goodbye is only a word that I use if people are going away and that I for sure will never get to see them again. (Mostly a word I use if people pass away, or against people I hate so deeply that I never WISH to see them again). This time it was different though. For, probably, the first time in my life I've had to tell a friend goodbye.
I'm talking about my good friend, Fernando, who's also an exchange student at my school. You see, not all people stay for the whole semester like I do. Most people choose to, but in some countries this year will count for them, and staying for the whole year would simply be too much for them. The Brazilian guy, Fernando, is one of those students whose year over here counts and since his school ended in Brazil already, he has to go back home now :(
I'm a person who absolutely LOVES to travel but Brazil is not one of the countries I've planned to visit so far, which leads to the fact that I will probable never see him again (Unless they in like 10 years arrange some kind of "meet-up" for exchange students or something crazy like that), and that saddens me :/
Fernando's dad and elder brother came here to America to pick him up and went to LA for a few days. Meanwhile his hostfamily (the same one as Francois') had planned a surprise-goodbye-party for him 2 days ago, where they had invited all the exchange students from school, some from Lompoc High, one from Righetti in Santa Maria, and the JV soccerteam that Fernando's on.
Of course you'd expect the atmosphere to be a little.. sad, but we actually had fun. It wasn't before we had to leave that I realized how much we were going to miss him :/ He took the plane back to Brazil this morning..

Here's a photo from our Christmas party at his house. He's the one in striped.
And lastly, a close-up picture of him. Saying goodbye was really hard for me (and the others too) but at least I know he's still alive. I may not get to see him again, but his life will go on.. And he'll be okay. And thank god for Facebook! Letting people keep contact since 2008!
Take care Fernando, maybe one day we'll all get to meet up again :) One day..
To end this, I've chosen my favorite "Fernando-line". His answer when Lenka asked why he couldn't just stay.
"I must go, my people need me".

Now let's clear away the grey rainy skies and look at the bright unexpected sides of life.
Sometimes in life you'll have to tell your friends goodbye, like we did to Fernando, but... it doesn't always have to be a goodbye. The picture below is from my 6th birthday.

(Frederik and Louise - 2001)
This photo was taken.. when I was like 6 years old. The chubby girl with the hippie shirt and way-too-short-cut bangs is me... beside me is a boy that I, at the age of 5 had to say goodbye to. He was a year older and had to leave kindergarten before me. This picture was the last time I saw him. We used to be the best of best friends. For years I've been wondering what happened to him. Was he still the same as the little boy I knew? What would he look like now? What school does he go to now? How would things have been if we hadn't lost contact?
I had lost that boy, but I still had my memories and the memories from kindergarten are still some of my most precious ones. Years passed and I accepted that he was out of my life.
Then...  guess what also happened 2 days ago, before the party?

(Lucy and Freddy - 2013)
I found him! (Well more like he found me). He'd been an exchange student in Orcutt back in 2010/2011 and now I've been placed just 15 minutes from where he was. This year he came back to visit his host family and after 12... 12!!!! long years, we FINALLY met up again. So no, a goodbye doesn't always have to mean that you'll never see a person again... But it may take a couple of years o___O

I got all my questions answered about where he had been, and best of all; He hasn't changed a bit! I'm sure that, when I get back to Denmark, we could have our friendship back. And I'm sure we'll both try our best to maintain it after that.
He went back again to Denmark yesterday, but I'm SO glad I got to re-meet him before that.

"A goodbye doesn't have to mean FOREVER, it may just take a little time. Strange things happen in this small small world."

January 2, 2013

Hello 2013!!


Goodbye 2012 and H E L L O 2013!
Wow... In the blink of an eye year 2012 ended. 
New year is for many people a very special occasion. Maybe they want to quit smoking? Maybe they want to lose those 10 extra kilo? Or maybe they just want to be better people? 
The end of year 2012 marks .. well of course, an ending. Not in the way that many people thought back in 2010 though.. We didn't all die. 

