January 26, 2013

Locked out on my second day..

So as ... none of you guys know; I moved again! Last time, I promise!
This is my school btw!

Anyways.. I wanna share with you one of my first experiences here~ 

Having a hot tub will sound like a pretty luxurious thing to most people; same goes for me! The colourful lights, the pumps massaging your back, the warm water, and the comfort it brings sounds just about amazing, right? (And not to mention the relaxing sounds of bubbles popping). You feel like you could spend forever sitting there and just let it wash away every tiny bit of stress or anxious feeling you might have had.

My new host family has one of these outside and my sister and I have spent the last two nights out there. After maybe an hour or so we were starting to feel hot and thought of going back inside and get dry. My (host)family has a 1½ year old little girl. She’s one of the most adorable things I've ever seen! Anyways, we all know that babies take a lot of energy, and Fathi (host mom) had to get up to work the day after, so she went to bed early. My host dad Paul came up to the door and said something about him turning off the lights and that he’d let the dog (a golden Labrador named Pete) stay outside with us.

With only lights in the TV room, we walked back to the dark house and grabbed the garden door like every person would have done to get back inside, but we were met by a problem. The door was locked! We looked through the windows and started to figure out which opportunities we had to get in. It was around 10 o’ clock at this point and our parents had probably been asleep for 1-2 hours. The door was locked. Her parents’ bedroom was upstairs. Paul’s phone was lying at the table in the living room. We had no phones, so even if he had had his phone, it would've been useless. Unable to get in, we kept our moods up and tried to come up with plans on how to get inside. The first thing we tried was to just knock on the door. It didn't work. Then Angel (host sister) took a chair and crawled over the porch that kept us inside the garden, but the garage was locked so she got back. They had a bell hanging outside in the backyard that we tried to ring; Paul had told us that Fathi was a really light-sleeper and could wake up from pretty much everything. No reaction. We checked windows and doors but everything was locked at this point.

I smiled to Angel and jokingly said: “Well… this is California. It’s not exactly cold here at night (at least not in this city. Back in Lompoc we would've been freezing to death), we could always make this an outside sleepover and just stay by the hot tub. (At this point we couldn't even turn it off, it was being controlled from inside). We have the garden chairs to sleep on, two bottles of water, and the heat from the hot tub. ‘Surviving in the wilderness with just a hot tub and a dog’. We can do this!”

Eventually this turned out to be our fate and we got back in the hot tub to sit down and think for a little. At least we had the dog outside with us and the baby inside. We could only hope for one of them to make enough noise to wake our parents up but all luck had turned against us. The baby was being perfectly quiet, and Pete would just look at us confused every time we told him to “speak!” or “bark!”. We sat there and talked for some. It had been raining for a little while (not much. What I’d call “dust-rain”.), and the little mattresses on the garden chairs had slowly obtained the rain and were pretty much soaked when we decided to finally lay down. We had nothing to wear but our bikinis and nothing to cover ourselves in but the towels (that were NOT big enough to cover a person). We had been lying there on the wet mattresses for a little as it began to rain again. Just as we had gotten comfortable! Darn it! The rain was chilly so we took off the mattresses and placed them on the ground under this little roof near the office room. Curled up, feeling somewhat comfortable, not freezing, and with Pete lying by Angel’s feet, we decided to try to sleep again. It began to rain again now. Heavier than before but not pouring, I mean c'mon this IS California, the amount of rain they get here is limited.

I might have been asleep for.. maybe half an hour when I opened my eyes again and found Angel missing. I looked over to the hot tub to find her sitting back in. I was cold now and got in too. She explained to me how she, shivering, had woken up and tried to knock again and call their names from down here, but without any kind of reaction. I walked over to check the time; it was either 12.30am or 01.30am (I couldn't tell. My eyes were too tired). Our hopes and chances about getting in for the night to sleep seemed to shrink minute by minute, however, we had kept up our good moods and both of us found it funny. Actually hilarious! In a pathetic way.

We spent most of the night like that; sat in the hot tub until we became too hot, tried to squish out the water from our bikinis before laying down on the soaked mats, and cover ourselves with the wet towels once again. She’s been camping her whole life and I can sleep pretty much everywhere if I decide to, but this was harder than expected. Every time we’d get comfortable, we’d sleep for maybe 20 minutes, begin to freeze, and soon we’d find our bodies in pain from all this. Pete was shivering too and refused to lay down, poor dog :/ He hadn’t got any kind of rest at all.

We repeated this a couple of times. Every time we got up, we’d try to knock and call their names again. Nothing. At 4.20 am I felt a hand lightly shaking me. It was Angel! “Lucy, Lucy! They've let us in” she whispered. I grabbed my towel and we wandered inside. We said goodnight and, exhausted, walked back into our rooms.

"They better feed us tons of candy, and burgers, and hotdogs, and let us do what we want tomorrow!Angel said with a smile. After 6 hours of being stuck outside we had maintained a positive attitude and kept out moods high.

This is a great example of how your attitude can change a situation. If we had decided to let this bug us, staying out for this long could have been a living hell, but no. We were happy. Joked about it, and we had a great night :) Would I do it again? Not without a thicker blanket and some clothes! But you get the point!

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  1. I felt really sorry for you after reading this post. I know what it feels like to be locked out and be sitting in the cold and wet. It happened to my wife and I very recently. She had accidentally locked the keys on the inside of the door and closed it. It has a self locking mechanism. Thanks again.

    Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock