May 31, 2013

Hello weekend!

STOP!!!! Before you read this, here's a greeting from my friend Max!

Nothing super big happened this week (except for my attempt to learn how to skateboard Tuesday and my dad and siblings' birthdays).. so let's spare the words and just go directly to the pictures, shan't we?

Yesterday was my Italian friend Alex's 18th birthday and together with 2 other girls I had prepared a little surprise for him.. 
I hadn't expected him to like it. Rather be annoyed, but it turned out he was really impressed... Especially by the balloons. But then again, who doesn't like helium balloons? It's helium!

I haven't taken more pictures this week as I was working on my photography final (unbelievable right? I ALWAYS take pictures), so you guys will have to deal with older stuff...
(Go to the end of the post to see my video)
These are pictures I took last Friday when I went out with my hostmom and my two sisters :)

First we went to the playground for Emma.. Although Angel and I also got to enjoy it there.

Then to the bakery in Newbury Park where my hostmom showed me something called "Danish hands". I personally think they look like butts.

Some other supposedly Danish stuff.. with cheese.. gross

Then to Menchies - This super cute place with frozen yogurt. We got to fill our own little cups with different flavours that they switch every week.

Emma munching Menchies

After treating ourselves with frozen paradise, we went into the bookstore which was almost right beside.

Giant place!!

We ended our day by going to Angel's favorite restaurant (She'd been asking for months!).
Tomodachi - A sushi bar!

I wasn't very excited.. I don't like fish. Raw fish? Ew. Especially seaweed.. Ugh.. I find seaweed gross. It's like grass.. that has grown in a big tank of fish poop.

But THIS place was good!

Angel and my hostmom made me eat this piece of rice, avocado, eel, and some kind of "fake" crab meat.
Except for the fact that they told me to put the entire piece in my mouth.. and that they gave me the biggest piece possible, I liked it! Their shrimp was also super yummy.. and I don't even like shrimp!

BBQ chicken and a biiig shrimp! The flower was edible. Not much taste to it though... but I found it funny that I could actually eat it.

Definitely a place worth going if you're staying in the area! 

Here it is! 
I've spent waaaay too much time on this as MovieMaker just LOVES to delete my pictures every single freaking time I open my project. Anyways, here it is! 
My teacher told us to find our favorite pictures, add music and credits, and put it on a disc for her that she could then show in class Wednesday. 
Only 5 more finals to take care of!
Also, the first picture HAD to be of yourself. Don't think I'm a narcissist! 

Got questions?

May 27, 2013

28 Days left!

OH MY GOD I AM GOING HOME IN 28 DAYS!! 28 DAYS!!! OHMYGOSH!!joey omg shocked


Time flies... I don't like this! I like California! T____T

I've had so much to take care of the past few weeks.. and meanwhile time has passed by like a cheetah hunting the last living thing on Earth! Daaaamn, where did the time go? Seriously?!

I would love to tell you what I've been doing but.. right now I honestly don't remember. I haven't been in the best mood either. Loads of stuff to deal with and a lot of unnecessary things to settle. Give me a break! 

I want to share with you some photos that I've taken though.. that will usually refresh my memory.. but before that, let's look at some numbers! 
(No I won't make you solve a problem, just take a look).

I now have:
28 days left in America TOTAL
17 days until my parents and grandma will come
25 will be in California
8 of them are normal school days
3 days will be spent on finals (I get out early, weee)
2 days where I'll have to meet up for like 2 hours to practice graduation

Looking at this I am SHOCKED! 
So much stuff I still haven't done, and so little time to do it in :O 

My grandma turned 70 on May 9th and back then I congratulated her, but the real party wouldn't be before this Sunday.
In Denmark, writing speeches and songs to your loved ones on their big days is a must!
And by "big day" I mean things like your baptism, your confirmation (a Scandi thing), 18th birthday (well this is just to mark that you're now a grown-up. It's actually the most important one), every round birthday (20th, 30th, etc.), your wedding, and so on.
Of course not everybody does this... that'd be a heck of a long party.. so we have a couple of people who takes care of that.
In my family, I am one of those speech/song-arrangers.

Many in my family want to do it because you will be remembered for it for a very long time.. and don't we we all want to say so many nice words to our loved ones that they will start crying because they get so touched?
The reason I'm the one to do it in my family is because of my twisted mind.
I see things differently. I think differently. I come up with new ideas. I'm what we call creative.
I have no problem having the attention on me ... this stops a lot of my family members.
AND I'm also a heartless bastard - This makes me able to stand up in front of all those people and do my thing without getting all emotional and stuff... Words can't make me cry. They can't touch me.

