June 24, 2013

Koreatown + Flying home

(There will be no post from June 23rd either, sorry :( I don't remember anything from there but as I can find no pictures, it seems it was just yet a calm day at home)

Today was our last day in California. Well not just California but AMERICA! D:

Of course my hostfamily had invited us for breakfast :)
The first thing we saw when we came up the driveway were the 3 viking helmets places on "poles". If I'm not wrong, placing a helmet like that on a poles symbolizes the loss of a warrior.
Looking tough with my overly poofy hair!

One last picture with the family. My hostmom had flown out for work the night before.

When we had said our temporary goodbyes, we took off.
We were going to Koreatown! One of the places I HAD to see before going home. I had already been there once with the Fox family and Kong but I didn't feel like I got to see the place. We went to a restaurant and that's all I saw. Might have been because Kong and I were playing all the way down there.

I didn't find the drive to Koreatown very nice.
We had been warned about staying downtown as there were some very sketchy neighborhoods around and we did NOT want to go there unless we wished to get rolled or shot upon o__o
We kept away from those. Instead we drove through some ...not-very-nice-looking places and then POOF!
Sudden flawlessness!
Banks! Restaurants! Shops!
We had reached out destination 
My hostdad told us about this mall located in the heart of Koreatown. THIS was the place to go.
I found this sign, when coming from the underground parking, really cute. Engrish at its best!
It was such a pretty mall. Definitely a high class place. Many men there were walking around in suits and the girls were wearing very professional looking  and cute outfits.

Filled with high class stores and restaurants! But! Nobody can get away without a few cute stores now and then.

ERMERGERD THIS STORE asdjafjkagwiuwgaw!!! *-*
They had ALL my favorite artists!!
My mom didn't understand the hype I got from here...

Palace Beauty was the first store I went into there. It was also the one I spent the most time in. BB creams, hairdye, parfumes, nail accesories and polishes, lashes, lotions, everything imaginable was to find in there!  

I got a loooooot of facemasks!
(I know there's not alot here.. I gave half to my best friend and 2 to my sister)
My sister doesn't care much but my best friend and I, I think mostly me, are obsesssed with face masks! 
There were SO many different ones that I had never seen before, including the snail one and yes.. that's real slime from snails.

I was overly excited when I found a big stand filled with different Dolly Wink lashes. I had read only good things about these on different beauty blogs and had wanted to get some for a long time. Sadly it seems these are not being sold anywhere in Denmark and I hadn't found a good online store to get them from. I fell in love with all of them but due to the costly price, I only got two packages. These were my favorites!

For the top lashes I got #17 Diamond Dolly

And for the bottom #5 Real Nude. I have tried them on before and my eyes transformed the second I applied them! I'm very very happy with my purchase, and I'm planning to get more as soon as I get money. 

The people working there looked as if they had been pulled out of a Korean fashion magazine, and they were SO nice and smiling. When we paid, they gave my mom and I these. The two peachy ones are for me and they are just amazing. I wish I could go back and buy the full product.

After seeing Koreatown and driving though Bel Air, Hollywood, Rodeo Drive etc., we drove to the car renting place to get rid of the car and then took a bus from there to LAX.

LAX was far far from being as huge and terrible as I imagined. It was really nice. A calm atmosphere, nice stores, nice and HELPFUL people, and understanding. I enjoyed spending time in there. One request though is for them to get a better Wifi! I don't carry around a cable with me! :O

June 22, 2013

Ventura Harbor

Today was yet one of the more relaxing days.
Both families (except for Angel) drove to Ventura Harbor, after my hostmom's choice, to look at boats, eat icecream, and just see the place. My Danish family and I live in the city with the greatest and most important Harbor in the country, so for me, Ventura wasn't that much of a big deal. We had a lot of fun anyways and everyone talked as if they had been friends for years.

There's not much to say about that day so I'll just spam you with some photos instead :)

Grandmas and moms of the families having chit-chats
Same goes for the dads! 
Yaaaar matey! You can always count on some fun with my dad around

Mateys and scallywags, me presents: Venture Harbor! 

So much camwhoring

June 21, 2013

The haircut

Now I bet you're thinking "Where is the 20th?!"
The 20th was the day we drove back to California after having spent some time in Vegas. To be honest we didn't do much than spending some quality time back in the house with my host family. I didn't take any pictures so I decided just to skip that day. Not that it's not worth writing about, we just really did NOTHING.

