March 21, 2013

Boys boys boys...

[NOTE: This entry was written earlier last week]


So not only am I still (kind of) having my exchange student days... but a guy that I kind of had gotten my hopes up for, recently announced that he "may have a girl"...
BAM, just like that. My hopes were scattered..

Sometimes boys just confuse me..
I just can't seem to figure out what is going on up there.. and even if I learn from my mistakes, I won't be prepared for the next! They're all so different!
Yet, it somehow seem possible for me to group 90% of the guys I know (At least the ones that causes trouble) - And I want to share with you my thoughts on them. Who knows, maybe we could share some tips on how to handle them?
[Please note that I kind of mean this as a joke, kind of not. I AM being serious about these... but there are good guys out there too and they deserve credit!]
Here it goes! There is...

The Good Friend
One day they will be your best friend. They will do anything possible to make you happy, and you will be happy. They'll give you the attention you want. They'll laugh at your little mistakes, your bad sides. They won't judge you on your weird nerdy sides, but instead share something embarrassing about themselves. They will hug you if you are sad. They'll punch you if you're annoying. They'll smile with you when you're happy. They'll have tickle fights (And let you win). They'll make fun of you, but make sure that you know they're just joking. They won't cause drama like your girl friends. They'll truly be your best friend.

But the next day they will refuse to speak to you. They won't answer your texts. They'll ignore you on Facebook. They'll not show up at the parties you both were invited to. They will act as if they had never met you, and that all evidence of the two of you being friends have disappeared from Earth's surface.
If this happens, they probably had a unrequited crush on you (you have unintentionally friendzoned them LOOOONG time ago). Heck, you might not even have known. Now.. why would they simply give up your friendship just like that? Because they, in the first place, only became your friend in order to charm you. Yeap, they had interest in you from the beginning. (I actually had a guy friend of mine tell me this. Horray for reliable sources!)
Perhaps this is one of the worst types you can meet. If you don't fancy them, it will simply end your friendship. Auch </3

The Fast-forwards
Tell you straight up that they love you.. and they do it in some of the most awkward ways too! Girls, don't take these people serious. If they can tell you this fast they they love you, LOVE you, they're wrong. You don't just love people. It takes time. They're probably desperate.. and see you as an easy victim in order to.. ahem. If you meet these, tell them straight up how you feel! Tell them off! Quickly! They need it the harsh way, or else... you've got yourself a new stalker. And trust me, those are harder to get rid of than you think.

The Good-looking-guy
He knows he's good-looking and he's using it big time. He can get pretty much any girl he wants, and he will take advantage of this. He'll pass you in the hallway and give you that "nod-of-recognition" and wink at you or smile whereafter your knees will soften and you'll fall to the ground while hyperventilating (No, this did not happen to me, but a friend of mine. Trust me, it's bad!). However, most of them will actually be singles when you meet them. (No wonder why). Some of them can be those good guys who just.. don't want a girl. They want the girl, and not those random girls who will love them just because of their looks. On the other side, they can be complete douches. Stay away from those! They will do you nothing but harm. This type of guy leads me on to the next category..

The Player
Basically an updated version of The Good-looking-guy. This guy is either rich or super good-looking (watch out!). And if you're a girl, going for one of these... because of his money.. remember this. He's a player. P-L-A-Y-E-R! You shouldn't love people because of their money. That's just shameful, and you're pretty much giving your body away to a nasty old guy or something. Don't just let people buy you! Have some self-respect!
The good-looking players will be amazing. A guy like this will know exactly what to say to make you blush. He will remember every good compliment as well as he remembers the alphabet. He will, in most cases, succeed in getting whatever girl he wants. He will make her incredibly happy, and a week after she's out and he has a new victim. Yes I just said victim, because that's what those poor (or rather stupid) girls are. He's the player and you're his toy. Don't just let him play you like that! If you actually turn out to have fallen for one of these (and really want to be with him), there's only one thing to do. Play with him! you have to act all cute and stuff and let him do whatever... THEN you will ignore him for a little. Make him miss you (but don't do this too early. Make sure he actually likes you.. at least a little), and he will long for you. He'll probably tell you that he has never met a girl like you... or that "no girl has ever treated me like this". That is a good sign. You've left your mark - Now go get him! (Or leave him in order to make him pay for playing with so many other girls' hearts. the choice is yours).
The key is: Be different!

The Shy Guy
They may like you but they will never tell you. A good example of these would be... a LOT of guys at my first school here in America. They'd walk up to my host sister and ask who that blonde girl she always hung out with was... and tell HER how they liked me and what not (Or at least how they THOUGHT they liked me). But the problem is that they'd never come to me. They would never make an effort! Some (actually most) of them I had no idea who were as I had never had just one tiny chit-chat with them. I don't know if I'm really that scary-looking, or if they're just a bunch of scaredy-cats. But guys.. go up and speak to us! If you don't speak up and tell us what you want, we can't give you. Girls are not mind-readers (at least not always). SPEAK UP!
I'm a super shy person too. I don't tell people if I like them.. and I guess I ruined it for myself. The guy that I've recently been gawking over.. apparently liked me at some point.. but I never let it show. I never let him know, and thus, he moved on.
*Le sigh*

These are just a few of my little groupings that I can think of right now, I'm sure there are more. Also, don't take this post too seriously. I'm not trying to put guys in a bad light, I'm just sharing my experiences here.
Also, try to put yourself in the other person's place. We may not always be able to understand guys. To understand why getting out of the couch to manually turn on the TV can be so hard. How they can eat so much, yet never get fat. Or maybe how they can remove a spider just like that.. without st.....

That just reminded me of the spider sitting in the corner of my room a few seconds ago... WHERE THE HECK IS IT NOW?!?!?

My point is that we may not always understand them, but I'm SURE they will the same way. Girls are weird creatures. I would love to read a males version of this post...
But for now, I shall take my leave and slowly move to my bed so that big black spider won't get me...  O___O

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