April 26, 2013

Yosemite! - Part 1

And THIS is the reason I missed school on Friday!

I woke up at 4am to get ready to be picked up at the McDonald's in Camarillo.
Today I was going on a trip! And not just a random trip! No, this was the LAST. BIG. TRIP arranged for us exchange students by CHI and honestly.. I wasn't exactly feeling the excitement.. I didn't know if I had made a wrong decision regarding going on this trip, or if it was just because it was freaking 6am in the morning and I was standing in the middle of a dewy parking lot. Yeah. That was probably it.

I said bye to my dad and went to hug the first person I saw there - The other Danish girl, Johanne. She was supposed to be in the same car as me (You see.. On these trips, they rent large cars and put 6 of us in each), but it turned out she had switched to another car. I didn't mind. It's not that I don't like her, we just don't talk. I mean.. We're fine. I just don't find talking to her that interesting. She's Danish like me and I know what she comes from already.. but my friend from Japan.. I have NO idea what her life has been like before we met. It's just more exciting to talk to foreigners.

I went to put my bag in the back of the car when I saw a rather familiar asian guy by the other car.
"Is that? Hmm... Could that be? Wait, I know that mark on his cheek... "It's Vee. It's Vee! OHMYGOSH IT'S VEE!!!"
My eyes were wide open. I dropped my bag instantly and ran over to hug him (Ha, so movie-like). He was taken by surprise over my sudden hug-attack, but it was clear that he was happy to see me. Not as excited as I was though :) (I get pretty excited)

In our car we had me, my very good friend Risa (Risako), and a Chinese girl named Rui - Super sweet person.
We picked up a German girl named Sophia and my other very good friend Wojtek (The Polish guy) in Ventura and then the last person, Richardo from Spain, a little later.
 Sophia, Risa, Wojtek, and I 

Following the traditions, our first stop was at In and Out burger in Fresno where we had our lunch. You just know that it's going to be a great trip when random students you have never talked to just walk up to you and say: "I'm sorry I can't help it. You're just so pretty!"
They had told us to dress warm and on our packing list it even said that we should bring sweaters and gloves and scarfs and umbrellas.. But with 80°F (27°C) that didn't seem like the best idea.. Sadly I had been too tired to pack the night before which resulted in me packing at 5am and being too tired to think of packing t-shirts... just for the heck of it.
We all met up at our hotel, Oakhurst Lodge, and were given rooms. I wish we could get to choose rooms and roommates by ourselves.. But oh well..  The Italian and the Spaniard I got to share room with are pretty tight. Nice girls.. not super talkative, but nice.

By the way! Here are our plans for the weekend! (Just so you guys out there will have an idea of our schedule)

After spending maybe 10 minutes in our rooms, the trip went on and we set our GPS to Yosemite Valley where we would have our dinner. Before that though, we'd make a couple of stops to enjoy our surroundings.
The entire drive we were BLASTING music and singing along .. With our windows wide open! Now THAT is living!
We had to get through a tunnel before we could get there and apparently it was tradition to be super loud (at least for CHI) when you drove through.
So our 7 big mafia cars would all be driving in a straight line through that tunnel and we'd honk and listen to loud music.. oh and whenever we passed a car going in the other direction, we'd stick our heads out the window and SCREAM at people. It was great!

Our mafia ready to take off!

We went to this absolutely stunning lookout point where we could see several of the famous rock formation there such as El Capitan.
We all got out of our cars and in one HUUUGE group we walked over and took sooooooooo many picturse (and a bunch of group pictures) before we drove on and found this little path that we could walk on. It led to a biiiig waterfall with a very vivid double rainbow crossing over; however, we couldn't stay long as it was raining from the waterfall. Rain couldn't stop us from acting like complete tourists (aka taking WAAAY too many pictures again) but when we came back... we were pretty much soaked. No shower needed for tonight!

 Sooooo many students! :O
Stunning huh? This is truly nature at its best 
 Exchange students... gotta love them. No matter how down you feel, 
THESE guys can cheer you up in a second!
 Wojtek and I 
And a more... teatrical version of the above picture. When I look at this, I think of some kind of spy who just saved a girl and now he's trying to get away by shooting his claw-gun to grap onto buildings... or Spiderman.. uh uh! Or bond. James Bond! I think of his movies when I look at this picture! (Not that I could ever be a "bon-babe" but I can dream! Nahh.. I don't really want to).
Heading back to the mafia cars! 

