March 13, 2013

BBQ and Bad days


So! Again I've been gone for a couple of days without any sign of life from my side and I apologize to you, my dear readers.

Something unbelievable happened last weekend - My hostfather agreed to drive for around 2-3 hours just to get my hostsister and I to a party that I was invited to back up in Lompoc (The first city I stayed in during my exchange year).
The party was a double birthday BBQ for my exchange student friend François (The Belgian guy who turned 19) and his hostbrother Jack (Who turns 18 tomorrow).
First of all, it was AMAZING that my hostfather would drive so far just to get us to a party, and then drive the same way back after a couple of hours. I was overly surprised that he did it... but then again... I probably have the most awesome hostfather possible, so somehow it wasn't that big of a shock. I looooooove my hostfamily <3

Not just did I get to see almost all of the exchange student from both Cabrillo High, Lompoc High, and Righetti High, but I also got to talk to a few Americans that I had befriended during my stay. It was great to see them all again... especially the ones from Cabrillo. However, I realized how much I actually missed these people when I saw them again, which just made me enjoy my time there with them even more! The day was just great - Nice weather, nice people, and yummy food (I swear, I have never has such a good banana pie! Jack's mom is amazing!). 
Even though most of them seemed happy to see me and all asked me how I liked my new place, they had clearly moved forward. They all had their own drama going on (They did too when I was there, but back then I knew who they were talking about when they mentioned names... and I'd be involved with my friends), and it was just an odd feeling. Their lives went on after I left (Well duuuh.. you'd think so. It's just weird experiencing SUCH a big difference). At least they didn't change!

 (François reading the little messages we wrote him. In the box is a new Ipod that we had collected money for, thanks to Chloé, because he broke his old one. And look at that adorable smile! He's such a kid!)

When he was done unpacking, he went around to thank and hug every single guest! We were around 30 people so it took him a while... 

François is still one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Seiya seemed really happy to see me. Cedric was glad to see me too, but was occupied by two girls hanging on him constantly - You can't really blame them though. He's charming. It must be the heavy French accent. Lenka was just like before - A super nice girl.. and still good friends with Chloé who seemed... a little less happy to see us. My hostsister told me she had sent us some pretty cold looks throughout the day, but me, being naive and distracted, didn't see anything at all. Though I know for sure that Chloé isn't the biggest fan of me.
Anyways... I don't really mind. The reason Chloé (and the only other exchange girl at my new school) doesn't like me, is for reasons that I myself cannot change. So if they want to hate on me - Let them.
Lastly, I got to meet Cal (Caldonia from Australia) who just moved to Lompoc as I was leaving, and she was soooo nice. I'm sad I didn't get to talk more to her. She seems like a really cool person.

My Sunday was the best! Simply the best!
But it case I had the powers to change just one thing, it'd be to either:
A. Move my current family up to Lompoc so I could hang out with all of my friends up there (Even though Lompoc sucks. the others agree with me).
B. Move aaaaaaall of them down here.. Then I could keep my amazing family, my new friends at school, AND have my "original" fellow exchange students there with me. I'd love that. I know it's impossible... but hey. A girl can dream, right?

I honestly just really miss them and I can't wait to see them again - Yosemite here I come! (The next and last exchange student trip that our organisation will arrange for us).


Then came Monday and I fell. I feel hard, but I didn't hit the bottom. No.. But it still hurt pretty bad though.
My friends had been picking on me pretty much all day (which they usually do, and I pick back.. but today was just not my day). For some reason I was just not happy. It all started the day before..
After we came home from the party and went into our separate rooms, I put my stuff away, changed into my pyjamas, and got ready for bed. And as I was laying there, I all of a sudden started crying. I don't know why.. I thought it was because I missed my friends up there..

But no. Monday was just a shitty day and after a not-so-enjoyable busride, I walked home in anger, went into my room and cried again - Yet for no reason!
Ladies and gentlemen, let me present you the term "Exchange student days".

Exchange student days:
When a person is having an exchange student day, basically everything goes wrong. One can and/or will get upset  over little things. They will miss their country but most of all their best friend, and they will cry. They will randomly cry for absolutely no reason and not be able to stop!

So yeah... My day SUCKED, and the thought of being back home would not leave my mind.
I think I've earlier mentioned that I thought that I was on having an exchange day, but it turns out that my stay here just sucked at that point in time.
This is the real deal and it sucks! My other Danish exchange student friends have earlier had them and now it's my turn.
Worst of all, there's nothing you can do. No matter how hard you try, you'll keep crying and stay in a bad mood until it goes away by itself. Even if you're perfectly happy! It's just something beyond your mental control.

Angel wrote me a little note and came into my room later that night.
I explained her my situation and it seemed like she understood.. well.. at least she was trying.

Monday was also the day I received the package that my parents back in Denmark had sent me and our extra time + my bad mood called for a calm activity that could distract my mind.

4 plates of my absolute FAVORITE chocolate (that I brought Alex and Kim the day after as an apology for my bad mood), Chocolate with mint liquid for my hostmom, salty... SUPER salty licorice (A Danish thing).. my hostfather LOOOVES licorice and he said that this was the best he had had so far, a round thing so I can make that perfect bun that as popular in Denmark when I left, cocoa powder (because Hersheys tastes like puke) so I can make my special Danish chocolate cake, a cute little outfit for my baby sister, chocolate hares (because it's a tradition in my family around Easter), and 6000 HAMA pearls - Or as Angel would call them, beads - so we could decorate our earphones just like many Danish people did when I left Denmark.
It was perfect doing something Danish on my exchange student day!

We sat there on my floor for maybe 2 hours, just quietly doing our stuff while blasting some of my Danish music in the background.

Planning the patterns~ 

Angeeeeel <3 

We're working hard here! 

And our final results! 

The inner ones are mine, outer ones belong to Angel :)


So... before I leave, I'd like to just sum up a few of the many things that I've been doing these days.. or have had happen to me while I was gone:

  • I gave the world an amazing present! - I got my hostsister, Angel, into blogging and I honestly think she's hilarious! Her "artist name" is Papilio Socialis (meaning Social Butterfly) and you can find her blog by clicking HERE. She won't be able to update too often but she's trying her best! She doesn't have a computer herself so she need to borrow mine. 
  • I got to videochat with my Danish friend Søren (who I had never expected to willingly talk to me), and Angel and I decided we should have a "Skype-Party" once, stay up late, and talk to as many of my friends as possible! It was also good to hear some "news" about what's going on at home.
  • Iiiii... have more complaints about love stuff, but that's for later.
  • A guy got shot in a little neighborhood beside my school and (almost) the entire school was mourning over him. He had earlier gone to my school but was kicked out around a year ago. 
  • Then today a girl OD'd (overdosed) at my school from eating a brownie... Hmm.. 
  • I've recently been walking around to take pictures of my friends whenever I talked to them so that I, hopefully soon, will be able to show them to you guys :) (Yaaaay, I have American friends! lol)
  • I was asked to be one of the people to show off prom looks in front of the school and I'm actually really excited for it (more info will be provided later).
  • Harrison seems to have quit the whole "falling for Lucy" thing.
  • I'm slowly realizing that I may have gained a little bit of weight... My photography teacher took a picture of me (see top of this post), and shortly after I had uploaded it to Facebook, my friend told me how it seemed like I was getting fatter.. 
That's all for now! I hope it won't be as long before my next post!
Also, keep an eye on my beauty blog, I'm planning to put up a tutorial on how to make your earphones look like mine :) 

Kay, take care! 
Lucy out~ 

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