May 31, 2013

Hello weekend!

STOP!!!! Before you read this, here's a greeting from my friend Max!

Nothing super big happened this week (except for my attempt to learn how to skateboard Tuesday and my dad and siblings' birthdays).. so let's spare the words and just go directly to the pictures, shan't we?

Yesterday was my Italian friend Alex's 18th birthday and together with 2 other girls I had prepared a little surprise for him.. 
I hadn't expected him to like it. Rather be annoyed, but it turned out he was really impressed... Especially by the balloons. But then again, who doesn't like helium balloons? It's helium!

I haven't taken more pictures this week as I was working on my photography final (unbelievable right? I ALWAYS take pictures), so you guys will have to deal with older stuff...
(Go to the end of the post to see my video)
These are pictures I took last Friday when I went out with my hostmom and my two sisters :)

First we went to the playground for Emma.. Although Angel and I also got to enjoy it there.

Then to the bakery in Newbury Park where my hostmom showed me something called "Danish hands". I personally think they look like butts.

Some other supposedly Danish stuff.. with cheese.. gross

Then to Menchies - This super cute place with frozen yogurt. We got to fill our own little cups with different flavours that they switch every week.

Emma munching Menchies

After treating ourselves with frozen paradise, we went into the bookstore which was almost right beside.

Giant place!!

We ended our day by going to Angel's favorite restaurant (She'd been asking for months!).
Tomodachi - A sushi bar!

I wasn't very excited.. I don't like fish. Raw fish? Ew. Especially seaweed.. Ugh.. I find seaweed gross. It's like grass.. that has grown in a big tank of fish poop.

But THIS place was good!

Angel and my hostmom made me eat this piece of rice, avocado, eel, and some kind of "fake" crab meat.
Except for the fact that they told me to put the entire piece in my mouth.. and that they gave me the biggest piece possible, I liked it! Their shrimp was also super yummy.. and I don't even like shrimp!

BBQ chicken and a biiig shrimp! The flower was edible. Not much taste to it though... but I found it funny that I could actually eat it.

Definitely a place worth going if you're staying in the area! 

Here it is! 
I've spent waaaay too much time on this as MovieMaker just LOVES to delete my pictures every single freaking time I open my project. Anyways, here it is! 
My teacher told us to find our favorite pictures, add music and credits, and put it on a disc for her that she could then show in class Wednesday. 
Only 5 more finals to take care of!
Also, the first picture HAD to be of yourself. Don't think I'm a narcissist! 

Got questions?

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