March 31, 2013

Oregon - Day 3

Happy Easter!!

Angel and I stayed home with Patty today to prepare our the big Easter Dinner that their family has every year.

My day started differently from what I'm used to in Denmark.
To my surprise I found a little basket that Pat had made me, as soon as I opened my door. Soon Angel  demanded my presence in the living room so we could open our Easter bags together - Unlike in Denmark where I get a big chocolate egg from my parents and some money from my grandparents.

Uff!! Greasy skin, greasy hair, pyjamas, and a sick Angel who refused to have her picture taken.
Inside the bags there was a LOOOOT of chocolate, some even with caramel inside, some stuff to make cupcakes with, the bunny plushie ( I LOOOOOOOVE plushies!), and $20 from Pat... OH OH! And some super cute Easter socks from my host aunt Anne!

And thus we moved to the kitchen!
I was in charge of making the devil eggs and the fruit salad whilst Angel's task were the mashed potatoes and shredding the cheese. I was too busy to actually take pictures of the food but I got away with my devil eggs! I was proud!

The Easter table while we were still putting out food~
On the table we had put real dyed eggs that we had made the day before. Here showing Angel's eggs :) 

Now differently from my own country, Americans don't seem to .. decorate as much as we do. Back home, my entire house is probably FILLED with little yellow chicks and bunnies and eggs and... flowers.. and more Easter stuff. 
My sister posted this picture on my Facebook wall of the new cat (that is now substituting me) stealing one of the rabbits that we use for decoration.

Happy Easter to all of you guys! 

March 30, 2013

Oregon - Day 2

Today I woke up (late) to eggs and toasted bread with butter that my hostgrandma had made me for breakfast. Angel was sitting at the table.. not feeling well at all. 
Plans today were to go up to the cabin, that my hostdad owns, to just look around and so they could show me what  they liked to do when they were up here; nonetheless, we decided to move that to another day as Angel could barely move around.

(My hostgrandma's house that we are staying at)

The weather was great.. around 23°C (Jealous yet Denmark? Enjoying your snow?), so we decided to head out anyways. Not for long, but we wouldn't let such a good day go to waste. 
We drove through Portland to this place called Joseph Wood Hill Park. A fortress-like building that had been built during the Great Depression. From up here, you could see the river that parts Oregon from Washington. 

Standing here in Portland you can see the river. On the other side is the state of Washington~ 
The white mountain is actually a volcano that erupted when my hostdad was in high school. 
You can also see a curved bridge crossing the river - We are going to cross that the day that we go to Seattle. 
The white tower on the first picture is from the airport that we landed in. 

We were up preeeeeeetty high...

In the background there's another snowy mountain that they're planning to take me to one day.


We went to buy stuff for lunch at this little Asian market and went home to decorate Easter eggs.

My Easter egg before I dipped it in the colouring
And even my hostfather joined in!

My hostaunt Ann was really proud... today was the first time for her to ever handle a grill on her own. She did great!
Like 2 min. after I took this picture, they decided the flame might have been a little too tall... so they closed the lid and opened it up again after 2 seconds and the fire literally burst into this huge cloud of flames o___O

And as we were waiting for the meat, which turned out not being cooked all the way through, Angel and her dad her their usual wrestling fights. Just like my own dad and I :)

After a long (but good) day, I fell asleep to the sound of hundreds of frogs croaking and the neighbors' wind bells clinging... Very enchanting. Very calming. Happens every night here. 

March 29, 2013

Oregon - Day 1

Friday we spent most of our day at home. The night before I had stayed up pretty late, yet I had been too lazy to pack my stuff; thus, I had to pack!

When we had finished packing, Angel curled my hair (For some reason she loves that. She gets all giddy and weird and holds her hands on her cheeks and goes "Ooooh you look so ke-jute!".
Fathi came home just in time for us to say goodbye before we finally headed to Burbank Airport around 4pm. The drive took around 1½ hour but it seemed like nothing.
My hostfather had been anxious about not getting there in time but it turned out that we had more than enough time.