When I asked my friends here in America if they held speeches, they looked at me with a smile and said: "No, proper people over in New York might do. We're not as traditional"

Anyways.. Since I am one of those people, I have written a couple of things throughout the years:
I wrote a speech for my mom's 40th birthday
I wrote a speech and a thank-you song for my parents and guests at my confirmation
I wrote a speech at my best friend's confirmation
I wrote a speech for my grandpa's 70th birthday
I wrote a speech for my dad's 50th birthday
I wrote a speech for my grandparents' golden wedding anniversary
I AM going to write a speech for my 18th birthday and for my siblings' confirmation next year..
(I wrote more songs too, but I just can't remember for which parties anymore)

So why wouldn't I be writing one for my grandma too?
Do they really think that the facts that I'm living on another continent and that I'm 9 hours behind in time will stop me? Think again!
They will never know what hit them!

And so I began writing on my speech whenever I had time. I have had a very busy week and whenever I came home, I'd have stuff to do. This resulted in me having to work on the speech during some of my classes.. but I don't mind. I finish my stuff after 15 min. and then I just sit there..
Wednesday during lunch, my friends saw my speech and made an attempt to read it..

Us foreigners love when others try to read or speak in our languages, especially when it contains weird sounds that they have no idea how to pronounce!

The party would start at 12pm Danish time whiiiiiich would be here at 3am. I woke up, put on some make-up, put on my dress (Had to make it realistic), and got out into the garage.
Why? you may ask
Simply because my hostfamily has a baby.. it's hard enough when she wakes up around 6. Better not wake  her up at 3. My house is not very.. uuh.. soundproof.
We have a really nice gaming area out there.. but the internet doesn't reach -_-
So I found a blanket and sat by the car... wohoo..

As I had expected, the internet there was TERRIBLE. Absolute terrible. My cousin ended up Skyping me from her phone but after showing me around and letting me say hi to a few people, her phone denied letting us Skype more!
Instead I sent my speech (a little shorter version) to her Skype and she found a person to hold it for me.
After 10 min. or so, they held it and my cousin wrote back to me that my grandma, my grandpa, AND my dad were BAWLING. Success!!

Both of my cousins and my cousin's boyfriend recorded it with their phones and tried to send it for me. I got around half a minute from my cousin, but it was the boyfriend who had the whole thing recorded and he had troubles sending it to me. I probably won't get that before I get home.. But hey.. 4 weeks.
When I get the whole version, I'll put it on my blog and sub it for you guys. Maybe you could find some inspiration for your next speech :) ?

I'm very thankful for my cousins'! Without them, (and the boyfriend) I could've never realized my plan. Thank you!

Woke up and got ready..

After a few hours I was back to bed and OUT

I went back to sleep and woke up to Skype my grandparents a few hours later. It was around dinner time for them and the party had been over for hours. I sent them the written version of the speech and I got to tell them the plans for when they come here.

I started out speaking to my grandma and mom. My grandma was telling me what she got for presents when she suddenly began to look suspicious...
My dad had grabbed the lamp and made little racer car sounds as he moved it over my grandma's head in an attempt to "burn her hair". OHMYGOSH IT WAS HILARIOUS! Look at my reaction!!
And after that my grandma would yell at him and make violent hand movements to get him away, without luck of course.
What a nice family picture we got here <3
Woops! Only for a second or two!
Yep... My grandpa flipped me off. Welcome to my family!
Aaand there we go again. The head in front is my brother.
My family wants to bring some gifts to my hostfamily and my mom talked about getting clothes for my babysister. I asked her "What kind of clothes?" and my mom said "A little cowboyskirt maybe?" and my dad went YEEEHAW! each time. They all had their dose of alcohol at the party.. 

Then came Thursday which was the chalk festival!
In the morning, Raquel, Marvin's girlfriend, asked me to help her during lunch. She would be drawing with the rest of the art students during classes.

The school had fenced an area near my history class where each of the art students had a square that they would be showing off their art in.
I hadn't expected to see such amazing drawings.. like.. WOW! And soooo many people came to watch!

Here's my friend Max with his dreamy stick-figures. Look how calm that looks~ 
Raquel (white shirt) and Victoria working on their project "The Golden Gate Bridge" that I would later help them with. 
 A lion in the making~ 
Soo many people! 
Chalk festival at it's finest! So many talented students were there
The final product!
My legs were completely smeared in blue colour when we had finished. Of course EVERYBODY had needed paper to clean their legs and hands or whatever .. we ran out of paper. I ran around with blue legs for the rest of the day. 
A girl from my 6th period that I talk to did this. I remember her sketching the rose on her little note block
I love the 3D effect in this one! 
 This one probably got the most attention of them all. Wonderful job! 
 I'm sad these two were in the shadow. Both great pieces of work. 

A Despicable Me helper drawn by the Chilean exchange student, Nataly
When the festival had ended... Suddenly the school looked much much prettier! 

