April 13, 2013

Fashion show for prom!

I went to the library in the morning with Angel to meet Khla, like I always do, and was met by Bryce. Bryce is in my ASB class and the one in charge of a fashion show that should have been held the week before spring break; however, too many of the girl models had cancelled so they had decided to postpone it. They didn't know for how long.

» » » »FLASHBACK« « « «

Back when they had first begun planning, Bryce had come up to me one day when I was sitting with Alex and Kim, and asked if I wanted to model for the show. I, who dream of one day becoming a model, said yes without hesitating the least!
Elyssa had one day heard Angel talk about me being one of the models and she fe-reaked out!
"I want to model for the show too!" she cried, and so I arranged with Bryce that she could be in it too now that so many had cancelled.
» » » »END OF FLASHBACK« « « «

Coming from a ... Kind of planned out family, I like to break the habits and be spontaneous, and I guess that's why I was super happy when Bryce informed me that the show was _today_ (That Friday)!
See, I'm one of the people who tend to change my mind in the last minute when it comes to public stuff like this (I never chicken out though, but I ruin the experience for myself)... Or things where I have to do things in front of people. I admit that.

Bryce told us that I should inform my friend and not show up to 3rd period but instead go to the ASB room so we could try on dresses before the show which was at lunch.
Elyssa is in my dance class in the morning so I told her and her reaction was like mine, she was surprised... Very surprised, hyper, overly excited, and refused to drop out now!

I walked to her class to pick her up and then we went to the ASB room. Bryce showed us this little room i  the back where racks of dresses were hanging.
Now originally the dresses were supposed to be sponsored by David's Bridal (A quite expensive brand but GOSH their dresses are gorgeous!!), but they never arrived on time and thus we had to wear those old ones that had probably been hanging in the back of the room for a couple of years. They were so out of style and many were way too big, at least for me.

The cuts were odds and the colours and patterns were years behind. I DID manage to find one that I liked though.. It was white and sparkly and I felt like a bride from the 80's.
Angel had my camera and she was the one to take pictures of us (I knew my mom would demand pictures), and she had originally planned to record the whole thing, but for some reason it cut right before we actually got to move and pose... Oh well.

My mom gets all emotional everytime she sees videos of me... So let's just put the short clip that we got, up on here... Shan't we?

Aaaand some pictures!

Elyssa and I <3


As we were getting off stage..

Khla, me, Elyssa, Zandler, and Millie photobombing in the back! ( I love that girl!)

The show was poorly planned (Sorry Bryce. I'm not blaming you, I know there were a lot of technical problems), and some people described it as "one of the most ghetto fashion shows I've ever seen".
It was FUN!
The crowd was entertained, we walked our outfits, and the zombie apocalypse didn't happen... So it was all good!
We had a great time!

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