We then went to another parking lot (I think because someone had to use the restroom) and once again we got some amazing pictures of the view.
 My other new friends Aina (Japan) and Prim (Thailand) <3
Getting into the forest!

 Deer would walk around and act like there were no people around. 
We got SUPER close to them without them minding at all
 Belgian photobomb! 
 This picture is of Angel Falls. In front of the water, the two vivid rainbows 
would create the perfect scene that most people cannot even imagine
Federica (Italy), Aina, Wojtek, Risa, and I in front of the big waterfall. Right after this picture was taken, a breeze came in and made the water fall in our direction. Our hair was soaked!

And so we walked on! 

 My beautiful beautiful friend Risa <3


After spending time in Yosemite, we finally got to our restaurant. 
As I thought I had seen it all, BAM! You step out of the car and here's a mountain! Right in front of you! 
The restaurant was right behind those tall trees

Wojtek (Poland), Uyanga (Mongolia), Vee (Thailand), Rachel (Belgium), Dominik (Germany), Seiya (Japan), and I (Denmark). Woooh internationality FTW!
This was taken while we were waiting for our pizza at the restaurant.

Around 30-40 meters away from where we ate, you could rent yourself a little tent/house thingie so you could stay inside the park. I'm glad we didn't though... I'm not a super outdoor'y person.

Fooling around in the souvenir shop~ Risa and Seiya were showing off the bear bags while Dominik.. a pretty awesome photobomb! 

After that, we headed back to the cars... We were all pretty tired from getting up so early in the morning, so we weren't playing loud music and screaming at people this time. Instead, Risa and I, both sitting in the very back with Wojtek, fell asleep on him on the 1½ hour drive back to the hotel. And Wojtek? He didn't mind. Like he said himself: 
"I have two pretty chicks sleeping on me, what more could a guy wish for?"

April 25, 2013

Senior activities and the CSTs!

Yesterday, today, and Friday are the CSTs at my school!

CST stands for California Standart Tests and is for all freshmen, sophomores, and juniors - which leaves back the seniors!

I happen to be a senior so my day was going to be slightly different from my sister's. While she and the rest of my friends Elyssa, Zandler, Khla, Marvin, and whoever else I usually talk to were taking tests, I had to hang out with the seniors. Unfortunately, the rest of my senior friends (meaning Megan, Jenny, Kim (no, not the Korean one), Aron, etc.) had decided to ditch and leave me back alone... -______-
Thoughts were storming around my head as I walked to the bus this morning. "What are we going to do? Who am I gonna be with? Am I really going to have to stay at school for 7 hours and walk around alone like a complete loner?"

I knew Alex would probably want to hang out with his friends so I didn't even bother...
Maybe 5 min. before the bell rang, our friend Kristen walked up to me and it turned out that we got to spend the day together. Kristen is a super nice girl that I've talked to a couple of times but we've never really hung out alone.

When the bell rang you could hear little cries about how people didn't want to be there and about how terrible this kind of testing was and whatsoever.. I smiled to myself and though "Heh... It's good to be a senior".

We started the day by checking in at the gym and have Mr. Melhorn explain us the rules and have him excuse all the lucky souls whose parents had called in to let them skip today.

After that we were shuu'ed (My way of saying "got told to go away'ish") to the field where they had set up a bunch of big.. And I mean BIG bouncycastles! But they weren't just bouncycastles, they had a tall slide, two big obstacle courses, a rock climbing wall, a sumo wrestling spot (where people would wear those big pillow'y suits and fly on top of each others), a bouncycastle where you'd have to wear a velcro-suit and then throw yourself on a velcro wall, a giant slide with a shark on top, and two basketball places (bouncy version of course)!

It was a great idea and it was fun for the first hour but then people were kind of like "meh" and began to just sit down at random places. The weather today was devy and foggy and windy and dust-rainy and cold'ish and it was just NOT the best weather to be stuck outside in. The was really just nowhere to sit but on the cold and wet metal bleachers... Like people would want that. We couldn't go anywhere else. The classrooms were being used for testing, so we were literally stuck out in the field. If we tried to get back on campus we'd have teachers stopping us.

