February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day finally caught up!

Happy Single-Awareness Day!
Happy Quirky Alone Day!
Happy Valentine's Day!

For most people (at least over here), Valentine's Day can be either a curse or a day of continuous happiness. It will either be an amazing day where your whole entire face will be one big smile, and where you will have a constant urge to just hug everything near you that breathes and has a body temperature of 37 degrees celsius~ OR! It can be the most terrible day of the year; a day in which all you want to do is to stay home and just go die in a hole sit there on your couch, eating yourself fat in ice cream, while watching stupid and unrealistic love movies (Opinionated? Yes! I'm really not a fan of those honey-bunny sweet love movies. Bwadr!).

For me, I've personally been celebrating Single-Awareness Day and Quirky Alone Day 17 years in a row. IN A ROW I SAY! I'm not much in for sharing this part about my private life, so I won't get into details, but I thought that the year 2013 would be the year that I would break my tradition and actually NOT be alone on this day. I've had something with a guy for a decent time now, but two days ago, he decided to break it off (in a pretty rude way if you ask me!) and leave me there; however, my positive mind was determined to not let this ruin my day. When I got to school this morning, I was prepared for the best! 

The night before I had stayed up late with Angel; partly because she had to finish her homework, partly because I had promised to make little pandas on her nails for Valentine's Day, and partly because I was making little cards for my friends.

(Uuuh look! I'm so proud c:)

My first class was dance class, and here I got to give most of my cards away before the bell rang. When it did, I changed into my cute flowery dress and headed out to give cards to my two guy friends. 
 My sister was the first victim and actually I gave this one to her at the library where we usually meet up with our friends Khla and Cassandra at in the mornings. My sister is 100% sure that the zombie apocalypse is going to happen one day so I thought I would play the joke on her. She was one of the people that would, if possible, just have stayed home and hated on Valentine's Day, but at least she got a smile on her face when I handed her the card! Aaaand then it disappeared when she read it, but oh well! 

I also got to hand one to Khla who's a more recent friend of mine. Since I didn't really know him that well, I thought I'd just put a random poem in it. He was very happy though! Later, when we were on our way to the busses to get back home, he walked up and thanked me :)
Yeeeah... I realize that picture wasn't the best. The card said: Somewhere there's someone, who dreams of your smile, and finds in your presence, that life is worthwhile. So, when you are lonely, remember it's true: somewhere a STALKER is thinking of you! And since Khla, as earlier mentioned, is an exchange student from Thailand, I thought I'd use Google my amazing language skills and write Happy Valentine's Day in Thai - I succeeded! 

Cassandra is Angel's best friend, and I haven't really talked to her THAT much, but of course she deserved a Valentine's card too! Angel wanted to join me in the making of cards too but had way too much homework; thus, I write her on mine~ 
(Weird little drawings of Angel and Cassandra on top, me at the bottom). 

Elyssa, an actual friend of mine, was also with us in the locker room, so I got to give her her card too. Her's was the first I made and I really just wanted to show her I cared for her - By drawing an otter and writing a cheesy message.

Speaking of cheesy, Millie, the freshmen, beat me! During lunch she ran up to us and handed us these little cards. Angel's said: I leguana be with you (and had a picture of a leguana). Mine was more simple:
... Well

Millie blast, ha! 
I can't help but love her <3 
The pink thing in her hand was my lame card..
Le translation: You deserve a BIIIG heart for being such a nice and open-minded person :) I'm glad I have met you. Happy single-Awareness-, Quirky Alone-, and Valentine's Day! :D I hope your day will be amazing <3 (And then I wrote Happy Valentine's Day in Korean since I know she likes that stuff).

Now back to my story!! 
Marvin, our newest member of our little group in dance, was the last one to get a card during first period. He's... pretty crazy.. In a good way! You will never be bored around him.. especially not when he dances. I knew he had a girlfriend (that I met today! She is sooooo sweet), so I wouldn't write anything too special; he got a random comment too!