So today my hostdad had invited my family and I, his mom, and Angel out for breakfast at a place called PJ's. I believe we ate there the day before too.
When we came, there was barely any space. The waitress then moved a family who were already sitting down so there would be space for us to join 2-3 tables together. The family had no problem moving but as a thank you, my hostdad whispered to the waitress that he'd pay their bill. Can you say Good Guy Greg?

Here we're sitting with the family <3 

When we had first parked, we walked by some stands. Apparently today was part of some sort of festival. All the stands were white except for one red one and naturally my eyes were drawn to it. It saw the name CHI and was about to turn around with BIIIG steps. But... something caught my eye. It was a boy. He seemed familiar.. it was... !!!! WOJTEK!!!
My parents and hostfamily stood there watching in terror how I out of nowhere had decided to run up to and attack this random guy.
And that is how Wojtek and my family met
The End

After we finished eating, we just sat there talking. I had for a long time wanted to cut my hair and... today my spontaneity took over.
Literally right beside PJ's was a hair salon and I was sitting in a chair within 2 minutes.
So this is a before picture of me. Look how thin the ends are.. I don't know why it looks so yellow of a sudden. It really wasn't.

Aaaaand last picture before the cut. I have never in my life thought it was THAT bad... ohgod... 

I told the man, a very nice elderly Hispanic guy, to just "chop it all off!"
and he was so happy about my reaction, that he pulled me out in the back to show his work to the others.
"I should be working in Hollywood!" He exclaimed happily.

What do you think? I wanted to get rid of as much as possible without having a boy's cut.

June 20, 2013

I'm behind!

Hey guys!

At this moment I am sitting in a hotel room with my grandma and parents and I apologize for the lack of blog posts the past few days!

Even though I'm not that must behind date wise, I am still behind because SOOOO much has happened!

I want you guys to know that I am working as fast as I can on these and I am doing my best to make them sound interesting + looking through pictures on my phone, my camera, and my parents' Ipad takes FOREVER. So I beg you pardon that I have been and will be kinda slow until... well probably until I go back home. I will try to find time to post about my last days here in America, but if I do not make it before I go home, then stay tuned and come back later!

I have sooo much to show you all!

So yeah.. hasta la vista! 
Enjoy your summer! 

June 19, 2013

Sightseeing in Vegas!

Loud music, streetperformers, shows, limos, impersonators, mascots, words bent in neon, gambling, and one big lightinferno- that is how I, with only a few words, would describe the area of downtown Las Vegas!
But that is only at night!

In the daytime, the city transforms into a whole different thing.
Imagine watching The Hangover again (If you haven't already, DO IT!). Got it? Okay, Vegas is EXACTLY how it's shown in the movie. (Well except for the mafia and Mike Tyson).

All the hotels are themed somehow. Here's from The Pirate Bay!
In the back you see Donald Trump's hotel.
The bottom part of the Stratosphere - The Italian friend of mine, who convinced me to go, stayed here once already. I believe he was there again when my family and I went but we never met him. 
Up on top they had a couple of thrill rides. See that arm-thingie sticking out to the right?
That's one of them!
 And here's "just another picture" of the tower. Wait! What's that thing up there?! Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
(Zoomed in by ALOT) 
`NO! It's a guy who's sky jumping! Yet one of the things to do there!
No purpose of this picture, I just love how the palm attacks

Limos! Limos everywhere!
I enjoyed standing there for a few minutes trying to spy.. who knows, maybe I'd spot a celebrity :P

No Vegas-trip is complete without seeing at least 3 of these!
Don't mind my derpy face though, I had no idea my dad took this picture before AFTER

I had to get waaaay back in order to snap this picture and I still had troubles fitting it in! 
And here you see The Venetian - An incredibly beautiful Italian-inspired luxury hotel located on the East side of the Las Vegas Strip. Along with The Palazzo, it is part of the largest resort/hotel complex in the world! 

If you please, you can even have a ride in a gondola and yes, the guy is wearing a striped shirt and a cute hat like you had probably imagined.

Madame Tussauds was right beside the Venetian - Sadly I didn't get to get in here either..
Oh well! I missed the one in London too, 3rd time must be the lucky one!
This was outside the entrance of The Venetian. Super expensive-looking art on the ceiling? check!

