March 25, 2013

3 days till' Spring Break!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.... SPRING BREAK!

Except for my notebook breaking down and me having to do a reboot on it (which explains why my posting has been delayed), nothing really big has happened lately. Days slowly pass by and day for day I find myself in this weird-ass country, filled with strange people who make no sense at all - Which makes them pretty hilarious though!

My days in school are going fine. I talk to people in my classes, do my stuff (I think I need an applause! I don't need this. I don't need the credits. My year doesn't count - I basically have no reason to actually DO this, but whatever. Gotta do something at school, right?), and hang out with my friends at lunch.
I still enjoy the attention that I get from being the foreign kid - And I especially love when people ask me questions about my homecountry! Today I was asked about my opinion on drugs... and I must say that I'm not a fan. I think doing drugs is stupid! Honestly stupid! I will never get why people do it ... and I tell people that when they ask me.
Here, especially in our county, drugs aren't that much of a big deal. People do them... ALOT of people them, and "If you haven't done them and want to try, I can get you some" is a pretty common statement that I have gotten twice.... just TODAY!

So besides being offered drugs twice in a day.. my day went by as usual..
Well... except for the fact that I think someone asked me to prom today o___O (Or at least tried to)

~~~~~~ Woooooooh flashback! ~~~~~~
I came into my 5th period (history class), and sat down in my seat as usual.
Alejandro and Joab had been talking (they're some of the first people to get there) as I came in, and somehow their conversation turned into prom talking.

"Would you go with him?" Alejandro said.
... (awkward silence)
"Would you go with him to prom?" He said again.
"Are you talking to me o.O?" I asked.
"Yeah" Joab joined in with Alejandro as they looked at me.
"Wait... to prom?!" I said confused (I heard them the first time but I simply couldn't believe my mind. *It must be a joke* I thought.
"Yeah" Joab said and smiled, finally looking up from his phone.
"Are you serious?"
"Yeah" he said again.
I starred at them for a moment, then Alejandro started smiling... I gave a little awkward laugh and turned around ._____.

Rude, you might think, and honestly, I think so too.
But what was I supposed to do? At that moment I panicked! I was confused!
The reasons I react like this is simple: I don't get asked to prom. Firstly, because prom doesn't exist where I'm from. Secondly, I just don't get asked about stuff like that! Nobody has ever wanted to ask me to anything, or invite me to any parties where you needed a partner, or even asked me on a date. No! It just doesn't happen to me!
And thirdly (is that even a word?), even IF someone would be crazy enough to ask me to, take prom as an example, they'd be joking! I'd get all happy and giddy where after they'd tell me they'd be joking.. and then laugh at me. That has happened before.
So, in my situation, I think my reaction is pretty natural! I mean... it's like self-defence! Play the joke and you won't get hurt.

I still don't know if he was being serious... I honestly think not.
But even if, I would probably have said no. Joab is a nice guy and we always talk during history class, but I've talked to a close friend of mine about prom and... I was kind of hoping that he'd take me... Is that wrong? Well I guess it is, but there's nothing I can do. We can't change the past.

Also! This morning we had Diamond D visit our school! (Also known as Derek Clark).
He told us about his earlier life and how he has dealt with struggles his entire life. He told us about his pain but also how he turned his weaknesses into his strength and became the successful man he is today! Niw, he uses his life on music and traveling around the states to give his speeches. He also wrote books and he has been, like he said it himself, "hanging out with the President" before. Talk about success.
He brought us a very very motivational message that morning and I'm super happy I got to see him.
After his speech, he sang two of his songs fr us - one of them, his greatest hit which was about his own life when he was just seventeen.
My sister, her friend, and I, were the first ones to come in and so we got the best spots: Front row, right in the middle.

They always tell us that we cannot bring our backpacks, and thus my camera, so of course I didn't bring it -___- Luckily, my sister's friend, Mykaela, got to record a little bit with her Iphone.

I bring you: Derek D!
Click here to watch Derek D perform

(For now, you'll have to go with the link to Facebook. When Spring Break is over, I will put the actual video on here.)

When he was done and everybody had left for lunch, he shook my hand and I got to personally talk to him. He was a super nice guy and he gave me some great advice. I'm immensely happy that I got to have this experience!

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