Last picture before we headed for Burbank Airport.

When we had gotten through check-in, we still had an hour that we spent on buying coffee and taking pictures with our hostparents' Ipad. We were... entertained.

I don't always find a cardboard figure of Jonathan Goldsmith but when I do, I take pictures with him.

Waiting for our plane~


As we sat there, this very familiar Russian-looking guy passed us and when he did, he turned his head 90 degrees and glared back at us. He did this twice before we finally got to get on the plane.
 (Sorry for the bad quality... I just wanted to show how small the plane was >  <)

Angel boarding out small plane. 2 seats per side.

Angel and I in the plane (Even though she is smiling, you can, if you know her, tell that she's feeling really bad at this point)

Of course the Russian-looking guy (No offence to Russians. We like Russians.) was in the same plane as us... Angel and I sat beside each others in the very back of the plane, my hostfather on the other side beside a woman, and the Russian guy in front of her. For some reason, he kept turning his head in our direction. He sat beside a window, so it couldn't be because he was trying to look out - No he was glaring at us!
The first 10-20 minutes of the flight, he did it so often that Angel decided to try to keep track of it. As we were counting his glares, we were playing MASMO (A strange American fortune game that Angel has taught me, and needles to say, we were entertained by our strange fortune stories.

The Russian-looking guy had falled asleep during the trip, but woke up as they informed us that we were landing in 20 min. His glares continued... We reached about 147 before we finally gave up and got off the plane.

Getting off the plane in Portland

My hostfather's brother (so I guess my host uncle?) had come to pick us up and drive us to my hostgrandmother's home where we'd stay at.

In the airport. Navigating our way out.

At the parking lot, the Russian-looking guy turned out to belong to the car right next to ours .. on our way out he was right behind us... and continued to drive behind us for like 5 min. before he finally turned another way.
We joked about this alot.. But I guess it's not as funny to others as it was to us. You see, in my (host)family, we have an intern joke saying that I'm not actually a Danish exchange student, but a Russian spy who went to Denmark to get a Danish accent, for thereafter coming to America and .. I guess spy on them.
So we joked about him being another spy from the same organisation as me, and that is why he would constantly look our way - He simply recognized me!

When we arrived, my hostgrandma Patsy showed us to our rooms. At first we had been told that Angel and I would share a room, but it turned out that we got one each. Here's my little room :) I like it! I'm usually not very intrigued by old homes and all that, but this room is just so charming. I felt at home.

Before finally parting back into our room, Pat handed me a flower and told me that everyone who visits Portland for the first time deserves a rose <3

Around 9pm we were OUT. Absolutely out.
However, before going to bed, I decided to open my bag (I don't remember for what reason) and I saw this

I don't know about you guys, but I'm not exactly a terrorist. And even IF I was, I would've probably gone for a bigger plane... going to a bigger place... where I could hurt more people than in small Portland (Terrorist logic!). I know they do it for security reasons, but that doesn't change the fact that they went through all of my personal stuff. I really don't like the thought of that. Grrr...
ALSO! I had brought a little container of lotion and guess what, they didn't close it correctly after they were done searching through my baggage. So when I opened my bag, the sight of lotion ALL OVER THE PLACE (and a now stained computer bag) hit me.
Thank you airport security... thank you alot.

Going on Spring Break!

Happy Easter everyone!

Wednesday was a great day! It was the last day before Spring Break and I couldn't have had a better start than this. 

In the morning, our dear friend Khla brought all of us Easter candy. (Who doesn't love candy?)
Apparently that's something they do in Thailand... at least where he is from. 
Elyssa, Marvin, and Khla

Me, Marvin, and Elyssa <3 

Now are also the days to turn in late work for the seniors (especially our long essays) aaaaand.. my teacher, Mrs. Wrouth, doesn't seem too excited about all the extra work she now has during the break. 
I found this one hanging on the wall.. 