Nothing really happens in this video but for some reason I can just watch it over and over again. I showed it to my best friend and figured that maybe she'd get a jist of how Vegas was
A waterfall outside The Mirage

This is a completely unedited picture. Can you see the kind of.. aura-like thing around the statues and me?
It was so hot that even the Ipad was sweating hahah

Harrahs beside the Venetian
Further down the street you see Ceasar's Palace

Ooops, forgot I was still wearing my classes..

Much better

A beautiful view from the restaurant at The Mirage

I looooved this place. 

Again, have you watched The Hangover?
I personally LOVED the movies! (Mostly 1st and 2nd though) and since I was already in Vegas, why not go see where some of the scenes were filmed?
NOTE: The reception is the only place that I know they filmed for sure so that's pretty much what I aimed for.

Ceasar's was way too big for me to catch in one picture and now that I was at it, why not the hippie-statue over there join in.
At was so so so hot that day so only my dad and I went in. The mission was simple: Get to the reception to take a picture! But that was easier said than done, the place was absolutely huge! 
We entered from the casino and actually got lost for a couple of minutes. As we couldn't find a way out, we went backwards

To the Forum shops! 
Brand names were seen everywhere and further in, the ceiling was painted like the night sky in a tropical country. 

Look who I found!! 

After having looked around for a while, we finally found this map. Okay.. this place is a little bigger than we thought at first. A little to the right from the light-blue square is a little red star - "You are here" and weeee were supposed to be ALL THE WAY TO THE OPPOSITE SIDE! Seriously! Down to the right is the reception... Needles to say I never got to see it :/
Are you afraid of an upcoming zombie apocalypse?
Then look no further! Vegas has a store for that. And yes, yes that is a dinosaur on top of the store. 
Statue of Liberty!
Look around, see the bridges?
Instead of making hundreds of those pedestrian crossings, they just built bridges! That way we could pass whenever we wanted without having to disturb the traffic :) 
A couple of the hotels would have rides connected to them. I'm not sure which hotel this is but once in a while you'd hear screams followed by a big flash from when they had their rollercoaster picture taken.

My 3rd most favorite costume that I found in the streets. When people asked to take a picture of this guy, he would instantly strike a superhero pose like this! Too bad there is such a glare in the photo, I loved the lights! 
My top 2 costumes! Who could possibly not love these two?!
After they took the picture, they just kept standing, promting my my parents to take more picturses. As we were about to leave, "Mario" grabbed my hand and kissed it before turning around waving.
I'm really Mario-biased, don't judge me!

Vegas has got absolutely everything!
Why not have their own Empire State building? 

It's a common stereotype that, in both Hollywood and Vegas, everything is bent in neon. Here we see a fabolous glowing Mcdonald's sign
They even have glowing motor-bikes! How cool is that?

This was one of the street artists I found. 
While they were blasting and I mean BLASTING dubsteb, THIS guy would make some of the most amazing pieces of art just by using spray paint and some kind of metal-thingie. Here he's working on this super nice galaxy picture and after spraying a little, he scraped a skyline into the bottom of it.

Enormous LCD screens lit up the streets! One minute everything could be red and seconds after it'd all seem blue

Once again we found some street performers. This time 3 really talented guys. My favorite was the kinda bigger one but I think this guy did a pretty good job too

You could get the most amazing pictures from standing on the bridges. 

Eiffel Tower!
"Nice pic!" some random guy yelled as he passed up taking this photo

Hakkasan nightclub - The nights I spent in Vegas, they'd have stars like DJ Tiesto, Deadmau5, and Bob Sinclair come and perform.
Also, have you ever watched Forrest Gump? See the shrimp restaurant.
Because this is Vegas! If they want a New York style bridge in the middle of the road, then they build a New York style bridge there! 
A nice view of Excalibur Hotel from the other side of the street

Across the street from our hotel and a little to the left was the MGM Grand hotel! 
Now this place is HUUUUUUGE!! It has 5,044 guest rooms and 751 suites so there should be loads of rooms to choose from in case you feel like going. At the time it was built it was the largest hotel in the world
Back home at the hotel we were staying at

And like all the other cool hotels, the front ceiling was nicely decorated here too. Not with art, with lamps!

Got any questions?
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