March 30, 2013

Oregon - Day 2

Today I woke up (late) to eggs and toasted bread with butter that my hostgrandma had made me for breakfast. Angel was sitting at the table.. not feeling well at all. 
Plans today were to go up to the cabin, that my hostdad owns, to just look around and so they could show me what  they liked to do when they were up here; nonetheless, we decided to move that to another day as Angel could barely move around.

(My hostgrandma's house that we are staying at)

The weather was great.. around 23°C (Jealous yet Denmark? Enjoying your snow?), so we decided to head out anyways. Not for long, but we wouldn't let such a good day go to waste. 
We drove through Portland to this place called Joseph Wood Hill Park. A fortress-like building that had been built during the Great Depression. From up here, you could see the river that parts Oregon from Washington. 

Standing here in Portland you can see the river. On the other side is the state of Washington~ 
The white mountain is actually a volcano that erupted when my hostdad was in high school. 
You can also see a curved bridge crossing the river - We are going to cross that the day that we go to Seattle. 
The white tower on the first picture is from the airport that we landed in. 

We were up preeeeeeetty high...

In the background there's another snowy mountain that they're planning to take me to one day.


We went to buy stuff for lunch at this little Asian market and went home to decorate Easter eggs.

My Easter egg before I dipped it in the colouring
And even my hostfather joined in!

My hostaunt Ann was really proud... today was the first time for her to ever handle a grill on her own. She did great!
Like 2 min. after I took this picture, they decided the flame might have been a little too tall... so they closed the lid and opened it up again after 2 seconds and the fire literally burst into this huge cloud of flames o___O

And as we were waiting for the meat, which turned out not being cooked all the way through, Angel and her dad her their usual wrestling fights. Just like my own dad and I :)

After a long (but good) day, I fell asleep to the sound of hundreds of frogs croaking and the neighbors' wind bells clinging... Very enchanting. Very calming. Happens every night here. 

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