June 4, 2013

Farewell Party

Eeeeeey! We got our certificates!! ツ
Me, Wojtek, Risa, and Uyanga with our certificates of completion 

Last night was our Farewell Party for the exchange students in Simi Valley, Valencia, Bakersfield, Ventura, and Oxnard

Together with our families we were invited to hang out one last time with the other students and host families from these areas and share remarkable stories from our year here.

We met up in a church here in Camarillo (very convenient for me) with our contact persons and their boss whose name I should not mention here as I probably won't be saying many nice words about her when my program is over.

My dad was feeling ill and Angel had a huge project that her partner had bailed out on (which left Angel alone with all the work), so my hostmom, Emma, and I went.
However, the baby got tired and my hostmom decided to take her home. She confirmed that I'd be fine there alone and told me she'd pick me up again at 7pm.

My contact person pulled me over and got mad at me because my family wasn't there.
*Okay? And you can blame me because?
I told them it was for the whole family but they had stuff to do.
Sure! Let's blame the student!*
She then proceeded to tell me how I should thank my other host families..
"You should be a good student and send them a thank you
That's the right thing to do
You should be a good student
Not a bad student
I shouldn't have to remind you this"

Like I care?
And when she finished that last sentence (that she said with a hint of anger in her voice) she looked at me as if she expected me to agree. I just stared at her and wrinkled my brows. She then repeated herself a couple of times before I finally gave a "meh".
I don't care about being a good student. I didn't come here to please others. I came here because I wanted to. This was MY dream. And HECK no I'm going to say thank you for such a treatment!
Truth be told, I would've rather spent those 2 months at home than with my first host family!

I AM going to thank the second family though. And I will thank my friend's family too for having me that one week that I spent with them before Christmas, but not because my contact person told me to. Because I want to.                              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I went back inside in a bad mood but after a short time I found my good friends Risa and Wojtek and after that.. everything went smooth. It was really nice to meet all the other students there.
Since Risa's family was at her sister's volleyball game, and mine busy, we sat with Rachel's family. Rachel is a a super sweet Belgian girl who goes to Cam High with Risa. Incredibly nice people! And oooh gosh, their son was SO cute. He was constantly taking pictures of us and showing me how he could swing like Tarzan in the palm trees.

We had so much fun! 

Rachel, Wojtek's brother, Risa, Wojtek, me, and Rachel's sister~

We all brought food from our countries and our families had to get us dessert!
I made some potato stuff called "flødekartofler" and some Danish meatballs! (called frikadeller). While we are, we shared funny stories and moments with each others.

My kødboller 

This was my dinner~ 
Some egg and tomato stuff from China, my own Danish potatoes, my Danish meatballs, some AMAZING Spanish stuff that I can't remember the name of.. it looked like an omelette/cake, a rice-ball from Japan (I tasted something fishy in there. I think she made it with seaweed), some Polish stuff with sauerkraut inside, and garlic bread. I like garlic bread.
It was all really good! And it was very exciting to taste food from so many different places :)

I also got to sign Wojtek's yearbook. Damn I wish I had had mine! 

The dessert was... HEAVEN! Sadly I took no pictures.. I was busy.. eating. There was chocolate, Danish pancakes, and strawberries.. ALL OVER THE PLACE! Food HEAVEN I tell you!

They had a draft for the families where they could win plane tickets.. the ones to win it was Calvin's family and this single mom who, as the only one, had decided to take two girls in. Earlier she had come up to me and introduced herself and I was just so happy to see her win it~ She really deserved it.

The only two pictures I got of that little guy, Stevie. As I was leaving, with my hands full, he ran up to me and hugged me one last time. If guys my age could be as happy and open like this little guy.. I wish hahah~

When the party was about to end and the families and contact people were cleaning up, we all went outside to fool around and take our last pictures together. Oh my.. I don't even want to think about it :(
These people are some of the greatest friends that I've made over here 

Vee! My crazy Thai-guy! Daaang.. visiting him will be a little harder.. Luckily, all the 3 Thai peeps that I met this year all live in Bangkok. When I visit one, I'll visit them all! 
Alex and I :)
Wojteeeek! My big Polak! 
In such short time he has grown to be not just one of my best friends but also a brother to me. 
I won't have to worry about seeing him again... we've already started making plans about partying internationally! erh .. I mean.. visit each others (;
Risaaaa I love that girl! She is one of the most amazing people you can think of. Extremely beautiful yet down to Earth 
Ooooh see my little name tag? We all had those and our countries were there too! 
I've been through a LOT for you, little paper.
Now you're finally mine!

                                                         ♥  ♥  

After 200 posts I now have more than 7400 pageviews! Thank you SO so much for spending your time on my blog :) I promise I will continue to blog and constantly work on getting better! (Hopefully learn how to take better pictures too!)

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