May 3, 2013

Before you read this, you should check out my latest two posts:

Let's start this post with a smile, shan't we?

*Angel sounds playing in the background*
Oh GOSH!!!
I'm SOOOOOOO stressed out!!

So much stuff is happening right now!
I'm still trying to remember what I've been doing in Yosemite so I can blog about it (which I haven't had much time to), I'm worried about prom, I'm working on my English final, I'm working on my digital photography final, I'm tired ALL the time but I never have time to sleep, I'm too busy to talk to my parents who ask me questions pretty much every day, I'm wanting to talk to my best friend and bitch about all the people that I'm just SO DONE DEALING WITH!!!, I'm thinking about the short amount of time that I have back here, thinking about all the things I never did.. and still want to do, I'm wanting to hang out with all of my international friends again before we split up again, I'm annoyed by the prom posters that are now all over the freaking quad and... *deep breath*

There's just a lot of stuff going on...
Let's see.. My week has just been UGH!

Tuesday, my contact person Meg came all the way down from Lompoc (Lompuke) to have her "last meeting" with me where she would "prepare me for going home blablabla"... I had not been looking forward to this, but at least she brought her host son - My very good German friend Hendrik who went to my first school with me here in America. My dad had made some killer-schnitzels and kept Meg occupied while I was talking to Hendrik and Angel outside. I had hoped I wouldn't have to say this again after what I've already been through over here but... You truly don't appreciate what you have until it's gone :/ I realized how much I actually had missed Hendrik and his German'ness (we would always pick on each others countries for fun), so I was very happy that I was able to spend some time with him again. It was great!
Emma however did NOT seem too happy about him. Usually she'll be loud and make every possible baby sound and run around and be the center of attention.. and she'll call our names, but as soon as Hendrik and I got outside, she zipped as if someone had stolen her mouth. And she would NOT look in Hendrik's direction. She clung to Angel like some sort of baby-panda and her eyes... ooo' the fear in her eyes. It was hilarious.

She's a beautiful baby <3
Although Emma was freaked out by him, Hendrik was quite popular to Pete!

It hasn't all been bad this week... we had our shining moments. And our random comments that are worth remembering...

Elyssa: Are you wearing stockings?                                            The only reason I care about chemistry 
Me: Yeah.. o___O?                                                                                    is because I don't want the D!                                    
Elyssa: Awesooooome                                                                                                     - Cassandra
*Whispers to Marvin* She's a vampire!

                                          Mr. Mollica puts a French map on Europe up on the whiteboard
                                              Alejandro: "Hey Lucy, translate?" *points at whiteboard*
                                              Mr. Mollica: "What was that?"
                                              Alejandro: "I was just asking of she could translate it"
                                              Mr. Mollica: "Of course she can! She's European!"

Now back to some serious stuff! 

I'm stressing out because of prom... My school's prom is in 2 days. TWO DAYS! But I'm not going. I had really hoped my good friend would ask me.. but he didn't. Then maybe two weeks ago my other good friend  up in Lompoc invited me to his prom and I was like "Why not?". I'll have to take a train to get up there and then stay for some days so... that's why I'm kind of stressed out about that. I'll be good though... I'm looking forward to seeing my friends up there again... 

Tomorrow I'm going with a group of friends to watch Ironman 3, I'll be nice to do something that can get my mind off of all this stupid stuff that I have to care about right now. I'm looking forward to it! It looks like a real BA movie! 

Aaah.. all this... gone in 8 weeks. I don't want to go home yet! I'm not ready!!! 

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