June 8, 2013

Dodgers game and finals

Last night I went down to LA with my hostmom to watch a baseball game between the LA Dodgers and Atlanta Braves!
We went early in case there would be a lot of traffic but it really wasn't that bad. We were able to just cruise all the way down to Santa Monica before we ran into traffic. At least we had gotten there early. It was around a 2 hour drive and I bet you my hostmoms ears must have been burning! I was talking aaaaall the way down there! I was just so excited!

This reason that we went there was because my hostmom's company was having a team-building thing going on and so she had gotten 3 tickets; one for her, one for Angel, and one for me. Angel, however, couldn't go because the game would end late and she had to get up early the next day for her ACT (Some test you take for college over here).
Soooo we just went... and 2 hours of driving went by fast with all our talking. My hostmom might seem super serious but she is soooo cool I tell ya'!

I was very very excited for several reason:
It was a nice and sunny day (I have already blogged about how summer boosts my mood)
I was actually going down to LA (I'm completely biased towards LA for some reason)
There were palmtrees ALL over the place! (You'd think that my craze for palmtrees would've been over by now but NO! I can't get enough of them. For some reason they excite me. I don't know why)
Aaaand because this was my first baseball game EVER!! (Same goes for my hostmom)

Here you see the entrance to the stadium. From here we got to a GIANT parking lot. I have never in my life seen so many cars at the same place.

There were a bunch of entrances and we had to walk by like 3-4 before we finally found ours. Supposedly, we got something the rest of the people there didn't: free food! 
Approaching the stadium

This was the first entrance we got to. People we nice there. They lined up and there was no pushing here and there. 
Here was our entrance

I couldn't help but do my typical "Tadaah!" pose when I passed this sign

The "all-you-can-eat" pavilion. Here you could grab a nice warm hotdog and some nachos (with really gross fake cheese) before moving on to the ketchup stand.

Yum! You also got to choose between popcorn and peanuts. I should have grabbed peanuts to have the full "American baseball experience" but I was craving popcorn. 

Down near the food places they also had a souvenir shop! We got a cute little Dodgers t-shirt for Emma.

When we got to our seats, I got to meet her co-workers and they were all just great people! They were interested in talking and asked me all these questions about how I liked my stay here, when I was going home, when I arrived, etc.
Oh and they all had perfect teeth! I don't know why I observed this but they did!
The guy sitting beside me, named Michael, laughed when I told him how I had gotten all of my knowledge about baseball from Goofy (You know those little episodes of "How to ..." that Disney would show once in a while). So he took the time to introduce me to the rules of baseball and I can finally say that I understand it!

The speaker came on as the game was about to start..
"Ladies and genltemen, we ask you to stand up and take off your hats for the national anthem"
And they introduced the guy who was going to sing it.
Sadly I didn't get the beginning but I still get the chills form hearing this

Most co-workers had just brought their husbands or wives but this couple behind me had brought their 3-year old. She was soooo sweet and not even once she complained about the game being boring or something. Heck, my real little brother wouldn't have been able to stand more than 10 min.

While Michael was explaining me the game, the little girl suddenly put a hat on top of my had and said "picture! picture!". So she got her picture. (Noooo, I didn't eat too many airheads.. my hair was in a bun so I wasn't able to put the hat on correctly). 

The actual field where they had to run wasn't that big so if you were sitting far away it could have been a problem seeing what was going on.. 
But no problem! They had 2 of these giant screens!
One right behind us (And no, the quality there was really good, it just confused my camera).

And one to our right!
Look how TINY those people near it were! It was freaking ginormous!
Not just could you watch the game on these screens, they also used them for little guessing games (such as guessing under which had a ball would be) and my favorite: Kissing cam! During the little breaks, the cam would find random people and put them on the screen! And when they found out they were there, they were supposed to kiss the person next to them. The first guy was like "Nonono *waves hands nervously*" but the rest did it! One couple reeeeally did it, with tongues and stuff and right after that, they filmed an elder couple.. who did it even more!

Of course it isn't a real baseball game without the sellers! They sold everything from merchandise to icecream to candyfloss! 

Some other pictures I took

After the game I got my own Dodgers cap! I've wanted a cap for the past 2 years so I was really happy :)

Last picture I got before going on the adventure to find our car! 
(Which "only" took us 30 min!)

The Dodgers won in the 10th inning with the help from their new player, Puig, so it couldn't have been better!
Even though it was a long game, I'd totally go again if I was asked!
Great experience!

Earlier that day... 

Up until 4th period we had a completely normal day.. weeeeell except for the fact that it was the "Senior Prank Day" (Not everybody knew about this day. I had no clue. Some of my friends just didn't care).
So every year they try to do this: the seniors bring sports bags (even though all sports have ended by now.. soo it's kinda obvious that they're up to something) and normal backpacks filled with water balloons. Fun, right?

Well I'm sure it would've been if it wasn't because the school officials decided to stop it before all the fun began. It's just water balloons -_- It won't kill anybody, it won't hurt anybody, all that can happen is that you get wet. Even getting wet won't be a problem, it's so warm here that the water evaporates in no time!
But nooooo, people crowded up and minutes after they were there to split them up. They confiscated the bags from people and brought several people to the office. A man even came over to give my bag a little 'puff' and look through Elyssa's. Wow. Way to kill a prank.

When the crowd started building up
The seniors being shown to the office by our local police and teachers

Their excuse was that "if we let the students throw water balloons = they'll throw food and get into fights" whiiiich would probably..I can see it happen, but people REALLY had to be stupid. Sadly, there ARE people like that at my school.

We have done it at my school in Denmark before, had a giant water fight like that.
It was an actual day arranged by the school and they had rented a hotdog stand for when we'd get hungry. People would bring waterguns and water balloons and dress up really funnny..
We'd have little teams made out of the classes and soak a ball that they'd then play volley with. During the little tournament, the rest of us would just stand by and watch while trying to distract them by throwing more water. Even the teachers would join!
I remember one student grabbing the bucket that they'd dip the ball in.. he took it and emptied it out on a teacher.
They just laughed and tried to get back at him!

Anyways, the prank was stopped and lunch continued.
I had gone to my 5th period teacher in the morning because I had come to the realization that I was supposed to take my final that day. That class consists of juniors.. and me as a senior since I HAD to take history, so my teacher had completely forgot about it.
He told me we'd figure something out in 5th period as he had just planned for us to continue the movie that we started watching on Thursday.
I have an A in that class so he just decided to let me skip my final.
Oh yeah. It feels good to be an exchange student!

So that was the last time ever for my to have American history and Monday I won't have to show up there again. Same goes with 6th period. They're just over :O

So Monday I will be out of school after 4th period - at 12:15!

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