March 5, 2013

"I'm gonna get you!"

So there I was walking and all of a sudden, the big black dog came at me (and you'd usually expect a dog to sniff at you, right?) but noooooo, it jumped right at me and BIT my arm!
(Hard to see now but as I'm writing this post, I still have marks on both sides of my arm. You can see the shape of a half-circle on my underarm and a minor bruise on the upside).

Now... I'd actually expected it to hurt more.. but then again, it didn't get through my skin.. BUT I FREAKED OUT!!!! (Not like screaming and all that stupid stuff because it hurt. It was just like falling and hitting your arm on the road. No, it was more the fact that a dog acted like that near me).
Usually animals love me, and by love, I mean LOOOOOVE me. I can make them do almost anything I want.
I guess I'm pretty superstitious when it comes to other livings acting like this around me, but I kind of took that as a warning sign. I mean... why would it do that? I just passed it like I do every morning. Nothing special. I didn't even look at it. (You know how people say animals can sense ghosts and stuff... or like when you see that giant crowd of birds fleeing right before a tsunami hits a village). Yes, this was a indeed warning sign.

Ironically, the day before I had had a weird feeling from the morning. "That guy" that I've had some problems with (as described in this post ---> Helping others without getting anything back), actually looked up when I passed him in the morning. As I have earlier mentioned, him and I ride the same bus and he ALWAYS looks down to avoid any kind of contact when I pass him in the bus. Not yesterday though. Also, when he got off the bus, he stopped and just stood there and starred at people getting out of the bus.. I was worried he might be waiting for us.. but no. He turned to a guy in my English class and walked away *phew*.
Anyways... Both Angel and I saw that and thought that it was weird. While walking to the library I mentioned how I had a strange feeling "something bad is going to happen today" and she agreed. There was just an odd atmosphere... Nothing happened though and I got through my day pretty well.

THEN! This happened!!! The dog bit me and dogs don't just bite me! What had I done?! It wasn't even one of those crazy muscular dogs that are illegal in several countries, this one looked like a big fluffy dog that you'd play with.
I took it as a warning sign, and since I'd had an odd feeling about...everything since yesterday, I decided to watch out more today. That dog... oh yeah... it was basically the world saying:
"Oh.. oooooh-oh-oooh, it's going DOWN Lucy! You've had it too good for too long! I'm going to get you today!!" 

And so it did!
We walked to the library and were just about to get inside when Angel stopped to wait for people to get out one of the doors (it's a double-sided door but one of them were closed). I moved closer and was standing there, in front of the closed door, watching her as the crowd moved outside when it burst up and almost hit me! I used my super-ninja-skills and jumped away just in time to save my life! (Don't you just love when I'm being dramatic?).
"Ha world! Not this time! You ain't gon' get me!" I thought. I was wrong. (I also got hit by a chair in there).

I went through my entire day, watching out... not being in the best mood. I mean c'mon. You don't just get bitten by a dog! There's a deeper, more evil plan to this! (talk about being paranoid).
Oh yeah, I was suspicious. And not in the best mood, and if I'm not in the best mood, only 3 things can help:

1. Making me laugh (but it has to be ALOT)
2. Feeding me chocolate (It's hormones! I can't help it!)
3. Letting me sleep (It basically lets me end my day so I can wake up and be happy again. I kind of reset every morning).

Then, it was as if my luck and surroundings had finally turned. Just before my 3rd period started, Angel came up to me with an "æbleskive" that our friend Megan had made in her cooking class (We met her in the morning and she decided she'd save one for me because of my not-so-nice meeting with the dog).
It was soooo good! (Even though you really are not supposed to put cinnamon on it. For some reason, Americans LOVE cinnamon... and ginger... ew).

Then it was time for 4th period, ASB, with Kim and Alex. I love those guys, they really know how to cheer one up; however, today was just not a good day.... Alex and Kim had had fun making fun of Harrison and me, but I got my revenge! As we were hanging up our last poster, Alex had noticed a crane fly sitting on the handle of the door that we were hanging our poster on... and while Kim was holding the paper and Alex was taping it, I poked it and it flew DIRECTLY into Alex who made a loud sound and, in panic, ran away while flapping with his arms everywhere. (Told you I could manipulate with animals ;).
I literally cracked up... yeah.. that saved my day..

As my mood was slowly going back up, it was time for my 5th - History.
With my new friend Ruben complimenting me, saying that "You look good today", him giving me one of his Reese's Peanutbutter Cups (which contains chocolate) that his girlfriend had brought, and the guys around me trying to wake up this sleeping guy by throwing little paperballs at him, my day was pretty much back to normal.

I was back in the bus with Angel, Alex, and the other kids when Harrison came in. Alex gave me the oh-yeah-he's-going-to-sit-there-RIGHT-behind-you look, but Harrison passed me. I sent him a cocky smile and he looked at me in confusion and asked: "Did you say anything to him?" (Yesterday night we had been talking about how I could possible make Harrison stop following me like that). No, I had not.
THEEEEEEEEEN Harrison turned around and sat RIGHT behind Alex (who was sitting across me).
He began blabbering about ... I don't even know. I put in my earphones and blasted my music...
Okay... I have my music. Harrison is sitting behind Alex and not ME... I can survive this. C'mon Lucy, you can do it!

As if it wasn't enough, "that guy" comes in and walks past me... JUST to sit on the seat behind me. (He never ride the bus home... and why WHY did he sit down behind me? He can hardly look at me.
Alex and Angel kept going on about Harrison talking to me... and at some point, (I don't remember why) I simply couldn't stand sitting there anymore... OH yes!!! Angel got my phone and Harrison was like:
"You really shouldn't give her your phone! Now she can see all of your stuff!"
"It's okay" I said. "I have nothing to hide"
"Then WHY are you wearing clothes?!"

I had to move, but ANGEL decided to be annoying and put her legs up to block me right as I got up. Instead I made a quick move and sat down beside Alex. Now.. "that guy" saw it and... if eyes could kill... All 3 of us would have been dead I tell you.

Okay world, I get it. I did something wrong (I guess), and now you're making me pay.. but you know what, I got my chocolate and my laugh and NOW I'm going to sleep. Oh yeah! The last ingredient to make me happy... And unless a meteorite hits me in my sleep, there is nothing you can do to screw up more of my day.
(But I really didn't like how you magically made the TV not work so I'd miss my favorite series).


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