March 2, 2013

Sudden popularity?!

First day of spring! Yay!

Today is a good day!
I’m enjoying the nice weather (and by nice, I mean REALLY nice! Not just those 17°C that are usually pretty nice. Nope! 28 degrees Celsius (around 82.5°F) and loving the fact that I get to wear my new shorts to school. Aaah yes.. here I get to walk around and flash my leg-flesh while my family is dealing with 3°C back in Denmark.. and thinking it's "rather warm compared to what they've just had".

To quickly update you guys – I love my school life.
Here, I’m special. I’m blonde, and since our school is one of the most diverse in the district, I stand out. Like... by alot, and that gives me a lot of attention. My almost milkywhite skincolour helps too.. you see.. at a school where around 60% of the students are from Spanish/Mexican descent, most people are rather tanned and have dark/black hair, and then BAM here I come - Blonde hair, blue eyes, and skin so white that I literally light up if you put me beside other students. It gives me a lot of attention and I can't lie – I love it. I loooove being foreign.

However, I have also encountered the bad sides of this sudden popularity. We're only two exchange student girls at my school, and then we have a 14 year old Russian girl who permanently moved over here. Now.. I haven't talked much to the Russian girl, but I haven't exactly heard good stuff about her. The other girl is from Chile (Nathalie) and sheeeeee is not exactly happy for me... for two reasons:

1. My sister, Angel, was kind of her "plan b" - In case she got in troubles and had to move family, she would go live with Angel, buuuut since I'm here... I kinda screwed up her plan. 

2. I get more attention than her and no le gusta! (=she does not like that). Now this is a typical thing that those mean girls would say about people who didn't like them.. "Oh, she just doesn't like me because I get more attention than her! She's such a loser! *flips hair*", but really.. it's true. (I hate saying it though). I have several people to hang out with, I talk to the seniors, I talk to people in my classes, my teachers love me (narcissistic much aren't we?), and I actually talk to the other exchange students while she just hangs out with Katarina (the Russian girl). The problem is, and I'm not trying to talk bad about her, that she is just not being very nice to people. Now me... EVERYDAY I smile. A lot! Especially today since the weather was this great! (I get super hyper when the weather is good), but Nathalie likes to just be her and say what she wants... which are not always the nicest things. I'm not trying to tell her what to do.. I'm just saying.. be a little nicer - It'd help a lot! 

That being said, girls' jealousy isn't the only bad thing about the popularity.. Well.. maybe it's not popularity.. maybe it's just me that there's something wrong with. 
HARRISON! The funny guy that was so random that you could do nothing but love him... yeeah.. I don't.. love him that much anymore. 
I have earlier described the Harrison. He rides our bus to and from school and lately he's been acting odd… He touches my hair, he talks to me (not that I don't like that. I love when random people talk to me) but he does it CONSTANTLY. I also wrote earlier that he was pretty funny because of his nonsense… but it also gets a little too much sometimes.
When we get on the bus home from school, there's always a lot of empty seat and my sister, Angel, and I have begun to take advantage of that. We now each grab a seat and talk back and forth in the bus. 

Yesterday, I was sitting in the bus and waiting for it to take off. Angel was in the seat in front of me, Alex sitting across my seat. Out of the blue, and I really mean out of the blue, Harrison shows up and before I even get to react, he's sitting RIGHT beside me. Normally I wouldn't mind random people sitting down beside me either.. but.. aish. He talked to me COOOONSTANTLY about his pony that he had made in sculpture class... and about.. I don't even know. I grabbed my earphones and tried to space out but he keeps pushing me in the side with his elbow while going "Hey." "Hey!"... "Hey!" (=_____="). And I couldn't even get away because I was sitting near the window!!! GOSH!
Harrison is a nice guy. But not the type that you want to like you more than a friend.. and I'm afraid it's too late. Even Alex, the Italian guy, keeps mentioning how he "knows guys" and how Harrison is clearly hitting on me and stuff and it freaks me out... GAAH.. 

Well... this post was really worth nothing but I had to let out some frustration... *breathes out*. 
Also! Right now I'm sitting in Angel's room.. and I have to stay here for the weekend (not that I mind). My hostmom is having an old friend from college staying over and since I got the guest room, I had to give it up for her. She's.... a really important person, so in the beginning, Angel had kind of coached me on how to act and not act in front of her.. She turns out to be a really nice and laid-back person so far, so it's really not bad. I feel like I can relax a little more... but still have to act formally... it's.. strange. 

As a last thing, I want to show you guys my butterflies! 
Today is the national Self-Injury Awareness Day and, like I did last year, I drew butterflies on my wrist to show people who have been or are still cutting, support. 
To keep it .. not secret but.. uhm.. anonymous, we write their initials instead of spelling out the whole names. Some people do not want to do this because they think that doing so will causes cutters to think that they support them, but I personally like doing it because I feel like I'm sending a signal. No, I do not think that drawing fat little butterflies on my wrist is going to help anybody, but I do believe that these people will know the reason for them.. and for me, they are basically saying: "Hey! I know what you've done. I don't support it, but I want you to know that I'm here if you need me or just someone to talk to". 
I personally think it's a beautiful idea~ 

One thing that saddens me though is that last year.. I had 3.. and this year I have twice as many.
I posted this picture on my Facebook and wrote "nice world, nice" in a sarcastic manner.. but honestly.. I don't think it's because the world in getting worse.. I think it's just because I know more people now. Anyways.. 6 is a lot.. like.. these are the ones of my friends that have straight up told me they do/have done it.. and I know there are more of them. I SHALL FIND YOU! YOU HEAR ME! 
Naaaah... But there's this guy in my history class (Ruben) who was actually the one to remind me of this date, who cuts and I haven't talked to him thaaaat much.. but when we have, we got along just fine. We talked about it during class today and I asked him when was the last time he did it..
"This one is from yesterday night" he said and my jaw dropped in a matter of seconds.

(He had me draw him a little butterfly too. I apologize for the bad picture quality.. we were watching a movie so the classroom lights were dimmed). 
After a smalller chit-chat I gave him my number and told him that if he needed someone to talk to, he could text me anytime. I know it sounds lame to some people but I felt like I had just done something great. And hey.. one less sad person in the world c: (Not saying that you get instantly happy when you get my number, but when it comes to cheering people up, I've always had special abilities).
When class ended, he walked up to me, gave me a hug, and said: "Thank you. I really appreciate it". 

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