In my 3rd period, Angel and Khla always come to me and then we sit and talk for like 10 min. before the bell rings. Our friend Megan is taking a cooking class, and she had brought us some little dessert things called "cream puffs"
They kind of remind me of something my grandma always used to make when we came over for coffee. I haven't had them for years though (stupid stores stopped selling them :( ), so this was great! I looooooove eating stuff that reminds me of home. 

In 4th period, Mr. Melhorn (My ASB teacher) told us how he had gotten up super early to go hide easter eggs around the school. ASB arranged it but in case we also wanted to go for the egg hunt, this allowed us to actually participate. We shared stories about how one boy had skipped PE class to run around school, in his PE outfit, to search for eggs in the morning.
Another boy had been arrested for telling a teacher to "Fuck off" because he/she was disturbing his egg hunt o__O Oh well... 
Mr. Melhorn is probably my favorite teacher! He is super nice and super funny, and he has ADD so he will always be wearing colourful ties to distract himself. Wednesday he wore an Easter tie and I was completely in love with it.
Mr. Melhorn and I. (Ugh! My face looks so red! I got way too much sun that day -.-)

Random pictures of happy kids leaving school for Spring Break!
Megan (who brought us the cream puff) and Elyssa talking in front of the u-boat-looking bus~ 
Yaaay Spring Break!

After school we went to get Angel her new glasses (just for reading only) and so we spent our evening taking weird pictures of ourselves. 


Aaaaaand LASTLY!
(I know this is not a very exciting post, but I felt like sharing my pictures before I leave)
Not America though, I'm not done disturbing the poor Americans. 
In like half an hour, my hostdad, Angel, and I are leaving for the airport... To go toooo Oregon!
We're going to visit Angel's family and join their big family Easter dinner, then later go to Seattle to some space needle, and then back to Oregon to her family before we finally take the plane back home on Saturday. 

I'm really looking forward to this trip (especially flying. I like flying), and I AM bring my phone (probably my computer too) and my camera, so I will be able to take tons of pictures; however, I cannot promise that I'll be able to blog from there, but I'll try! If not, expect a long post after the break!

Buh-bye California, see you on the 6th! :) 

March 25, 2013

3 days till' Spring Break!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.... SPRING BREAK!

Except for my notebook breaking down and me having to do a reboot on it (which explains why my posting has been delayed), nothing really big has happened lately. Days slowly pass by and day for day I find myself in this weird-ass country, filled with strange people who make no sense at all - Which makes them pretty hilarious though!

My days in school are going fine. I talk to people in my classes, do my stuff (I think I need an applause! I don't need this. I don't need the credits. My year doesn't count - I basically have no reason to actually DO this, but whatever. Gotta do something at school, right?), and hang out with my friends at lunch.
I still enjoy the attention that I get from being the foreign kid - And I especially love when people ask me questions about my homecountry! Today I was asked about my opinion on drugs... and I must say that I'm not a fan. I think doing drugs is stupid! Honestly stupid! I will never get why people do it ... and I tell people that when they ask me.
Here, especially in our county, drugs aren't that much of a big deal. People do them... ALOT of people them, and "If you haven't done them and want to try, I can get you some" is a pretty common statement that I have gotten twice.... just TODAY!

