May 4, 2013

Fire in Camarillo

We ended up not going to the movies yesterday and thank God! It was sooooo hot!
I'd been walking around at school in a tank top and shorts and when I came home, I jumped straight into our pool! The air was so dry, the breeze was hot, and after just a few minutes of walking, your throat would be so dried out that you'd have trouble swallowing.

When I came to school Thursday morning, I hadn't heard anything. I went to my 3rd period and noticed the strange coloured cloud. But it wasn't in up in the sky, it was touching the ground... And it had a weird orange/gray tint to it. It was strange. Until now, the sky had been this perfect babyblue colour and now ... What is this? It reminded me of a thunderstorm coming in back in Denmark, but they never have thunder here. It's weird!

Early Thursday morning a Springs fire started near the 101 freeway here in Camarillo. It has been consistently growing and the firemen said that the size of it was
28,000 acres (113 km2) around 6.30pm yesterday.

My Danish family has been asking if it is near me and.. It kinda is/kinda isn't. My house isn't in danger nor is my school but yesterday when I went out to eat with my mom and sisters, there were two firetrucks parked near the restaurant.

The sky was completely clear a few days ago but now it is covered in a thick smoke that should smell like ha-I'm-a-mother-effin-fire-and-I've-burnt-everything-on-my-way and burned plastic (According to my sister, my nose is stuffed so I've temporarily lost my sense of smelling).
So that explains the dry throat and warm breezes.

Also! BECAUSE of the overly strong winds that we had Thursday, the fire ate so much area in a matter of minutes that it was impossible for the firemen to keep up. At first they said 20% of it had been contained but now it is down to under 10%.

That morning, my dad had taken his motorcycle out and parked it somewhere up here (We live on a hill) and he said that he could see the big flames. I haven't seem anything but smoke though..
It is spreading across the ocean so it will eventually just kill itself, still, some mean that it won't be contained before May 13th o:

So yeah.. I'm in danger of having a sore throat and dying from a heat stroke (We've had 93°F / 34°C the past two days), but the smoke isn't dangerous to this area of town; however, another area called Westside have been evacuated. The smoke there is so bad that people have been told to stay indoors unless it is absolutely necessary.

My hostmom said that when she was driving home yesterday, it was literally snowing ashes (Same as in Westside), and that she had heard that all the clothes in the mall in TO (Thousand Oaks - Where I'm supposed to go dress shopping for prom today with my Italian friend) smells like fire!
I'm crossing fingers that that place haven't been evacuated yet..
It looks like a bomb blew up or something!

The next 3 pictures were taken by my exchange student friend Risa who goes to our rival school. They got more smoke than us it seems

Some pictures I took while we were driving to the restaurant.. 

NASA's satelite photo of the fire. 

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