Kristen introduced me to a bunch of her friends and sure they were nice, they were just not... Very talkative.. Or my types apparently.

After some time, Kristen decided to go to her AP Math review and I went with her just to get inside in an attempt to raise my bodyheat from more than 32°F.
Of course her teacher wouldn't let me join and so I was sent back to the field.

Kristen was gone and Alex was nowhere in sight. "Great, just great. NOW I'll look like a complete loner.." I thought to myself as I turned around. To my luck, I saw the deaf girls Patricia and Dwaliwal from my dance class and they signaled me to come and sit down with them. They were talking to this guy who turned out to be half deaf.. (Damian) So he was able to speak both sign language and normal English (with a very different pronounciation of words though).

Another guy, TJ (or Tim or James or Timothy or... He had a bunch of names) joined in and we all began "talking". Dwaliwal found me a little sheet with the alphabet so I could try talking to them. I found it quite interesting. Since Damian also knew sign language, I got to ask a lot of questions about their lifestyle (hahah it almost felt like I was doing some sort of interview) and stuff.. And I got answers! Most people probably don't care, but it really is interesting.. Think about it. What if you weren't able to hear or talk? What would your life be like?

When Kristen came back, her, her friends, TJ, and I went to play more (Yes play! Not jump, PLAY on the bouncycastles!) and soon time had passed by.
I ended my day by watching Ice Age 3 and Alvin and the chipmunks 2 out in the garage.. So I was having a nice day (except for freezing like crazy) and I only got a few scratches here and there.
But you know what they say: "If you ain't got marks, you ain't having fun!"
No that's a terrible saying and I've actually never heard people use it...

Thursday we spent around an hour in the gym trying to calm down those of the seniors that actually decided to show up at school (most ditched or had their parents call in) so we could take our panoramic senior picture. 
Mr. Melhorn called out names of the students that were allowed to leave and every time he did, a big group of super obnoxious and super loud guys (sitting RIGHT behind me!) would yell out "PUTA!" (Spanish version of the b-word) and the whole crowd would burst out laughing and yelling and stuff -___- Gosh... 
Such immature people. 
I do like immature people sometimes, but these were just annoying. 

When we were FINALLY done taking the picture, we watched Pitch Perfect. (If you like cheesy musicals then this is a good movie for you to watch). 
Even though I was out at 12.15, the day still felt like it had been going on FOREVER. But!!! It was okay! You know why? 

April 16, 2013

Everything changed..

I am now in the middle of my second week of school after Spring Break and..

The first week pretty much sucked. It was SO empty without Kim and both Angel and I weren't in the best mood all week. Something was just not right without him and his Kim'ness.

I apologize for my laziness when it comes to blogging. I've been busy with a bunch of homework that I shouldn't even care about. I mean c'mon, who cares about my grades over here? WHO?! I didn't come here for just school, I came here for experiences and to have a good time, but nooooooo.
Also, I've had troubles using the Blogger app. It's pretty amazing, but because I needed a picture from my phone, and my post was quite long (and darn good!), the app decided to cut pretty much the whole entire freaking post as I saved it. The post that was perfectly finished except for that one picture! Gaaah!!! >:(
Anywho, I've learnt my lesson and I'm ready to use it again.. AFTER having made an extra copy of my post!
It's just super demotivational when something you've spent your time on disappears just that that! *snaps*
I don't know... I had looked forward to seeing all of my friends, especially Kim and Alex and now my stupid organisation decided to send one of the most important people here (at least for me) home!

I had a pretty good week up to the break - Honestly, I was living on cloud 9. Everything was great. I had my friends. I had talked to my family. I had talked to my best friend. I had two really good guy friends that I LOVED spending time with when my other friends became too much to handle (backstabbing, girl drama, etc.). I had a guy that I was pretty much crazy about! (And he was actually quite into me too!).
Then the break came and... This picture describes what happened, perfectly!

I missed a big BIG party back at home - My best friend's little brother and cousin's konfirmation!
My best friend's family is like my own family. She's a part of mine and I'm a part of hers. I LOVE them and the party they had planned was just PERFECT. It really bugged me that I missed it..