Today I'm going to honor the military personnel who died serving their country.
Happy Memorial Day!
Oh and my best friend reminded me of this.. 
SHINee celebrated their 5th anniversary on May 25th!
I'm soooo proud of our boys! The past 5 amazing years, SHINee has fought their way to the top of music and drama, and hopefully, the years to come will be just as great! SHINee hwaiting!

May 12, 2013

Great news!

I apologize for my absence as I have been pretty much hung up planning and figuring out stuff.
After a very (non)serious chat with my grandpa, I succeeded in talking him into letting my grandma come and visit me here in America before I go home.

At first I wanted my grandma to come because I'm afraid of flying alone again. I still remember my flight over here.): Confusion. Getting lost. Getting delayed. Almost missing my plane to LA. Getting lost. Having my seat taken. Being moved into this crowd of non-English speaking French people (I sat beside a nice awkward guy though). Being completely confused and not knowing where I was or what was going on when I ended up in LAX. Getting on the small plane to Santa Barbara. Almost fell asleep (I refused to let myself sleep since I'm always confused when I wake up new places). Had the pilot miss the landing spot. Getting lost. Asking for help. Misunderstanding the lady who helped me. Asking a new lady. And FINALLY meeting my family!

That was terrible.
I don't like switching planes. I wasn't used to speaking English and the airports seemed like entire countries that I had to find my way through... So I asked my grandma to come here because I didn't want to bother with all that stuff again, and I knew that even though my grandpa is done traveling, she isn't!

The last day before I left, my grandma pulled me aside and told me to take care of myself and ENJOY it. She loves my grandpa more than anything else but if she could repeat her life, she wouldn't get married so early. She would have traveled more. On her own or with friends.

So yes, it was a selfish thought at first... But now I'm offering my grandma a chance to fulfill one of her dreams. So... It's not that bad after all, is it?
She was nervous at first but decided to "try". After 2 days, they had decided that one of my parents would go with her. (Apparently I have my fears of getting lost and traveling alone from her). I asked which one of them but got no answer... I guess my mom had wanted to go and then backed out because of her terrible navigation skills.. And then asked my dad to go too - Yeap! I can just imagine!

So it has been decided!
Both my parents and my grandma will come get me, spend a week, and fly home with me. Phew! Glad I don't have to worry about that anymore. That was a huge burden on my shoulders!

Also, I have been busy planning and putting together my stay up in Lompoc. As I am writing this entry, I am sitting on an AMTrack train going North from my current hometown Camarillo. In around an hour I will get off at Surf Beach where my good friend Ryan will come fetch me.
(Right now I don't care much for prom. I'll be able to say that I've done it. I just want to see all of my friends again. And this weekend is not about me. This weekend, my mission is to make sure that Daniel will have an unforgetable senior prom! Wish me luck!)

So far my plans for this weekend are (And I promise you, post and pictures will come later):
- Sleep at Ryan's place tonight
- Be picked up around 3-4pm by Daniel (my prom date) tomorrow.
- Go to dinner at Madonna Inn up in SLO (San Luis Obispo)
- Prom
- Starbucks with Daniel's friends
- Sleep at my coordinator's house (My German friend Hendrik's house)
- Take a bus to SB (Santa Barbara) Sunday noon
- Take the train from SB back to Camarillo
- End up at home around 3-4pm
- Sleep!
But you guys know me, my plans always change, whether I want it or not. We'll see... We'll see..
So for now, have a GREAT weekend and if you're going to prom like me, have fun!

May 11, 2013

After Prom + Sleepover!

Friday after school, like earlier mentioned, I was supposed to go watch the new Iron Man 3 with my little friend group.
Angel had to take her SAT Saturday and had to spend the day at home studying. Elyssa was busy, Khla had to get a suit for prom (which was the day after), Raquel couldn't come nor Marvin, Zandler ... I don't know about him, Risa had watched it already, and Megan would be going with her aunt anyways.

Khla and I talked in the morning and we decided just to go to After Prom with all of our friends instead. It'd be at the Roxy theater and for just $10 we could watch movies (Ironman included), eat all the food we wanted to, play games, be a part of the draft for prizes, and watch the hypnotist! Screw our own plans!
Instead of going Friday we waited until Saturday!

The actual prom would be at 8pm (I think) I didn't care. I wasn't going. At first I had wanted to, but since the first guy who asked me had been sent home (Yes, my friend Kim asked me), the second guy who asked me meant it as a joke, and my third friend (whom I had really hoped would ask me) never did, I decided to be a B about it and just tell myself that it probably wouldn't have been worth the hard work...
And it turned out I was right.. From what I heard, prom SUCKED! (Some others liked it though.. But they don't know how to party the European way!)

