May 27, 2013

28 Days left!

OH MY GOD I AM GOING HOME IN 28 DAYS!! 28 DAYS!!! OHMYGOSH!!joey omg shocked


Time flies... I don't like this! I like California! T____T

I've had so much to take care of the past few weeks.. and meanwhile time has passed by like a cheetah hunting the last living thing on Earth! Daaaamn, where did the time go? Seriously?!

I would love to tell you what I've been doing but.. right now I honestly don't remember. I haven't been in the best mood either. Loads of stuff to deal with and a lot of unnecessary things to settle. Give me a break! 

I want to share with you some photos that I've taken though.. that will usually refresh my memory.. but before that, let's look at some numbers! 
(No I won't make you solve a problem, just take a look).

I now have:
28 days left in America TOTAL
17 days until my parents and grandma will come
25 will be in California
8 of them are normal school days
3 days will be spent on finals (I get out early, weee)
2 days where I'll have to meet up for like 2 hours to practice graduation

Looking at this I am SHOCKED! 
So much stuff I still haven't done, and so little time to do it in :O 

My grandma turned 70 on May 9th and back then I congratulated her, but the real party wouldn't be before this Sunday.
In Denmark, writing speeches and songs to your loved ones on their big days is a must!
And by "big day" I mean things like your baptism, your confirmation (a Scandi thing), 18th birthday (well this is just to mark that you're now a grown-up. It's actually the most important one), every round birthday (20th, 30th, etc.), your wedding, and so on.
Of course not everybody does this... that'd be a heck of a long party.. so we have a couple of people who takes care of that.
In my family, I am one of those speech/song-arrangers.

Many in my family want to do it because you will be remembered for it for a very long time.. and don't we we all want to say so many nice words to our loved ones that they will start crying because they get so touched?
The reason I'm the one to do it in my family is because of my twisted mind.
I see things differently. I think differently. I come up with new ideas. I'm what we call creative.
I have no problem having the attention on me ... this stops a lot of my family members.
AND I'm also a heartless bastard - This makes me able to stand up in front of all those people and do my thing without getting all emotional and stuff... Words can't make me cry. They can't touch me.

When I asked my friends here in America if they held speeches, they looked at me with a smile and said: "No, proper people over in New York might do. We're not as traditional"

Anyways.. Since I am one of those people, I have written a couple of things throughout the years:
I wrote a speech for my mom's 40th birthday
I wrote a speech and a thank-you song for my parents and guests at my confirmation
I wrote a speech at my best friend's confirmation
I wrote a speech for my grandpa's 70th birthday
I wrote a speech for my dad's 50th birthday
I wrote a speech for my grandparents' golden wedding anniversary
I AM going to write a speech for my 18th birthday and for my siblings' confirmation next year..
(I wrote more songs too, but I just can't remember for which parties anymore)

So why wouldn't I be writing one for my grandma too?
Do they really think that the facts that I'm living on another continent and that I'm 9 hours behind in time will stop me? Think again!
They will never know what hit them!

And so I began writing on my speech whenever I had time. I have had a very busy week and whenever I came home, I'd have stuff to do. This resulted in me having to work on the speech during some of my classes.. but I don't mind. I finish my stuff after 15 min. and then I just sit there..
Wednesday during lunch, my friends saw my speech and made an attempt to read it..

Us foreigners love when others try to read or speak in our languages, especially when it contains weird sounds that they have no idea how to pronounce!

The party would start at 12pm Danish time whiiiiiich would be here at 3am. I woke up, put on some make-up, put on my dress (Had to make it realistic), and got out into the garage.
Why? you may ask
Simply because my hostfamily has a baby.. it's hard enough when she wakes up around 6. Better not wake  her up at 3. My house is not very.. uuh.. soundproof.
We have a really nice gaming area out there.. but the internet doesn't reach -_-
So I found a blanket and sat by the car... wohoo..

As I had expected, the internet there was TERRIBLE. Absolute terrible. My cousin ended up Skyping me from her phone but after showing me around and letting me say hi to a few people, her phone denied letting us Skype more!
Instead I sent my speech (a little shorter version) to her Skype and she found a person to hold it for me.
After 10 min. or so, they held it and my cousin wrote back to me that my grandma, my grandpa, AND my dad were BAWLING. Success!!

Both of my cousins and my cousin's boyfriend recorded it with their phones and tried to send it for me. I got around half a minute from my cousin, but it was the boyfriend who had the whole thing recorded and he had troubles sending it to me. I probably won't get that before I get home.. But hey.. 4 weeks.
When I get the whole version, I'll put it on my blog and sub it for you guys. Maybe you could find some inspiration for your next speech :) ?

I'm very thankful for my cousins'! Without them, (and the boyfriend) I could've never realized my plan. Thank you!

Woke up and got ready..

After a few hours I was back to bed and OUT

I went back to sleep and woke up to Skype my grandparents a few hours later. It was around dinner time for them and the party had been over for hours. I sent them the written version of the speech and I got to tell them the plans for when they come here.

I started out speaking to my grandma and mom. My grandma was telling me what she got for presents when she suddenly began to look suspicious...
My dad had grabbed the lamp and made little racer car sounds as he moved it over my grandma's head in an attempt to "burn her hair". OHMYGOSH IT WAS HILARIOUS! Look at my reaction!!
And after that my grandma would yell at him and make violent hand movements to get him away, without luck of course.
What a nice family picture we got here <3
Woops! Only for a second or two!
Yep... My grandpa flipped me off. Welcome to my family!
Aaand there we go again. The head in front is my brother.
My family wants to bring some gifts to my hostfamily and my mom talked about getting clothes for my babysister. I asked her "What kind of clothes?" and my mom said "A little cowboyskirt maybe?" and my dad went YEEEHAW! each time. They all had their dose of alcohol at the party.. 

Then came Thursday which was the chalk festival!
In the morning, Raquel, Marvin's girlfriend, asked me to help her during lunch. She would be drawing with the rest of the art students during classes.

The school had fenced an area near my history class where each of the art students had a square that they would be showing off their art in.
I hadn't expected to see such amazing drawings.. like.. WOW! And soooo many people came to watch!

Here's my friend Max with his dreamy stick-figures. Look how calm that looks~ 
Raquel (white shirt) and Victoria working on their project "The Golden Gate Bridge" that I would later help them with. 
 A lion in the making~ 
Soo many people! 
Chalk festival at it's finest! So many talented students were there
The final product!
My legs were completely smeared in blue colour when we had finished. Of course EVERYBODY had needed paper to clean their legs and hands or whatever .. we ran out of paper. I ran around with blue legs for the rest of the day. 
A girl from my 6th period that I talk to did this. I remember her sketching the rose on her little note block
I love the 3D effect in this one! 
 This one probably got the most attention of them all. Wonderful job! 
 I'm sad these two were in the shadow. Both great pieces of work. 

A Despicable Me helper drawn by the Chilean exchange student, Nataly
When the festival had ended... Suddenly the school looked much much prettier! 

Today I'm going to honor the military personnel who died serving their country.
Happy Memorial Day!
Oh and my best friend reminded me of this.. 
SHINee celebrated their 5th anniversary on May 25th!
I'm soooo proud of our boys! The past 5 amazing years, SHINee has fought their way to the top of music and drama, and hopefully, the years to come will be just as great! SHINee hwaiting!

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