As if that wasn't enough I also missed my parents' 23rd anniversary the day before, 23rd!!
The 23rd isn't that much of a big deal... But I usually do something for them... And I was disappointed that my siblings hadn't done anything.
Well at least I had my internet! I got up in the morning and got ready for school, but right before I left, I left a little video on Facebook to them.
My mom cried (of course, she's super emotional) and my grandma told me that my dad cried later when they had left (they had been over to enjoy a cup of coffee and congratulate my parents).
For some reason I feel that if something I make or do makes people cry (happy tears), it's good! - Am I just weird or..?

Since Facebook had decided not to work correctly, I couldn't upload the video via my laptop... So I used my phone; however, I couldn't figure out how to post it on their wall (nor did I have the time), so I just put it on my own wall.
My friends saw this and when I came home, a TON of notifications awaited me.. The ones that didn't speak Danish asked me to sub it while my Danish friends and family later made fun of my (apparently) new American accent when I was speaking -____-
Okay that was a sidetrack..

So uuh.. Kim is gone. I missed some big things back home. I miss my best friend but because of the time zones we barely have time to talk. I'm NOT ready to go home yet. I'm quite "meh" about prom (Kim actually asked me to go. He's gone. Another one asked me... As a joke.. And my friends say I can't go alone. And I really don't want to).
Just now as I wrote this post in 6th period, Mrs. Bolton approached me as one of the girls in my class had been asked to prom.

"Bfnxkdjdid Lucy?"
"Huh?" *takes out earphones*
"Are you going to the prom?"
".....I... Don't know. I don't think so"
"Oh why?"
"I haven't really been asked and I don't want to go alone"
"How about your sister? Maybe you can go with her?"
"My sister doesn't want to go unless she gets asked.."
"Oh.. but maybe you can go with your friends? Or maybe they.. maybe they're going with dates?"
"Yeah.. All of my friends are either not going, or have dates, or wanting to go alone or whatever.."
"How about [that guy I had something with]?"
"... Him and I don't talk anymore"
"Aaawh... Why not? Did... Did he have a crush on you? Was that it? Yeah I think he had a crush on you"
"So he had a crush on you... That's why you don't talk anymore?"
"That happens every time"
"I can tell you this, it'll still happen when you get older! It still happens!"

... Thank you Mrs. Bolton.. I'm ... Excited for my future..
That was a very motivational speech....

Oh, and just to end this amazingly positive post... The guy that I really liked... I guess he couldn't care less about my feelings for him. I guess I'm not interesting enough anymore.

My posts about Oregon will be up in a few days when I have re-written them..
But for now I'll just get something to eat, Skype with an old friend of mine, and prepare for (hopefully) a better week next week.
It'll take a miracle to save this one...

[EDIT:] Oregon - Day 5 and My post about the fashion show are now up... You can find the posts by clicking HERE  (Oregon) and HERE (The fashion show).

April 13, 2013

Fashion show for prom!

I went to the library in the morning with Angel to meet Khla, like I always do, and was met by Bryce. Bryce is in my ASB class and the one in charge of a fashion show that should have been held the week before spring break; however, too many of the girl models had cancelled so they had decided to postpone it. They didn't know for how long.

» » » »FLASHBACK« « « «

Back when they had first begun planning, Bryce had come up to me one day when I was sitting with Alex and Kim, and asked if I wanted to model for the show. I, who dream of one day becoming a model, said yes without hesitating the least!
Elyssa had one day heard Angel talk about me being one of the models and she fe-reaked out!
"I want to model for the show too!" she cried, and so I arranged with Bryce that she could be in it too now that so many had cancelled.
» » » »END OF FLASHBACK« « « «

Coming from a ... Kind of planned out family, I like to break the habits and be spontaneous, and I guess that's why I was super happy when Bryce informed me that the show was _today_ (That Friday)!
See, I'm one of the people who tend to change my mind in the last minute when it comes to public stuff like this (I never chicken out though, but I ruin the experience for myself)... Or things where I have to do things in front of people. I admit that.

Bryce told us that I should inform my friend and not show up to 3rd period but instead go to the ASB room so we could try on dresses before the show which was at lunch.
Elyssa is in my dance class in the morning so I told her and her reaction was like mine, she was surprised... Very surprised, hyper, overly excited, and refused to drop out now!

