March 29, 2013

Going on Spring Break!

Happy Easter everyone!

Wednesday was a great day! It was the last day before Spring Break and I couldn't have had a better start than this. 

In the morning, our dear friend Khla brought all of us Easter candy. (Who doesn't love candy?)
Apparently that's something they do in Thailand... at least where he is from. 
Elyssa, Marvin, and Khla

Me, Marvin, and Elyssa <3 

Now are also the days to turn in late work for the seniors (especially our long essays) aaaaand.. my teacher, Mrs. Wrouth, doesn't seem too excited about all the extra work she now has during the break. 
I found this one hanging on the wall.. 

In my 3rd period, Angel and Khla always come to me and then we sit and talk for like 10 min. before the bell rings. Our friend Megan is taking a cooking class, and she had brought us some little dessert things called "cream puffs"
They kind of remind me of something my grandma always used to make when we came over for coffee. I haven't had them for years though (stupid stores stopped selling them :( ), so this was great! I looooooove eating stuff that reminds me of home. 

In 4th period, Mr. Melhorn (My ASB teacher) told us how he had gotten up super early to go hide easter eggs around the school. ASB arranged it but in case we also wanted to go for the egg hunt, this allowed us to actually participate. We shared stories about how one boy had skipped PE class to run around school, in his PE outfit, to search for eggs in the morning.
Another boy had been arrested for telling a teacher to "Fuck off" because he/she was disturbing his egg hunt o__O Oh well... 
Mr. Melhorn is probably my favorite teacher! He is super nice and super funny, and he has ADD so he will always be wearing colourful ties to distract himself. Wednesday he wore an Easter tie and I was completely in love with it.
Mr. Melhorn and I. (Ugh! My face looks so red! I got way too much sun that day -.-)

Random pictures of happy kids leaving school for Spring Break!
Megan (who brought us the cream puff) and Elyssa talking in front of the u-boat-looking bus~ 
Yaaay Spring Break!

After school we went to get Angel her new glasses (just for reading only) and so we spent our evening taking weird pictures of ourselves. 


Aaaaaand LASTLY!
(I know this is not a very exciting post, but I felt like sharing my pictures before I leave)
Not America though, I'm not done disturbing the poor Americans. 
In like half an hour, my hostdad, Angel, and I are leaving for the airport... To go toooo Oregon!
We're going to visit Angel's family and join their big family Easter dinner, then later go to Seattle to some space needle, and then back to Oregon to her family before we finally take the plane back home on Saturday. 

I'm really looking forward to this trip (especially flying. I like flying), and I AM bring my phone (probably my computer too) and my camera, so I will be able to take tons of pictures; however, I cannot promise that I'll be able to blog from there, but I'll try! If not, expect a long post after the break!

Buh-bye California, see you on the 6th! :) 

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