February 3, 2013

Jilian Jensen from X-Factor

My Americans readers might probably have heard about her. For the rest of you: "ya' better find her on Youtube!"
Here you can find her audition at the show~

Jillian Jensen touched many people when she was in X-Factor and had a standing applause as she made the judges and almost the whole entire crowd cry with her background stories and her deep felt singing. She did not win; however, she made a big difference on the show and many people were furious when she got eliminated.
She showed up to our rally at my new school last Wednesday to talk about bullying and to inspire other kids that, like her, have been or are struggling with the evil and arrogance of other people. She told us her story, how she dealt with it, and how she got  out of it and for many students it was a really inspiring speech. She also sang a couple of songs for us including an original, her audition song, and a Justin Bieber song. When it came to the Justin Bieber song, the guys from my ASB class walked up and twirk'd behind her. People freaked out!
Even though her performance was great and her speeches were being felt deeply in many hearts, we still happened to have an arrogant F who was full enough of himself to shout "EMO!" at her; nonetheless, she stayed strong and got back at him with style!
I was sitting in the front row and having her stand just 2 meters from you was an incredible experience. Of course I was stupid enough to not bring my camera but my host sister recorded the rally. Even though I think the Senior rally have been the best (the one I went to), the Junior rally is now available for you to watch~ This was the one where she got back at that guy who called her an emo.

A picture of Jillian performing in our gym.

Performing an original~

"As Long As You Love Me" by Justin Bieber

Watch the entire rally above!

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