Since I wasn't going to prom, and After Prom wouldn't start before 11pm, I had loads of time to get things done.
My friend Federica (Super loud and energetic Italian girl) was going to come over and then my hostmom would drive us to the big mall in TO (Thousand Oaks) so we could look for prom dresses.
Buuuuuuut because of our amazing fire here in Camarillo, and the one going on in LA (Federica lives in Enchino which is a part of LA), authorities has decided to just completely block all the highways, making it impossible for her to get to my house -_____-
Both of our proms were this coming Saturday and my hostmom decided that it was about time for me to get a dress.

I talked to Federica and our plan turned out like this: I'd go Saturday with my mom and baby-sister and if I didn't find anything, she and her cousin would pick me up Monday after school and then we'd go!

I seriously love this mall!
The first store I went into was JCPenny and there it was hanging! The perfect prom dress!

°Not too revealing
°Sleeveless (I look strange with sleeve-dresses)
°Open in the back, yet not too open for conservative people (And if it is.. I DON'T CARE)
°Puffy (I'm not sure if that's the correct word)
And it was this bright blue colour that catches the attention of the eye!
It was simple and beautiful ~

Eventually I went into a few other dress stores (just to check out what opportunities I had) but it turned out that I'd found my target. None of the dresses I found suited me, so I went with the blue one c: I'm so excited to wear it!

Since Angel had been up early to test and her nervous blabbering had woken me up (jk Angel I love you!), I decided to take a nap, knowing that my circadian rhythm would be screwed up anyways.

We went there and.... It was NOT as good as people had said it would be. Ironman was playing when we arrived so we decided to go for the second playing. The wait took FOR-FREAKING-EVER. We tried to waste time playing little games, watching some of my friends give the karaoke a try, be drawn by this random guy, getting little henna tattoos (No, not me. What do they think we are? Kids?), and just basically trying to find our entire friend group. Angel had found a new friend and ran off a couple of times.. Same with Elyssa and her boyfriend.
First pic: Zandler, Khla, me, Elyssa, Elyssa's boyfriend Charles, and Calvin
Second pic: Marvin, Zandler, Calvin, me, and Khla

After walking around in there in the heat for what feels like forever, we went into another room and arrived just as they were setting up for the hypnotist. We waited maybe another 15-20 min. and heard that they had paused Ironman in order for them to have more people watching this guy.
The before so pretty prom guests had now changed into their pyjamases and looked like a bunch of zombies that most of all just wanted to go home.
I was super excited for this and when he asked for volunteers I rose my hand. I didn't get picked but y friend Elyssa was lucky enough to. He started out by having them "fall asleep" but Elyssa fell out of the trance and was pulled from the show. Half of my friends believed in it, half didn't. I have to say though, when he made them get up and dance like monkeys and then jump on the rest of us to eat bugs from our hair, I believed in it. Some of the most quiet people had been chosen and all those actions he made them do... They would NOT have done that if they had been conscious.

The show was great! We laughed soooo much!
However, after the show, they decided to play the Ironman movie again from where they ended. When it was finally over we went inside and chose pur spots. We were then informed that the hypnotist had taken more time than he was supposed to and they had now decided there wouldn't be time enough to have a second showing.
No Ironman!! >:(

Even though the "party" had died out long time ago, they didn't release us before 5am.
Because it's a school party, they're basically just baby-sitting the seniors and juniors and that's why they wouldn't let us leave. If anything happened to one of us it'd be on their cost. What are they do afraid of? Are people really that stupid that they need adults to watch them? Wow. Just wow.
Khla, Angel, Marvin, Paige (a friend of Elyssa), me, and Elyssa and her boyfriend all went home to Elyssa and parked ourselves on the floor in the living room. Elyssa provided us all pyjamases and soon the floor was covered in pillows, blankets, and sleeping people. We would all fall asleep randomly, almost as if we were taking shifts; nonetheless, I only got about 20 min. of sleep and that was like 7 in the morning.
I woke up to Paige gone and when she came back, she had brought us all doughnuts. Is there any better way to wake up? I think not!

We played this weird game called Quelf where you'd get these random little missions told to you by a card.. One of mine were to slap my feet while yelling: "Johhny! I told you not to walk barefoot inside the house" repeatedly for a minute. Another one told me to build a fortress and if it "due to natural disasters or bad fortress construction" fell apart, I'd have to yell "Alumha! This is a bad cave! Muha ha ha!"....
Those weird American games...
My beautiful pillowfortress~

We had lunch at Denny's Diner where you could order a Bacon Sundae, a bacon milkshake, or maybe a waffle with bacon. They sure love their bacon o.O

We got back home at 2pm and we were about to just fall into sleep. Angel hadn't had any sleep at all since early Saturday morning and those 20 min. didn't do me much good either. We stayed up only be constantly eating and having a House marathon before we finally went to our separate rooms. BOOM! Out cold!