February 9, 2013

Dance show tonight and seagulls!

Right now I'm laying on my floor, enjoying myself, and waiting for Angel (My host sister) to get ready. Tonight is the big dance show at our school but since I'm new to the class (like a bunch of others), I haven't had time to learn the dances and won't be able to participate; however, I have to come watch it. It doesn't really bother me since it's extra credits and I would have gone anyways just to watch my sister + I LOOOOOOOOOVE the advanced dance class' dances. You see, yesterday we all got excused from first, second, AND third period so we could go to the gym and dance through the entire show a couple of times. I, of course, wasn't in any of the dances so I spent my time sitting with my friends Elyssa and Marvin and watched the dances.
My sister and I are in beginners and it sucks. I do NOT like my class - It is filled with lazy girls whose only reason to be in there is that they get PE credits and are able to skip running and all that stuff. I have been dancing for 8-9 years now and I'm not saying that I'm a super good dancer, but that level is just too low for me and people are not serious enough. To that you can add that our dance teacher has all 4 dance classes and this is the one that gets the least of her attention.
Anyways... I'm still really excited to go. Both Angel and Khla (Exchange student from Thailand) are in my class and I'm looking forward to watch them perform. Other than that, I'm also REALLY REALLY excited to watch the advanced class dance again. They. Are. Amazing! Simply amazing! I WISH I could be on that team but they are already too many and won't take more in :/ <///3

Now to change the subject... I want to share with you a little observation that I made yesterday (and today) at my school: Rio Mesa's students are FREAKING SCARED OF SEAGULLS! No.. that doesn't sound right. They are TERRIFIED by them!

As soon as the seagulls start to fly in, people crowd up under those little overhangs because they fear the birds. As a European that just sounds waaaay too weird for me. After a few minutes, the ground was almost clear from people and once in a while you'd hear girls screaming if the seagulls flew too near them. If you looked in the direction of the overhangs, you'd see those supposedly "tough" and "cool" guys trying to push each others out under the hovering birds, and they would fight for their lives I tell you!

Khla would, like me, not find the birds very intimidating; instead he went "outside" with me.. he also tried to make Angel join us, but only for a very short time until she would scream and run back to safety.
(Oooooh my gosh, her face! I loooooove it!)
Millie (our sophomore friend) did not like it either.

Khla was tough and joined me in taking pictures of people! (Ha, at least I wasn't the only creeper).

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