January 18, 2013

Back from Winterbreak!

I've been doing a lot of stuff the last couple of days so I haven't really had much time to blog (sorry <//3). Nor have I been in the best mood.. I have a major decision to make these days (which I'll blog about later), and I'm literally split in halves. I'm constantly thinking of it and it just takes up all of my energy :/

(I'm sorry but I simply can't figure out how to make this one post more exciting.. They can't all the gold!)
After a 3 weeks of break, the end has come and I had to go back to school again this Monday. It was fine.. After so long time of being away from school I was starting to miss people there. Nothing special (but a temperature record of 27 degrees Fahrenheit / -2,77 degrees Celsius) has happened so far this week.. so instead I'll tell you about my last few days of the break.
Thursday I had my friend Ryan sleeping over and she gave me my Christmas present (I warned her that I wouldn't be able to give her hers yet as I wasn't done with it but.. she insisted in giving me mine now).
So as some of you may know, I'm constantly wearing this star-shaped necklace with a picture of my best friend inside, and I constantly get comments about it. My friends will ask me if I'm obsessed with stars... and I'll simply show them the picture and say: "This is my best friend. She may be far away, but by carrying this necklace I'll never be alone. I'll always have her with me". (Deep huh?) And they'll nod in agreement.
Anyways, Ryan knew that and she liked the thought of it... so she gave me this for Christmas:
Isn't it cute? They're magnetic and both have a letter - When you put them together they spell out "BF" for bestfriend~Cheese? Yes! But I like it. It's not just a bracelet. She actually spent time thinking of the perfect present. Thank you  
(Also, I LOOOOOOOOVE this picture! For some reason I barely have any pictures of us together.. and it wasn't before now I realized that you could actually see the reflection of us. The little magnets are pretty hard to piece together.. which resulted in my awkward pose).

Poor girl had caught what sounded like a really bad cough, so we were pretty much just chillin'. I did her nails, we talked about boys and... messed up stuff.. you don't even want to know, ate grease food, watched movies, and stayed up until 4am. Typical sleepover ya' know~
She took the bus home rather early Friday...

Thursday was also the last time I'd see my hostparents before they went on their cruise to the Caribbean. They left Friday after work so once Ryan had left, I was alone again.
Buuuuuuuuuuut... I'm an exchange student and not allowed to live alone! At first I was supposed to go back to the Wells that I had stayed with for a week before I came here, and then come back here again but... My hostmom thought that'd be too much moving for me. Instead she arranged for their son, J, to come over and stay with me for that week. J is their 25 year old son and he's pretty cool. He.. isn't exactly like most other people, which is great! He's really funny and just overall a really nice guy.

Saturday J got kidnapped by time-traveling vampire viking! Naaah ... We didn't really do much that day. It was just one of those at home days with boardgames and food. However! It wasn't just wasting time! He taught me how to play poker and scrabble!

I had decided to show off my Danish cooking skills and make dinner that day! At 3pm I was facebook'ing back and forth with my Danish mom who would give me instructions on how to make the dish I had planned for us to have. This was the first time in these 4 months I've been here that I've actually tried to cook Danish stuff (except for my mom's chocolate cake), so I was really excited.
But... It's a very special kind of porridge that has to be made in a pretty... not-so-common way. J had let me do my thing but when I lifted the pot into my bed and hid it under the blanket he finally realized I was crazy. To all the Danes out there; If you want to make Danish food to your foreign friends or families... do not make this unless you want them to think you and your country is crazy. DO NOT!
The porridge had to stay there for 2-3 hours so we started our movie marathon. Lord of the Rings 1 & 2 extended extended editions! Each movie took freaking 4 hours =_____=

J approves the Danish dish!

Sunday we went to actually be physically active by hiking at Gaviota Peak  which is like 16 km (10 miles) west for Santa Barbara. It was a really nice place (take that from a person who usually hates being surrounded by nature), and at the top you had the most beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean, the Channel islands, Lompoc Valley, and even Santa Barbara! I took us around 2 hours and after we were done we went to this Mexican place to have lunch. Of course we had to finish our movie marathon with Lord of the Rings 3 and THAT was the end of my break.

On a totally different note, remember my good friend Ryan? He just started working with oil paintings and some days ago he finally put this up on Facebook.

I found you guys the real picture (of me back in 2009) so you can compare and enjoy this amazing drawing~ 

Aight that's all for now. See ya' later! 

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