May 12, 2013

Great news!

I apologize for my absence as I have been pretty much hung up planning and figuring out stuff.
After a very (non)serious chat with my grandpa, I succeeded in talking him into letting my grandma come and visit me here in America before I go home.

At first I wanted my grandma to come because I'm afraid of flying alone again. I still remember my flight over here.): Confusion. Getting lost. Getting delayed. Almost missing my plane to LA. Getting lost. Having my seat taken. Being moved into this crowd of non-English speaking French people (I sat beside a nice awkward guy though). Being completely confused and not knowing where I was or what was going on when I ended up in LAX. Getting on the small plane to Santa Barbara. Almost fell asleep (I refused to let myself sleep since I'm always confused when I wake up new places). Had the pilot miss the landing spot. Getting lost. Asking for help. Misunderstanding the lady who helped me. Asking a new lady. And FINALLY meeting my family!

That was terrible.
I don't like switching planes. I wasn't used to speaking English and the airports seemed like entire countries that I had to find my way through... So I asked my grandma to come here because I didn't want to bother with all that stuff again, and I knew that even though my grandpa is done traveling, she isn't!

The last day before I left, my grandma pulled me aside and told me to take care of myself and ENJOY it. She loves my grandpa more than anything else but if she could repeat her life, she wouldn't get married so early. She would have traveled more. On her own or with friends.

So yes, it was a selfish thought at first... But now I'm offering my grandma a chance to fulfill one of her dreams. So... It's not that bad after all, is it?
She was nervous at first but decided to "try". After 2 days, they had decided that one of my parents would go with her. (Apparently I have my fears of getting lost and traveling alone from her). I asked which one of them but got no answer... I guess my mom had wanted to go and then backed out because of her terrible navigation skills.. And then asked my dad to go too - Yeap! I can just imagine!

So it has been decided!
Both my parents and my grandma will come get me, spend a week, and fly home with me. Phew! Glad I don't have to worry about that anymore. That was a huge burden on my shoulders!

Also, I have been busy planning and putting together my stay up in Lompoc. As I am writing this entry, I am sitting on an AMTrack train going North from my current hometown Camarillo. In around an hour I will get off at Surf Beach where my good friend Ryan will come fetch me.
(Right now I don't care much for prom. I'll be able to say that I've done it. I just want to see all of my friends again. And this weekend is not about me. This weekend, my mission is to make sure that Daniel will have an unforgetable senior prom! Wish me luck!)

So far my plans for this weekend are (And I promise you, post and pictures will come later):
- Sleep at Ryan's place tonight
- Be picked up around 3-4pm by Daniel (my prom date) tomorrow.
- Go to dinner at Madonna Inn up in SLO (San Luis Obispo)
- Prom
- Starbucks with Daniel's friends
- Sleep at my coordinator's house (My German friend Hendrik's house)
- Take a bus to SB (Santa Barbara) Sunday noon
- Take the train from SB back to Camarillo
- End up at home around 3-4pm
- Sleep!
But you guys know me, my plans always change, whether I want it or not. We'll see... We'll see..
So for now, have a GREAT weekend and if you're going to prom like me, have fun!

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