April 4, 2013

Oregon - Day 7

You may wonder... what happened to Oregon - Day 6?
Well to tell you the truth... We did nothing. It was just one of those days where Angel was sick and the rest of us had nothing to do..

I finally got to experience the real typical Oregon weather!

My host uncle David, Pat, Angel, and I went over the bridge to go to the other side of downtown Portland.
Portland was exactly how I'd imagined America to be. Tall modern buildings, big intersections, cars everywhere (even a few public busses), but also small victorian houses, car noise, and strange-looking people.

We went so they could show me around the city and soon we found the little creek in the wall to a small pizza place. "They have the best pizza in town!" Pat said, and I had to agree. It was really good. Large pieces, loads of cheese, and a big crust. Aaaand then we got soda too, I had coke as always.. It was terrible. After drinking maybe a third of it, I decided I had been defeated. I just could not take more of that nasty taste of chlorine that only very very few Americans seem to mind.
Now people spend a lot of money buying bottled water, when they could just spend that on a better rinsing system. But nooooo, so they drink bottled water to get rid of that nasty taste.... But they use tap water in their ice cubes and when those are being put in your drink... And melt... Ew.

After that, Angel and I found this little bag/shoe store. Angel found some kind of short boots and I some ... I don't even know how to describe them. I have never seen anything like them. They were some kind of sport/everyday show but with a heel... And velcro!! I never see shoes with velcro anymore, not for grown ups or people at my age .____. But I liked them. They were special.
Pat asked if I would wear them to school and I said yes. In the blink of an eye she got up and said "then it's decided!" and paid for them. My protests were like feathers to her and she would not let me pay on my own.

Dumbfounded I followed them out the door with the bag with my new shoes in.

Oregon isn't really an über modern place... nah..
It's chill though. Very chill. And it's got everything that a small'ish city in Oregon needs!

It has tall buildings...

victorian houses... 

 rain, ALOT of rain. 

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