March 29, 2013

Oregon - Day 1

Friday we spent most of our day at home. The night before I had stayed up pretty late, yet I had been too lazy to pack my stuff; thus, I had to pack!

When we had finished packing, Angel curled my hair (For some reason she loves that. She gets all giddy and weird and holds her hands on her cheeks and goes "Ooooh you look so ke-jute!".
Fathi came home just in time for us to say goodbye before we finally headed to Burbank Airport around 4pm. The drive took around 1½ hour but it seemed like nothing.
My hostfather had been anxious about not getting there in time but it turned out that we had more than enough time.

Last picture before we headed for Burbank Airport.

When we had gotten through check-in, we still had an hour that we spent on buying coffee and taking pictures with our hostparents' Ipad. We were... entertained.

I don't always find a cardboard figure of Jonathan Goldsmith but when I do, I take pictures with him.

Waiting for our plane~


As we sat there, this very familiar Russian-looking guy passed us and when he did, he turned his head 90 degrees and glared back at us. He did this twice before we finally got to get on the plane.
 (Sorry for the bad quality... I just wanted to show how small the plane was >  <)

Angel boarding out small plane. 2 seats per side.

Angel and I in the plane (Even though she is smiling, you can, if you know her, tell that she's feeling really bad at this point)

Of course the Russian-looking guy (No offence to Russians. We like Russians.) was in the same plane as us... Angel and I sat beside each others in the very back of the plane, my hostfather on the other side beside a woman, and the Russian guy in front of her. For some reason, he kept turning his head in our direction. He sat beside a window, so it couldn't be because he was trying to look out - No he was glaring at us!
The first 10-20 minutes of the flight, he did it so often that Angel decided to try to keep track of it. As we were counting his glares, we were playing MASMO (A strange American fortune game that Angel has taught me, and needles to say, we were entertained by our strange fortune stories.

The Russian-looking guy had falled asleep during the trip, but woke up as they informed us that we were landing in 20 min. His glares continued... We reached about 147 before we finally gave up and got off the plane.

Getting off the plane in Portland

My hostfather's brother (so I guess my host uncle?) had come to pick us up and drive us to my hostgrandmother's home where we'd stay at.

In the airport. Navigating our way out.

At the parking lot, the Russian-looking guy turned out to belong to the car right next to ours .. on our way out he was right behind us... and continued to drive behind us for like 5 min. before he finally turned another way.
We joked about this alot.. But I guess it's not as funny to others as it was to us. You see, in my (host)family, we have an intern joke saying that I'm not actually a Danish exchange student, but a Russian spy who went to Denmark to get a Danish accent, for thereafter coming to America and .. I guess spy on them.
So we joked about him being another spy from the same organisation as me, and that is why he would constantly look our way - He simply recognized me!

When we arrived, my hostgrandma Patsy showed us to our rooms. At first we had been told that Angel and I would share a room, but it turned out that we got one each. Here's my little room :) I like it! I'm usually not very intrigued by old homes and all that, but this room is just so charming. I felt at home.

Before finally parting back into our room, Pat handed me a flower and told me that everyone who visits Portland for the first time deserves a rose <3

Around 9pm we were OUT. Absolutely out.
However, before going to bed, I decided to open my bag (I don't remember for what reason) and I saw this

I don't know about you guys, but I'm not exactly a terrorist. And even IF I was, I would've probably gone for a bigger plane... going to a bigger place... where I could hurt more people than in small Portland (Terrorist logic!). I know they do it for security reasons, but that doesn't change the fact that they went through all of my personal stuff. I really don't like the thought of that. Grrr...
ALSO! I had brought a little container of lotion and guess what, they didn't close it correctly after they were done searching through my baggage. So when I opened my bag, the sight of lotion ALL OVER THE PLACE (and a now stained computer bag) hit me.
Thank you airport security... thank you alot.

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