In the locker room, a friend of Angel (acquantance of mine) came up to us and handed each of us a cute little cupcake - And after class, Cassandra did the same! 
The card is from Elyssa (as you can see). Super cute and simple c: I felt so loved.

The "hot and popular senior guy" is in my 2nd period and he's been really nice to me so far. He always talks to me during class and has walked me to third a few times now.
 My hostparents will sometimes ask Angel how I'm doing at school, if I'm making any friends, to which she will answer: "Well, Lucy made friends with the hottest guy at school. Now she just has to work backwards!". He deserved a card too~
Letting people know how much you appreciate them never hurt anybody!
He .. Actually I can't tell if he was surprised. Slightly. He read it, thanked me, hugged me, walked me to class (where we had a short talk with Angel who came in mid-conversation and completely confused all 3 of us), hugged me and thanked me again, and walked off into the crowd of lovey-dovey people. 

When I walked into my 3rd period (Computer Apps), I had gotten a little sticky note, from my sticky-note friend, wishing me a Happy Valentine. I turned around and BAM! 
Seems like somebody's loved... That was a present to one of the "cool guys" from his girlfriend. I think it's funny how the boys would also walk around with stuff like this.. They kinda look... less manly. 

4th period was ASB and here I got to give away my last cards. I've recently been hanging out with Alex (the Italian) and Kim (The Southkorean) during that class. They're what some would describe as "loners" (they mostly hang out with each other) or "tough guys" - They don't exactly have the best reputation at school but what do I care? They're nice to me and I'm nice to them! You just have to know them .I especially think it's funny how they can talk about .. stuff, but when it comes to girls they get all blushy and changes the subjects. These are the two guys who panicked last time a big group of girls came over to talk to them. Tough guys, pshh!
Since they were my "cool" guy friends and stuff, I had actually expected them to .. make fun of my little cards and call them lame; however, when I handed them over, they just sat there quietly and read them. Alex (was supposed to move school next week but they changed the plans and let him stay) looked up and with the most sincere look I've got in a long time he said: "Thank you. No really. You just made my day. I hadn't got anything today and this is probably the only card I will get. Thank you, it's perfect!" (he was talking about the Italian part that I wrote).
Kim didn't mind the English but went straight to the Korean part that I had written using my, once again, amazing Google language skills. He didn't say much but the smile on his face was enough. 
After that, Alex treated us with little heart shaped cookies, decorated with pink sparkles (tough huh?), that his host mom had given him. 

Nothing much, but the fact that I actually saw the emo guy smile and thereafter stick a fluffy purple unicorn into my face, happened during 5th. In 6th I was just chillin' as usual. My teacher called me "her beautiful exchange student". I love that woman c:

Except for Alex's comment, another thing that made my day was a guy on our bus that we talk to on the ride home. His name is Harrison and he's hilarious! He's odd too and I don't always understand what he's saying. (He's pretty much that type of guy who will compare an intersection to a pineapple, and when you question him he will simply go into a completely different topic). Someone called out his name and soon a small card was passed up to him. Did he read it? No! He simply starred at it and took a bite o__O After a quick group "WHAAA?!", everybody turned around and acted like nothing happened while Harrison kept chewing on the card. 

 Creeping under the palmtrees with the bouquet that my host dad got me~ Angel, me, Fahti, and even Emma got one!

My hostmom had been in San Francisco and brought these home for us. Mine is the lightest one and it had my 3 favorite Ghirardelli chocolates in it :)

And this, my dear readers, is the story about how I spent my Valentine. No I did not have a valentine, I did not get a candy gram, I was not bombed with teddybears, flowers, and chocolate, and I didn't get more than two cards (I love those two though).... For me it wasn't about getting stuff. What made my day was the reactions from all of the people that I gifted <3 I had a wonderful day! I hope you did too, whether you were alone or with someone :)
Happy Valentine's Day! <3 

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