So besides being offered drugs twice in a day.. my day went by as usual..
Well... except for the fact that I think someone asked me to prom today o___O (Or at least tried to)

~~~~~~ Woooooooh flashback! ~~~~~~
I came into my 5th period (history class), and sat down in my seat as usual.
Alejandro and Joab had been talking (they're some of the first people to get there) as I came in, and somehow their conversation turned into prom talking.

"Would you go with him?" Alejandro said.
... (awkward silence)
"Would you go with him to prom?" He said again.
"Are you talking to me o.O?" I asked.
"Yeah" Joab joined in with Alejandro as they looked at me.
"Wait... to prom?!" I said confused (I heard them the first time but I simply couldn't believe my mind. *It must be a joke* I thought.
"Yeah" Joab said and smiled, finally looking up from his phone.
"Are you serious?"
"Yeah" he said again.
I starred at them for a moment, then Alejandro started smiling... I gave a little awkward laugh and turned around ._____.

Rude, you might think, and honestly, I think so too.
But what was I supposed to do? At that moment I panicked! I was confused!
The reasons I react like this is simple: I don't get asked to prom. Firstly, because prom doesn't exist where I'm from. Secondly, I just don't get asked about stuff like that! Nobody has ever wanted to ask me to anything, or invite me to any parties where you needed a partner, or even asked me on a date. No! It just doesn't happen to me!
And thirdly (is that even a word?), even IF someone would be crazy enough to ask me to, take prom as an example, they'd be joking! I'd get all happy and giddy where after they'd tell me they'd be joking.. and then laugh at me. That has happened before.
So, in my situation, I think my reaction is pretty natural! I mean... it's like self-defence! Play the joke and you won't get hurt.

I still don't know if he was being serious... I honestly think not.
But even if, I would probably have said no. Joab is a nice guy and we always talk during history class, but I've talked to a close friend of mine about prom and... I was kind of hoping that he'd take me... Is that wrong? Well I guess it is, but there's nothing I can do. We can't change the past.

Also! This morning we had Diamond D visit our school! (Also known as Derek Clark).
He told us about his earlier life and how he has dealt with struggles his entire life. He told us about his pain but also how he turned his weaknesses into his strength and became the successful man he is today! Niw, he uses his life on music and traveling around the states to give his speeches. He also wrote books and he has been, like he said it himself, "hanging out with the President" before. Talk about success.
He brought us a very very motivational message that morning and I'm super happy I got to see him.
After his speech, he sang two of his songs fr us - one of them, his greatest hit which was about his own life when he was just seventeen.
My sister, her friend, and I, were the first ones to come in and so we got the best spots: Front row, right in the middle.

They always tell us that we cannot bring our backpacks, and thus my camera, so of course I didn't bring it -___- Luckily, my sister's friend, Mykaela, got to record a little bit with her Iphone.

I bring you: Derek D!
Click here to watch Derek D perform

(For now, you'll have to go with the link to Facebook. When Spring Break is over, I will put the actual video on here.)

When he was done and everybody had left for lunch, he shook my hand and I got to personally talk to him. He was a super nice guy and he gave me some great advice. I'm immensely happy that I got to have this experience!

March 21, 2013

Boys boys boys...

[NOTE: This entry was written earlier last week]


So not only am I still (kind of) having my exchange student days... but a guy that I kind of had gotten my hopes up for, recently announced that he "may have a girl"...
BAM, just like that. My hopes were scattered..

Sometimes boys just confuse me..
I just can't seem to figure out what is going on up there.. and even if I learn from my mistakes, I won't be prepared for the next! They're all so different!
Yet, it somehow seem possible for me to group 90% of the guys I know (At least the ones that causes trouble) - And I want to share with you my thoughts on them. Who knows, maybe we could share some tips on how to handle them?
[Please note that I kind of mean this as a joke, kind of not. I AM being serious about these... but there are good guys out there too and they deserve credit!]
Here it goes! There is...

The Good Friend
One day they will be your best friend. They will do anything possible to make you happy, and you will be happy. They'll give you the attention you want. They'll laugh at your little mistakes, your bad sides. They won't judge you on your weird nerdy sides, but instead share something embarrassing about themselves. They will hug you if you are sad. They'll punch you if you're annoying. They'll smile with you when you're happy. They'll have tickle fights (And let you win). They'll make fun of you, but make sure that you know they're just joking. They won't cause drama like your girl friends. They'll truly be your best friend.

