March 31, 2013

Oregon - Day 3

Happy Easter!!

Angel and I stayed home with Patty today to prepare our the big Easter Dinner that their family has every year.

My day started differently from what I'm used to in Denmark.
To my surprise I found a little basket that Pat had made me, as soon as I opened my door. Soon Angel  demanded my presence in the living room so we could open our Easter bags together - Unlike in Denmark where I get a big chocolate egg from my parents and some money from my grandparents.

Uff!! Greasy skin, greasy hair, pyjamas, and a sick Angel who refused to have her picture taken.
Inside the bags there was a LOOOOT of chocolate, some even with caramel inside, some stuff to make cupcakes with, the bunny plushie ( I LOOOOOOOVE plushies!), and $20 from Pat... OH OH! And some super cute Easter socks from my host aunt Anne!

And thus we moved to the kitchen!
I was in charge of making the devil eggs and the fruit salad whilst Angel's task were the mashed potatoes and shredding the cheese. I was too busy to actually take pictures of the food but I got away with my devil eggs! I was proud!

The Easter table while we were still putting out food~
On the table we had put real dyed eggs that we had made the day before. Here showing Angel's eggs :) 

Now differently from my own country, Americans don't seem to .. decorate as much as we do. Back home, my entire house is probably FILLED with little yellow chicks and bunnies and eggs and... flowers.. and more Easter stuff. 
My sister posted this picture on my Facebook wall of the new cat (that is now substituting me) stealing one of the rabbits that we use for decoration.

Happy Easter to all of you guys! 

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