I walked to her class to pick her up and then we went to the ASB room. Bryce showed us this little room i  the back where racks of dresses were hanging.
Now originally the dresses were supposed to be sponsored by David's Bridal (A quite expensive brand but GOSH their dresses are gorgeous!!), but they never arrived on time and thus we had to wear those old ones that had probably been hanging in the back of the room for a couple of years. They were so out of style and many were way too big, at least for me.

The cuts were odds and the colours and patterns were years behind. I DID manage to find one that I liked though.. It was white and sparkly and I felt like a bride from the 80's.
Angel had my camera and she was the one to take pictures of us (I knew my mom would demand pictures), and she had originally planned to record the whole thing, but for some reason it cut right before we actually got to move and pose... Oh well.

My mom gets all emotional everytime she sees videos of me... So let's just put the short clip that we got, up on here... Shan't we?

Aaaand some pictures!

Elyssa and I <3


As we were getting off stage..

Khla, me, Elyssa, Zandler, and Millie photobombing in the back! ( I love that girl!)

The show was poorly planned (Sorry Bryce. I'm not blaming you, I know there were a lot of technical problems), and some people described it as "one of the most ghetto fashion shows I've ever seen".
It was FUN!
The crowd was entertained, we walked our outfits, and the zombie apocalypse didn't happen... So it was all good!
We had a great time!

April 4, 2013

Oregon - Day 7

You may wonder... what happened to Oregon - Day 6?
Well to tell you the truth... We did nothing. It was just one of those days where Angel was sick and the rest of us had nothing to do..

I finally got to experience the real typical Oregon weather!

My host uncle David, Pat, Angel, and I went over the bridge to go to the other side of downtown Portland.
Portland was exactly how I'd imagined America to be. Tall modern buildings, big intersections, cars everywhere (even a few public busses), but also small victorian houses, car noise, and strange-looking people.

We went so they could show me around the city and soon we found the little creek in the wall to a small pizza place. "They have the best pizza in town!" Pat said, and I had to agree. It was really good. Large pieces, loads of cheese, and a big crust. Aaaand then we got soda too, I had coke as always.. It was terrible. After drinking maybe a third of it, I decided I had been defeated. I just could not take more of that nasty taste of chlorine that only very very few Americans seem to mind.
Now people spend a lot of money buying bottled water, when they could just spend that on a better rinsing system. But nooooo, so they drink bottled water to get rid of that nasty taste.... But they use tap water in their ice cubes and when those are being put in your drink... And melt... Ew.

After that, Angel and I found this little bag/shoe store. Angel found some kind of short boots and I some ... I don't even know how to describe them. I have never seen anything like them. They were some kind of sport/everyday show but with a heel... And velcro!! I never see shoes with velcro anymore, not for grown ups or people at my age .____. But I liked them. They were special.
Pat asked if I would wear them to school and I said yes. In the blink of an eye she got up and said "then it's decided!" and paid for them. My protests were like feathers to her and she would not let me pay on my own.

Dumbfounded I followed them out the door with the bag with my new shoes in.

Oregon isn't really an über modern place... nah..
It's chill though. Very chill. And it's got everything that a small'ish city in Oregon needs!

It has tall buildings...

victorian houses... 

 rain, ALOT of rain. 

April 2, 2013

Oregon - Day 5

On our fifth day, my hostdad, his best friend, Angel, and I got in the car (we woke up SUPER early.. like 4) and headed off to Seattle!

After a ... I think it was 2-3 hours drive, we were finally there!
We drove down to Pike's Market (Which is apparently a super famous place) and parked the car in front of our hotel.
We were staying at Inn At The Market - a very luxurious place located RIGHT next to the market.
My hostdad and his friend shared a room up on 8th where they had a beautiful view over the market and the sea. Angel and I had one on the 6th floor with a view of the busy street and some tall buildings. Angel didn't seem to like it, but I did!
Especially at night! The lights all lit up and there was a yellow tint coming from the buildings and cars.

Right outside our hotel... and in front of Pike's Market!
 Angel looking out the window in our room :)
The view from our room (lol creeping on random people)

Such a tall building *-* ... Where I come from, you don't see buildings like that very often.. 

