April 2, 2013

Oregon - Day 5

On our fifth day, my hostdad, his best friend, Angel, and I got in the car (we woke up SUPER early.. like 4) and headed off to Seattle!

After a ... I think it was 2-3 hours drive, we were finally there!
We drove down to Pike's Market (Which is apparently a super famous place) and parked the car in front of our hotel.
We were staying at Inn At The Market - a very luxurious place located RIGHT next to the market.
My hostdad and his friend shared a room up on 8th where they had a beautiful view over the market and the sea. Angel and I had one on the 6th floor with a view of the busy street and some tall buildings. Angel didn't seem to like it, but I did!
Especially at night! The lights all lit up and there was a yellow tint coming from the buildings and cars.

Right outside our hotel... and in front of Pike's Market!
 Angel looking out the window in our room :)
The view from our room (lol creeping on random people)

Such a tall building *-* ... Where I come from, you don't see buildings like that very often.. 

We spent the first part of the day walking around in the Olympic Arts garden. After that we went to the Space Needle.

From the bottom of the Space Needle!
 Uuuuh look, an airplane!

To get up there, we took an elevator that was made with big windows so you could watch as you were rising up. The building on too was like an UFO with a balcony going all the way around.
When looking out, you could see the little different neighborhoods where houses were placed in little perfect squared beside each others, you would move a little to the left and see the water and some industrial buildings. A little more to the left was the big skyline - I got TONS of pictures!

I love the skyline <3 
 Woops! Don't look down!
 Seen from inside the little café
Just... wauw!

After the Space Needle, we rode this bus-like thing... But it was up in the air!! It had big windows on all sides do you could see the buildings when you passed them, and the cars and people moving around down on the roads.

The flying future-train-shuttle-thingie stopped at the mall (I think it was) and from there we just walked around entering random shops. We then went back to the harbor as my hostdad and his best friend had set themselves up for seafood (which neither Angel or I was interested in, but oh well... they were our tour guides). We found a place where we got a table facing the harbor so we could enjoy the smell of nasty fish... while being surrounded by nasty seafood. Yum!

Angel got a burger, I got a sandwich, but the two men had decided to go ALL IN and order a big bucket of seafood mix - Mussels, scallops, crabs, clams, sausage, potatoes, shrimps, and so on.. 
Their bucket was literally a BUCKET of all that nasty stuff put together.. and when the waiter came they got no plates. Instead he brought them each a bib and a little hammer to smack the mussels open! 
He cleared the table and then he just TURNED THE FREAKING THING UPSIDE DOWN! Seafood ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! 
And right in front of me... ugh"
Those shrimps still had eyes! OhgoshIcan't... 
s Angel and I finished, we just sat there starring at my hostdad and his friend eating like barbarians (they had some kind of competition going on). 
And impressively enough... they finished the whole thing! 

From our table we could see a big Ferris wheel which turned out to be the Seattle Great Wheel. Fortunately, Angel persuaded them to go with us, so this was our next destination!  

Ticket boot! 
Aaaaand he's our wheel! :) With a height of 175ft (around 53m) it is actually one of the biggest in USA! 

While we were waiting for the leap to finish so we could get on, we were being entertained by one of the workers there. He was constantly joking around and when he found out that I was foreign, he tried to say hi to me in like 7 languages before he finally gave up and had me tell him that I was from Denmark.
Looking to the right~
 Looking to the left~
Angel giving me a creepy look... o____O
 Looking down~

And looking out~ 

After we were done at the Ferris wheel, we went back to the road we came from and went into all of those strange little stores. 

We passed a moustache shop! 

We found a little magic&tricks store where we spent quite some time. 

Angel and I had been looking at something while my hostdad and his friend had been standing in the other end of the store, laughing for like 5 min. before they finally approached us and asked: "Would you guys wear these if we got them?" to which Angel and I looked at each others and almost simultaneously cried out "Yes!". They were holding up a packet with fake moustaches.

This is yet a reason that I love my hostfamily... I LOVE them! 
We put the moustaches on as soon as we had bought them and then walked outside. 
We then challenged each others not to laugh as we'd pass people, make eye-contact, maybe smile a little, and act completely normal... Keeping a straight face that night was probably one of the hardest yet funniest things I've done over here. Also, we could not take them off before we came back again to the hotel. 

Oh hello there! 

When we came back to the hotel, Angel and I went to bed.. just to calm down. We weren't really tired enough to sleep yet. Angel turned on the TV and found some old boring movie that I had no interest in watching, so instead I went on my Facebook to send a picture to my parents. While scrolling through my homepage, I saw a shocking post from my very good friend Kim..
He then, in the comments, had put his hostmom's number and said that if we wanted to get in contact with him, we'd have to text that number - And so I did, but no answer. (His hostfamily had taken away his electronics so he didn't have his own phone). 

In seconds my goofy smile had turned into a frown and to Angel I guess it looked like I had just seen a ghost.. this just couldn't happen. It shouldn't happen!
I was shocked that they would just send him home like that.. but I knew that we were going home early morning Saturday.. So I'd have to act fast and make plans with him.. I mean, at least we could get to say "goodbye" to him, right :( ? 

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