And then we have the beginning of 2013. 
2013 is a start over. Whatever bad things happened for you in 2012 is something that you can now put behind you. It's your past. Just let it go. 
"You cannot collect new fresh oranges if you're still holding on to the old bad ones" - LucyHart
(Oh wow I made a quote)

So if you're perfectly happy with who you are and what you do, that's fine. If not, grab the opportunity! You can do whatever you want. Be whoever you want. It's always a choice, make it! Do you want to stay the same person, or will you choose to change something this year? (or at least try).

An estimation of at least 20% of the Danish people will have New Year's resolutions this year - 50% will at some point in their life have had these. 
And of course, as a Dane, I have mine too. I believe that you can always do better at something, maybe you can use mine as an inspiration?

1. Be more healthy. Seriously this is actually a problem. I'm tired of my hair. It's dry, it's dead, and it's unhealthy. And people comment on it. I've had enough! By the end of 2013, my hair and skin will look good! (Or at least normal). 
2. Do more exercising. Moving to America has made me lazy and I think I'm getting out of shape... Pretty much everybody  say this to themselves every year. But I will seriously try!
3. Eat more healthy food. Don't we all say that? Now think of it. I said: "Eat more healthy food" not "eat more healthy". I can't live without my chocolate, but a little more vegetables here and there never hurt anyone. 
4. Smile more. Because other people think better of you when you don't walk around with a frown all the time. Besides, smiling is healthy for you. And if there's no reason to be sad, then why not?
5. Change people perspective of me. I kind of did it when I went to America. People never thought that "innocent little mommy's girl" could do anything this big by herself. I showed them they were wrong. And I still want to do that. You don't have to stay in that role people give you, be yourself!
6. Be more social and a better friend. Luckily I have some of the best friends in the world. They always invite me to hang out. I, on the other side, don't. But I should! My friends know I love them, but new people who meet me think I'm just not interested, which is wrong. I love making new friends. I want to take more initiative!
7. Throw myself into more stuff. I'm a really careful person. I think through stuff before I do it. And it keeps me from trying out new things. I want to push myself more. I want to just throw myself off that cliff... and THEN figure out what to do. Like my hostmom said to me: "Just shut up and do it!".
8. Be more independent. I feel super dependent. Especially here in America. I don't get it... Many people here want to keep their kids down. They want control. They think they can't handle stuff by themselves. Well, my parents in Denmark let me fly half across the globe to live somewhere unknown, without them. I think I can handle it -.- But yeah.. I want to do more stuff by myself. This goes with #7.
9. Travel somewhere without my parents. Well.. again. Independent. I always go to Italy with my family and don't get it wrong, I love Italy. But this year I want to try something different. With a friend or two :)
10. Continue my blog and make it even better! Well... I love blogging and I guess that I can somehow inspire certain people with my posts.. at least once in a while. I know that I myself get a lot from reading others'.

So yeah, these are my (for now) things to follow for the upcoming year. What are yours? 
Anyways, no matter what you decide to do this year, I wish you all luck. 
"May the odds be ever in your favor" (Oh gosh no).

Happy New Year everybody! :D 

Here's a very short description of what I did on New Year's Eve. It's mostly meant for my family but you're welcome to read if you want. Nothing exciting though.
Actually I was invited to a party at Francois and Fernando's place yesterday, but I decided to stay home as my brother had showed up + we had my hostuncle and his adopted son staying over. That kid... Ohmygosh. I'm in love. 

During New Year's Eve.. day, we went to Pismo Beach to just walk at the shore and sop a little in the water. First we went into this little arcade place so my dad could challenge this adorable little piece of Ukrainian/Russian heaven. 

Pismo was a nice place. A little bit windy but not enough to get you cold, and you wouldn't need a jacket. There were actually a lot of people at the beach, and a bunch of surfers.

After hanging out at the shore, they went into the water for a little before we went back home.
We had a lot of fun watching J and Silas (the cute little kid) play around and I still don't regret staying at home. Sometimes you just want to spend more time with your "family'".

I hope you all had a safe (or not) New Year's Eve!
Happy New Year! :D