June 1, 2013



Of course it's been super nice here lately and some told me that Memorial Day was also a kind of "unofficial" start of the summer here. And I HAVE been showing off my shorts and tanks once in a while but according to my inner Danish seasonal watch, summer hadn't started yet.. not before TODAY!
Today is June 1st, the OFFICIAL first day of summer in Denmark!

My favorite season of the year is summer! I'm born in June (Who doesn't love their birthday?). You get out of schools in June! June is the time for strawberries and "exotic fruits"! (Including my favorite fruit; pineapples). June is COLOURFUL! I love bright and happy colours! You can wear whatever you want! And all the summer activities such as going to the beach, having bonfires at the beach, partying at the beach, biking for icecream, water balloon fights, picnics, sleeping outside in tents, tanning on garden trampolines, and eating our special summer dishes are now possible! Also, I get to travel during this time! My favorite thing to do! What is there NOT to love about this time of the year?

Knowing that it is summer is like an instant mood boost for me! Weeeeee~

So yesterday I was supposed to have gone to the "Danish city" Solvang with my friends Elyssa and Khla but Elyssa's mom got sick and we had to cancel :/ Instead, my day turned out to be just a nice relaxing day filled with self-care at home ♥ 
After I came home from shopping groceries with my hostmom, we all went outside to chill in the garden. I was sitting on the little swing we have, stating that it was "damn hot" today (not complaining, I love nice weather!). For fun I said: "One day I wanna jump into the pool with clothes on" to which my hostfamily looked at me and responded: "Do it now!". A smile grew on my face as I looked over to see my mom and dad giving me that 'challenging' look.
Knowing that I won't get an opportunity like this again for a long time.. I thought for a second and... fine, challenge accepted! Jumping into the pool it is!

The nicest swim I've had so far this year! 
Happy first day of summer everybody 

Also, I found this summer remix that I thought I'd share with you guys!


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