January 2, 2013

Hello 2013!!


Goodbye 2012 and H E L L O 2013!
Wow... In the blink of an eye year 2012 ended. 
New year is for many people a very special occasion. Maybe they want to quit smoking? Maybe they want to lose those 10 extra kilo? Or maybe they just want to be better people? 
The end of year 2012 marks .. well of course, an ending. Not in the way that many people thought back in 2010 though.. We didn't all die. 

And then we have the beginning of 2013. 
2013 is a start over. Whatever bad things happened for you in 2012 is something that you can now put behind you. It's your past. Just let it go. 
"You cannot collect new fresh oranges if you're still holding on to the old bad ones" - LucyHart
(Oh wow I made a quote)

So if you're perfectly happy with who you are and what you do, that's fine. If not, grab the opportunity! You can do whatever you want. Be whoever you want. It's always a choice, make it! Do you want to stay the same person, or will you choose to change something this year? (or at least try).

An estimation of at least 20% of the Danish people will have New Year's resolutions this year - 50% will at some point in their life have had these. 
And of course, as a Dane, I have mine too. I believe that you can always do better at something, maybe you can use mine as an inspiration?

1. Be more healthy. Seriously this is actually a problem. I'm tired of my hair. It's dry, it's dead, and it's unhealthy. And people comment on it. I've had enough! By the end of 2013, my hair and skin will look good! (Or at least normal). 
2. Do more exercising. Moving to America has made me lazy and I think I'm getting out of shape... Pretty much everybody  say this to themselves every year. But I will seriously try!
3. Eat more healthy food. Don't we all say that? Now think of it. I said: "Eat more healthy food" not "eat more healthy". I can't live without my chocolate, but a little more vegetables here and there never hurt anyone. 
4. Smile more. Because other people think better of you when you don't walk around with a frown all the time. Besides, smiling is healthy for you. And if there's no reason to be sad, then why not?
5. Change people perspective of me. I kind of did it when I went to America. People never thought that "innocent little mommy's girl" could do anything this big by herself. I showed them they were wrong. And I still want to do that. You don't have to stay in that role people give you, be yourself!
6. Be more social and a better friend. Luckily I have some of the best friends in the world. They always invite me to hang out. I, on the other side, don't. But I should! My friends know I love them, but new people who meet me think I'm just not interested, which is wrong. I love making new friends. I want to take more initiative!
7. Throw myself into more stuff. I'm a really careful person. I think through stuff before I do it. And it keeps me from trying out new things. I want to push myself more. I want to just throw myself off that cliff... and THEN figure out what to do. Like my hostmom said to me: "Just shut up and do it!".
8. Be more independent. I feel super dependent. Especially here in America. I don't get it... Many people here want to keep their kids down. They want control. They think they can't handle stuff by themselves. Well, my parents in Denmark let me fly half across the globe to live somewhere unknown, without them. I think I can handle it -.- But yeah.. I want to do more stuff by myself. This goes with #7.
9. Travel somewhere without my parents. Well.. again. Independent. I always go to Italy with my family and don't get it wrong, I love Italy. But this year I want to try something different. With a friend or two :)
10. Continue my blog and make it even better! Well... I love blogging and I guess that I can somehow inspire certain people with my posts.. at least once in a while. I know that I myself get a lot from reading others'.

So yeah, these are my (for now) things to follow for the upcoming year. What are yours? 
Anyways, no matter what you decide to do this year, I wish you all luck. 
"May the odds be ever in your favor" (Oh gosh no).

Happy New Year everybody! :D 

Here's a very short description of what I did on New Year's Eve. It's mostly meant for my family but you're welcome to read if you want. Nothing exciting though.
Actually I was invited to a party at Francois and Fernando's place yesterday, but I decided to stay home as my brother had showed up + we had my hostuncle and his adopted son staying over. That kid... Ohmygosh. I'm in love. 

During New Year's Eve.. day, we went to Pismo Beach to just walk at the shore and sop a little in the water. First we went into this little arcade place so my dad could challenge this adorable little piece of Ukrainian/Russian heaven. 

Pismo was a nice place. A little bit windy but not enough to get you cold, and you wouldn't need a jacket. There were actually a lot of people at the beach, and a bunch of surfers.

After hanging out at the shore, they went into the water for a little before we went back home.
We had a lot of fun watching J and Silas (the cute little kid) play around and I still don't regret staying at home. Sometimes you just want to spend more time with your "family'".

I hope you all had a safe (or not) New Year's Eve!
Happy New Year! :D

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