April 16, 2013

Everything changed..

I am now in the middle of my second week of school after Spring Break and..

The first week pretty much sucked. It was SO empty without Kim and both Angel and I weren't in the best mood all week. Something was just not right without him and his Kim'ness.

I apologize for my laziness when it comes to blogging. I've been busy with a bunch of homework that I shouldn't even care about. I mean c'mon, who cares about my grades over here? WHO?! I didn't come here for just school, I came here for experiences and to have a good time, but nooooooo.
Also, I've had troubles using the Blogger app. It's pretty amazing, but because I needed a picture from my phone, and my post was quite long (and darn good!), the app decided to cut pretty much the whole entire freaking post as I saved it. The post that was perfectly finished except for that one picture! Gaaah!!! >:(
Anywho, I've learnt my lesson and I'm ready to use it again.. AFTER having made an extra copy of my post!
It's just super demotivational when something you've spent your time on disappears just that that! *snaps*
I don't know... I had looked forward to seeing all of my friends, especially Kim and Alex and now my stupid organisation decided to send one of the most important people here (at least for me) home!

I had a pretty good week up to the break - Honestly, I was living on cloud 9. Everything was great. I had my friends. I had talked to my family. I had talked to my best friend. I had two really good guy friends that I LOVED spending time with when my other friends became too much to handle (backstabbing, girl drama, etc.). I had a guy that I was pretty much crazy about! (And he was actually quite into me too!).
Then the break came and... This picture describes what happened, perfectly!

I missed a big BIG party back at home - My best friend's little brother and cousin's konfirmation!
My best friend's family is like my own family. She's a part of mine and I'm a part of hers. I LOVE them and the party they had planned was just PERFECT. It really bugged me that I missed it..

As if that wasn't enough I also missed my parents' 23rd anniversary the day before, 23rd!!
The 23rd isn't that much of a big deal... But I usually do something for them... And I was disappointed that my siblings hadn't done anything.
Well at least I had my internet! I got up in the morning and got ready for school, but right before I left, I left a little video on Facebook to them.
My mom cried (of course, she's super emotional) and my grandma told me that my dad cried later when they had left (they had been over to enjoy a cup of coffee and congratulate my parents).
For some reason I feel that if something I make or do makes people cry (happy tears), it's good! - Am I just weird or..?

Since Facebook had decided not to work correctly, I couldn't upload the video via my laptop... So I used my phone; however, I couldn't figure out how to post it on their wall (nor did I have the time), so I just put it on my own wall.
My friends saw this and when I came home, a TON of notifications awaited me.. The ones that didn't speak Danish asked me to sub it while my Danish friends and family later made fun of my (apparently) new American accent when I was speaking -____-
Okay that was a sidetrack..

So uuh.. Kim is gone. I missed some big things back home. I miss my best friend but because of the time zones we barely have time to talk. I'm NOT ready to go home yet. I'm quite "meh" about prom (Kim actually asked me to go. He's gone. Another one asked me... As a joke.. And my friends say I can't go alone. And I really don't want to).
Just now as I wrote this post in 6th period, Mrs. Bolton approached me as one of the girls in my class had been asked to prom.

"Bfnxkdjdid Lucy?"
"Huh?" *takes out earphones*
"Are you going to the prom?"
".....I... Don't know. I don't think so"
"Oh why?"
"I haven't really been asked and I don't want to go alone"
"How about your sister? Maybe you can go with her?"
"My sister doesn't want to go unless she gets asked.."
"Oh.. but maybe you can go with your friends? Or maybe they.. maybe they're going with dates?"
"Yeah.. All of my friends are either not going, or have dates, or wanting to go alone or whatever.."
"How about [that guy I had something with]?"
"... Him and I don't talk anymore"
"Aaawh... Why not? Did... Did he have a crush on you? Was that it? Yeah I think he had a crush on you"
"So he had a crush on you... That's why you don't talk anymore?"
"That happens every time"
"I can tell you this, it'll still happen when you get older! It still happens!"

... Thank you Mrs. Bolton.. I'm ... Excited for my future..
That was a very motivational speech....

Oh, and just to end this amazingly positive post... The guy that I really liked... I guess he couldn't care less about my feelings for him. I guess I'm not interesting enough anymore.

My posts about Oregon will be up in a few days when I have re-written them..
But for now I'll just get something to eat, Skype with an old friend of mine, and prepare for (hopefully) a better week next week.
It'll take a miracle to save this one...

[EDIT:] Oregon - Day 5 and My post about the fashion show are now up... You can find the posts by clicking HERE  (Oregon) and HERE (The fashion show).

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