But the next day they will refuse to speak to you. They won't answer your texts. They'll ignore you on Facebook. They'll not show up at the parties you both were invited to. They will act as if they had never met you, and that all evidence of the two of you being friends have disappeared from Earth's surface.
If this happens, they probably had a unrequited crush on you (you have unintentionally friendzoned them LOOOONG time ago). Heck, you might not even have known. Now.. why would they simply give up your friendship just like that? Because they, in the first place, only became your friend in order to charm you. Yeap, they had interest in you from the beginning. (I actually had a guy friend of mine tell me this. Horray for reliable sources!)
Perhaps this is one of the worst types you can meet. If you don't fancy them, it will simply end your friendship. Auch </3

The Fast-forwards
Tell you straight up that they love you.. and they do it in some of the most awkward ways too! Girls, don't take these people serious. If they can tell you this fast they they love you, LOVE you, they're wrong. You don't just love people. It takes time. They're probably desperate.. and see you as an easy victim in order to.. ahem. If you meet these, tell them straight up how you feel! Tell them off! Quickly! They need it the harsh way, or else... you've got yourself a new stalker. And trust me, those are harder to get rid of than you think.

The Good-looking-guy
He knows he's good-looking and he's using it big time. He can get pretty much any girl he wants, and he will take advantage of this. He'll pass you in the hallway and give you that "nod-of-recognition" and wink at you or smile whereafter your knees will soften and you'll fall to the ground while hyperventilating (No, this did not happen to me, but a friend of mine. Trust me, it's bad!). However, most of them will actually be singles when you meet them. (No wonder why). Some of them can be those good guys who just.. don't want a girl. They want the girl, and not those random girls who will love them just because of their looks. On the other side, they can be complete douches. Stay away from those! They will do you nothing but harm. This type of guy leads me on to the next category..

The Player
Basically an updated version of The Good-looking-guy. This guy is either rich or super good-looking (watch out!). And if you're a girl, going for one of these... because of his money.. remember this. He's a player. P-L-A-Y-E-R! You shouldn't love people because of their money. That's just shameful, and you're pretty much giving your body away to a nasty old guy or something. Don't just let people buy you! Have some self-respect!
The good-looking players will be amazing. A guy like this will know exactly what to say to make you blush. He will remember every good compliment as well as he remembers the alphabet. He will, in most cases, succeed in getting whatever girl he wants. He will make her incredibly happy, and a week after she's out and he has a new victim. Yes I just said victim, because that's what those poor (or rather stupid) girls are. He's the player and you're his toy. Don't just let him play you like that! If you actually turn out to have fallen for one of these (and really want to be with him), there's only one thing to do. Play with him! you have to act all cute and stuff and let him do whatever... THEN you will ignore him for a little. Make him miss you (but don't do this too early. Make sure he actually likes you.. at least a little), and he will long for you. He'll probably tell you that he has never met a girl like you... or that "no girl has ever treated me like this". That is a good sign. You've left your mark - Now go get him! (Or leave him in order to make him pay for playing with so many other girls' hearts. the choice is yours).
The key is: Be different!

The Shy Guy
They may like you but they will never tell you. A good example of these would be... a LOT of guys at my first school here in America. They'd walk up to my host sister and ask who that blonde girl she always hung out with was... and tell HER how they liked me and what not (Or at least how they THOUGHT they liked me). But the problem is that they'd never come to me. They would never make an effort! Some (actually most) of them I had no idea who were as I had never had just one tiny chit-chat with them. I don't know if I'm really that scary-looking, or if they're just a bunch of scaredy-cats. But guys.. go up and speak to us! If you don't speak up and tell us what you want, we can't give you. Girls are not mind-readers (at least not always). SPEAK UP!
I'm a super shy person too. I don't tell people if I like them.. and I guess I ruined it for myself. The guy that I've recently been gawking over.. apparently liked me at some point.. but I never let it show. I never let him know, and thus, he moved on.
