April 25, 2013

Senior activities and the CSTs!

Yesterday, today, and Friday are the CSTs at my school!

CST stands for California Standart Tests and is for all freshmen, sophomores, and juniors - which leaves back the seniors!

I happen to be a senior so my day was going to be slightly different from my sister's. While she and the rest of my friends Elyssa, Zandler, Khla, Marvin, and whoever else I usually talk to were taking tests, I had to hang out with the seniors. Unfortunately, the rest of my senior friends (meaning Megan, Jenny, Kim (no, not the Korean one), Aron, etc.) had decided to ditch and leave me back alone... -______-
Thoughts were storming around my head as I walked to the bus this morning. "What are we going to do? Who am I gonna be with? Am I really going to have to stay at school for 7 hours and walk around alone like a complete loner?"

I knew Alex would probably want to hang out with his friends so I didn't even bother...
Maybe 5 min. before the bell rang, our friend Kristen walked up to me and it turned out that we got to spend the day together. Kristen is a super nice girl that I've talked to a couple of times but we've never really hung out alone.

When the bell rang you could hear little cries about how people didn't want to be there and about how terrible this kind of testing was and whatsoever.. I smiled to myself and though "Heh... It's good to be a senior".

We started the day by checking in at the gym and have Mr. Melhorn explain us the rules and have him excuse all the lucky souls whose parents had called in to let them skip today.

After that we were shuu'ed (My way of saying "got told to go away'ish") to the field where they had set up a bunch of big.. And I mean BIG bouncycastles! But they weren't just bouncycastles, they had a tall slide, two big obstacle courses, a rock climbing wall, a sumo wrestling spot (where people would wear those big pillow'y suits and fly on top of each others), a bouncycastle where you'd have to wear a velcro-suit and then throw yourself on a velcro wall, a giant slide with a shark on top, and two basketball places (bouncy version of course)!

It was a great idea and it was fun for the first hour but then people were kind of like "meh" and began to just sit down at random places. The weather today was devy and foggy and windy and dust-rainy and cold'ish and it was just NOT the best weather to be stuck outside in. The was really just nowhere to sit but on the cold and wet metal bleachers... Like people would want that. We couldn't go anywhere else. The classrooms were being used for testing, so we were literally stuck out in the field. If we tried to get back on campus we'd have teachers stopping us.

Kristen introduced me to a bunch of her friends and sure they were nice, they were just not... Very talkative.. Or my types apparently.

After some time, Kristen decided to go to her AP Math review and I went with her just to get inside in an attempt to raise my bodyheat from more than 32°F.
Of course her teacher wouldn't let me join and so I was sent back to the field.

Kristen was gone and Alex was nowhere in sight. "Great, just great. NOW I'll look like a complete loner.." I thought to myself as I turned around. To my luck, I saw the deaf girls Patricia and Dwaliwal from my dance class and they signaled me to come and sit down with them. They were talking to this guy who turned out to be half deaf.. (Damian) So he was able to speak both sign language and normal English (with a very different pronounciation of words though).

Another guy, TJ (or Tim or James or Timothy or... He had a bunch of names) joined in and we all began "talking". Dwaliwal found me a little sheet with the alphabet so I could try talking to them. I found it quite interesting. Since Damian also knew sign language, I got to ask a lot of questions about their lifestyle (hahah it almost felt like I was doing some sort of interview) and stuff.. And I got answers! Most people probably don't care, but it really is interesting.. Think about it. What if you weren't able to hear or talk? What would your life be like?

When Kristen came back, her, her friends, TJ, and I went to play more (Yes play! Not jump, PLAY on the bouncycastles!) and soon time had passed by.
I ended my day by watching Ice Age 3 and Alvin and the chipmunks 2 out in the garage.. So I was having a nice day (except for freezing like crazy) and I only got a few scratches here and there.
But you know what they say: "If you ain't got marks, you ain't having fun!"
No that's a terrible saying and I've actually never heard people use it...

Thursday we spent around an hour in the gym trying to calm down those of the seniors that actually decided to show up at school (most ditched or had their parents call in) so we could take our panoramic senior picture. 
Mr. Melhorn called out names of the students that were allowed to leave and every time he did, a big group of super obnoxious and super loud guys (sitting RIGHT behind me!) would yell out "PUTA!" (Spanish version of the b-word) and the whole crowd would burst out laughing and yelling and stuff -___- Gosh... 
Such immature people. 
I do like immature people sometimes, but these were just annoying. 

When we were FINALLY done taking the picture, we watched Pitch Perfect. (If you like cheesy musicals then this is a good movie for you to watch). 
Even though I was out at 12.15, the day still felt like it had been going on FOREVER. But!!! It was okay! You know why? 

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