We spent the first part of the day walking around in the Olympic Arts garden. After that we went to the Space Needle.

From the bottom of the Space Needle!
 Uuuuh look, an airplane!

To get up there, we took an elevator that was made with big windows so you could watch as you were rising up. The building on too was like an UFO with a balcony going all the way around.
When looking out, you could see the little different neighborhoods where houses were placed in little perfect squared beside each others, you would move a little to the left and see the water and some industrial buildings. A little more to the left was the big skyline - I got TONS of pictures!

I love the skyline <3 
 Woops! Don't look down!
 Seen from inside the little café
Just... wauw!

After the Space Needle, we rode this bus-like thing... But it was up in the air!! It had big windows on all sides do you could see the buildings when you passed them, and the cars and people moving around down on the roads.

The flying future-train-shuttle-thingie stopped at the mall (I think it was) and from there we just walked around entering random shops. We then went back to the harbor as my hostdad and his best friend had set themselves up for seafood (which neither Angel or I was interested in, but oh well... they were our tour guides). We found a place where we got a table facing the harbor so we could enjoy the smell of nasty fish... while being surrounded by nasty seafood. Yum!

Angel got a burger, I got a sandwich, but the two men had decided to go ALL IN and order a big bucket of seafood mix - Mussels, scallops, crabs, clams, sausage, potatoes, shrimps, and so on.. 
Their bucket was literally a BUCKET of all that nasty stuff put together.. and when the waiter came they got no plates. Instead he brought them each a bib and a little hammer to smack the mussels open! 
He cleared the table and then he just TURNED THE FREAKING THING UPSIDE DOWN! Seafood ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! 
And right in front of me... ugh"
Those shrimps still had eyes! OhgoshIcan't... 
s Angel and I finished, we just sat there starring at my hostdad and his friend eating like barbarians (they had some kind of competition going on). 
And impressively enough... they finished the whole thing! 

From our table we could see a big Ferris wheel which turned out to be the Seattle Great Wheel. Fortunately, Angel persuaded them to go with us, so this was our next destination!  

Ticket boot! 
Aaaaand he's our wheel! :) With a height of 175ft (around 53m) it is actually one of the biggest in USA! 

While we were waiting for the leap to finish so we could get on, we were being entertained by one of the workers there. He was constantly joking around and when he found out that I was foreign, he tried to say hi to me in like 7 languages before he finally gave up and had me tell him that I was from Denmark.
Looking to the right~
 Looking to the left~
Angel giving me a creepy look... o____O
 Looking down~

And looking out~ 

After we were done at the Ferris wheel, we went back to the road we came from and went into all of those strange little stores. 

We passed a moustache shop! 

We found a little magic&tricks store where we spent quite some time. 

Angel and I had been looking at something while my hostdad and his friend had been standing in the other end of the store, laughing for like 5 min. before they finally approached us and asked: "Would you guys wear these if we got them?" to which Angel and I looked at each others and almost simultaneously cried out "Yes!". They were holding up a packet with fake moustaches.

This is yet a reason that I love my hostfamily... I LOVE them! 
We put the moustaches on as soon as we had bought them and then walked outside. 
We then challenged each others not to laugh as we'd pass people, make eye-contact, maybe smile a little, and act completely normal... Keeping a straight face that night was probably one of the hardest yet funniest things I've done over here. Also, we could not take them off before we came back again to the hotel. 

Oh hello there! 

When we came back to the hotel, Angel and I went to bed.. just to calm down. We weren't really tired enough to sleep yet. Angel turned on the TV and found some old boring movie that I had no interest in watching, so instead I went on my Facebook to send a picture to my parents. While scrolling through my homepage, I saw a shocking post from my very good friend Kim..
He then, in the comments, had put his hostmom's number and said that if we wanted to get in contact with him, we'd have to text that number - And so I did, but no answer. (His hostfamily had taken away his electronics so he didn't have his own phone). 

In seconds my goofy smile had turned into a frown and to Angel I guess it looked like I had just seen a ghost.. this just couldn't happen. It shouldn't happen!
I was shocked that they would just send him home like that.. but I knew that we were going home early morning Saturday.. So I'd have to act fast and make plans with him.. I mean, at least we could get to say "goodbye" to him, right :( ?