*Le sigh*

These are just a few of my little groupings that I can think of right now, I'm sure there are more. Also, don't take this post too seriously. I'm not trying to put guys in a bad light, I'm just sharing my experiences here.
Also, try to put yourself in the other person's place. We may not always be able to understand guys. To understand why getting out of the couch to manually turn on the TV can be so hard. How they can eat so much, yet never get fat. Or maybe how they can remove a spider just like that.. without st.....

That just reminded me of the spider sitting in the corner of my room a few seconds ago... WHERE THE HECK IS IT NOW?!?!?

My point is that we may not always understand them, but I'm SURE they will the same way. Girls are weird creatures. I would love to read a males version of this post...
But for now, I shall take my leave and slowly move to my bed so that big black spider won't get me...  O___O

March 13, 2013

BBQ and Bad days


So! Again I've been gone for a couple of days without any sign of life from my side and I apologize to you, my dear readers.

Something unbelievable happened last weekend - My hostfather agreed to drive for around 2-3 hours just to get my hostsister and I to a party that I was invited to back up in Lompoc (The first city I stayed in during my exchange year).
The party was a double birthday BBQ for my exchange student friend François (The Belgian guy who turned 19) and his hostbrother Jack (Who turns 18 tomorrow).
First of all, it was AMAZING that my hostfather would drive so far just to get us to a party, and then drive the same way back after a couple of hours. I was overly surprised that he did it... but then again... I probably have the most awesome hostfather possible, so somehow it wasn't that big of a shock. I looooooove my hostfamily <3

Not just did I get to see almost all of the exchange student from both Cabrillo High, Lompoc High, and Righetti High, but I also got to talk to a few Americans that I had befriended during my stay. It was great to see them all again... especially the ones from Cabrillo. However, I realized how much I actually missed these people when I saw them again, which just made me enjoy my time there with them even more! The day was just great - Nice weather, nice people, and yummy food (I swear, I have never has such a good banana pie! Jack's mom is amazing!). 
Even though most of them seemed happy to see me and all asked me how I liked my new place, they had clearly moved forward. They all had their own drama going on (They did too when I was there, but back then I knew who they were talking about when they mentioned names... and I'd be involved with my friends), and it was just an odd feeling. Their lives went on after I left (Well duuuh.. you'd think so. It's just weird experiencing SUCH a big difference). At least they didn't change!

 (François reading the little messages we wrote him. In the box is a new Ipod that we had collected money for, thanks to Chloé, because he broke his old one. And look at that adorable smile! He's such a kid!)

When he was done unpacking, he went around to thank and hug every single guest! We were around 30 people so it took him a while... 

François is still one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Seiya seemed really happy to see me. Cedric was glad to see me too, but was occupied by two girls hanging on him constantly - You can't really blame them though. He's charming. It must be the heavy French accent. Lenka was just like before - A super nice girl.. and still good friends with Chloé who seemed... a little less happy to see us. My hostsister told me she had sent us some pretty cold looks throughout the day, but me, being naive and distracted, didn't see anything at all. Though I know for sure that Chloé isn't the biggest fan of me.
Anyways... I don't really mind. The reason Chloé (and the only other exchange girl at my new school) doesn't like me, is for reasons that I myself cannot change. So if they want to hate on me - Let them.
Lastly, I got to meet Cal (Caldonia from Australia) who just moved to Lompoc as I was leaving, and she was soooo nice. I'm sad I didn't get to talk more to her. She seems like a really cool person.

My Sunday was the best! Simply the best!
But it case I had the powers to change just one thing, it'd be to either:
A. Move my current family up to Lompoc so I could hang out with all of my friends up there (Even though Lompoc sucks. the others agree with me).
B. Move aaaaaaall of them down here.. Then I could keep my amazing family, my new friends at school, AND have my "original" fellow exchange students there with me. I'd love that. I know it's impossible... but hey. A girl can dream, right?

I honestly just really miss them and I can't wait to see them again - Yosemite here I come! (The next and last exchange student trip that our organisation will arrange for us).


Then came Monday and I fell. I feel hard, but I didn't hit the bottom. No.. But it still hurt pretty bad though.
