February 8, 2013

What's going on?

I know I've been really bad (like REALLY bad) at posting lately... Well okay... it could have been worse.
BUT!!! As my exchange student friends say: "No news is good news!" (which I guess is true sometimes).
This would probably be one of those moments where my friends are right; I really have nothing to complain about.
"Life is great!" like my former temporary hostmom Carol would say, and she is right!
She has been a huge inspiration from me and one of the most important things that I learned from her is that YOU yourself can choose to be happy every day (Well duuuh!). It sounds obvious, but surprisingly; not many people do it.
However, I do now and I'm enjoying every second. I wake up in the morning, smiling, and think to myself how lucky I am to be here. I think about how amazing my life is (now don't think that I'm bragging about my perfect life. It is not! I do have things going on in my life right now that bugs me but I just choose not to care THAT much about it. Just because ONE thing worries me, it's not that I walk around every day and think about it). Aaaaaaaand I wonder what this new amazing day has to offer me. I handle obstacles with a smile, I laugh at my confusion (and mistakes), and I act like a foreigner if there's something I don't understand (trust me, that stuff works! They looooove accents over here).

As of my changing hostfamily; I do not regret the least! My new house is amazing.  The dad wrestles with his Daughter Angel who's the same age as me. He's really funny and since he's been to a bunch of different countries in Europe and Asia, he's able to figure out why I would sometimes act different. Instead of questioning and getting mad at me, he'll just explain stuff instead. The mom is really nice too. She was born in Iran but moved to America when she was 18. She knows how it is being new to a country and she herself has been in those situations where the language barrier is just too much. She compliments my English all the time and is really good at encouraging both Angel and I when it comes to schoolwork and our future. She's the breadwinner in my family since the dad is at home. She's a business woman so she's also really good at making quick decisions for all of us. My other sister is this little cutie named Emma (like my actual Danish sister) and she's probably one of the most adorable babies I have ever known. She LOVES me! 
Lastly comes Pete who is their yellow'ish/blond labrador. Even though he's a pretty old dog (I think they said he was around 12), he's FILLED with energy. I have a really creaky door and whenever I get up in the morning; I'll have Emma yell my name and Pete coming right at me! Amazing start of the morning!

By reading my Danish friends' blogs I have also realized how short time I have left here, therefore I'm enjoying it even more. When you believe that every day is just a miracle, everything seems to make much more sense and nothing... NOTHING can ruin your day. Now let's say something terrible happened and you simply just couldn't keep that smile on your pretty face; there's always a tomorrow! Think of it like a game of pac-man: after you die, you can just simply start over!

So yeah. I've been busy the past few days. I haven't exactly been doing anything extraordinary... I have just..  I guess you can say I've been enjoying life :) I haven't even had time to talk to my family after I moved.
A bunch of stuff is coming up and I want to blog about aaaaaaaaaaall of it, but that would seriously make a waaaay too long post.

Tomorrow is a minimum day which means that I'll basically be out of school at lunch time. Monday is George Washington's birthday so we have that day off too. Weeeeee~ 3½ days weekend and so far no plans!

I really should go to bed now but I do have one last thing to say; THANK YOU!
Believe it or not but on February 4th I had had my blog for exactly a year! I still can't really believe that it's been so long already but oh well... time flies!
After having had my blog for a year, I have now had 5466 pageviews (Which is probably NOTHING... but for me it is big). When I first started my blog I had never thought that I'd actually have people read it. With all those other great blogs out there, mine was just yet a fish in the big ocean; nonetheless, some fantastic people out there actually took their time to read it. They spent their prescious time on my random blabbering and I'm thankful for that. I'm thankful that somebody out there gave me the chance to make me feel like what I'm writing is actually worth something, and I promise you guys: I will keep blogging! I'll keep working on my use of the English language, I'll try to make my posts funny, and I'll try to improve my actual blog :)
Thank you to all of you for inspiring me to keep going! You guys are amazing!

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