My friends had been picking on me pretty much all day (which they usually do, and I pick back.. but today was just not my day). For some reason I was just not happy. It all started the day before..
After we came home from the party and went into our separate rooms, I put my stuff away, changed into my pyjamas, and got ready for bed. And as I was laying there, I all of a sudden started crying. I don't know why.. I thought it was because I missed my friends up there..

But no. Monday was just a shitty day and after a not-so-enjoyable busride, I walked home in anger, went into my room and cried again - Yet for no reason!
Ladies and gentlemen, let me present you the term "Exchange student days".

Exchange student days:
When a person is having an exchange student day, basically everything goes wrong. One can and/or will get upset  over little things. They will miss their country but most of all their best friend, and they will cry. They will randomly cry for absolutely no reason and not be able to stop!

So yeah... My day SUCKED, and the thought of being back home would not leave my mind.
I think I've earlier mentioned that I thought that I was on having an exchange day, but it turns out that my stay here just sucked at that point in time.
This is the real deal and it sucks! My other Danish exchange student friends have earlier had them and now it's my turn.
Worst of all, there's nothing you can do. No matter how hard you try, you'll keep crying and stay in a bad mood until it goes away by itself. Even if you're perfectly happy! It's just something beyond your mental control.

Angel wrote me a little note and came into my room later that night.
I explained her my situation and it seemed like she understood.. well.. at least she was trying.

Monday was also the day I received the package that my parents back in Denmark had sent me and our extra time + my bad mood called for a calm activity that could distract my mind.

4 plates of my absolute FAVORITE chocolate (that I brought Alex and Kim the day after as an apology for my bad mood), Chocolate with mint liquid for my hostmom, salty... SUPER salty licorice (A Danish thing).. my hostfather LOOOVES licorice and he said that this was the best he had had so far, a round thing so I can make that perfect bun that as popular in Denmark when I left, cocoa powder (because Hersheys tastes like puke) so I can make my special Danish chocolate cake, a cute little outfit for my baby sister, chocolate hares (because it's a tradition in my family around Easter), and 6000 HAMA pearls - Or as Angel would call them, beads - so we could decorate our earphones just like many Danish people did when I left Denmark.
It was perfect doing something Danish on my exchange student day!

We sat there on my floor for maybe 2 hours, just quietly doing our stuff while blasting some of my Danish music in the background.

Planning the patterns~ 

Angeeeeel <3 

We're working hard here! 

And our final results! 

The inner ones are mine, outer ones belong to Angel :)


So... before I leave, I'd like to just sum up a few of the many things that I've been doing these days.. or have had happen to me while I was gone:

  • I gave the world an amazing present! - I got my hostsister, Angel, into blogging and I honestly think she's hilarious! Her "artist name" is Papilio Socialis (meaning Social Butterfly) and you can find her blog by clicking HERE. She won't be able to update too often but she's trying her best! She doesn't have a computer herself so she need to borrow mine. 
  • I got to videochat with my Danish friend Søren (who I had never expected to willingly talk to me), and Angel and I decided we should have a "Skype-Party" once, stay up late, and talk to as many of my friends as possible! It was also good to hear some "news" about what's going on at home.
  • Iiiii... have more complaints about love stuff, but that's for later.
  • A guy got shot in a little neighborhood beside my school and (almost) the entire school was mourning over him. He had earlier gone to my school but was kicked out around a year ago. 
  • Then today a girl OD'd (overdosed) at my school from eating a brownie... Hmm.. 
  • I've recently been walking around to take pictures of my friends whenever I talked to them so that I, hopefully soon, will be able to show them to you guys :) (Yaaaay, I have American friends! lol)
  • I was asked to be one of the people to show off prom looks in front of the school and I'm actually really excited for it (more info will be provided later).
  • Harrison seems to have quit the whole "falling for Lucy" thing.
  • I'm slowly realizing that I may have gained a little bit of weight... My photography teacher took a picture of me (see top of this post), and shortly after I had uploaded it to Facebook, my friend told me how it seemed like I was getting fatter.. 
That's all for now! I hope it won't be as long before my next post!
Also, keep an eye on my beauty blog, I'm planning to put up a tutorial on how to make your earphones look like mine :) 

Kay, take care! 
Lucy out~