June 24, 2013

Koreatown + Flying home

(There will be no post from June 23rd either, sorry :( I don't remember anything from there but as I can find no pictures, it seems it was just yet a calm day at home)

Today was our last day in California. Well not just California but AMERICA! D:

Of course my hostfamily had invited us for breakfast :)
The first thing we saw when we came up the driveway were the 3 viking helmets places on "poles". If I'm not wrong, placing a helmet like that on a poles symbolizes the loss of a warrior.
Looking tough with my overly poofy hair!

One last picture with the family. My hostmom had flown out for work the night before.

When we had said our temporary goodbyes, we took off.
We were going to Koreatown! One of the places I HAD to see before going home. I had already been there once with the Fox family and Kong but I didn't feel like I got to see the place. We went to a restaurant and that's all I saw. Might have been because Kong and I were playing all the way down there.

I didn't find the drive to Koreatown very nice.
We had been warned about staying downtown as there were some very sketchy neighborhoods around and we did NOT want to go there unless we wished to get rolled or shot upon o__o
We kept away from those. Instead we drove through some ...not-very-nice-looking places and then POOF!
Sudden flawlessness!
Banks! Restaurants! Shops!
We had reached out destination 
My hostdad told us about this mall located in the heart of Koreatown. THIS was the place to go.
I found this sign, when coming from the underground parking, really cute. Engrish at its best!
It was such a pretty mall. Definitely a high class place. Many men there were walking around in suits and the girls were wearing very professional looking  and cute outfits.

Filled with high class stores and restaurants! But! Nobody can get away without a few cute stores now and then.

ERMERGERD THIS STORE asdjafjkagwiuwgaw!!! *-*
They had ALL my favorite artists!!
My mom didn't understand the hype I got from here...

Palace Beauty was the first store I went into there. It was also the one I spent the most time in. BB creams, hairdye, parfumes, nail accesories and polishes, lashes, lotions, everything imaginable was to find in there!  

I got a loooooot of facemasks!
(I know there's not alot here.. I gave half to my best friend and 2 to my sister)
My sister doesn't care much but my best friend and I, I think mostly me, are obsesssed with face masks! 
There were SO many different ones that I had never seen before, including the snail one and yes.. that's real slime from snails.

I was overly excited when I found a big stand filled with different Dolly Wink lashes. I had read only good things about these on different beauty blogs and had wanted to get some for a long time. Sadly it seems these are not being sold anywhere in Denmark and I hadn't found a good online store to get them from. I fell in love with all of them but due to the costly price, I only got two packages. These were my favorites!

For the top lashes I got #17 Diamond Dolly

And for the bottom #5 Real Nude. I have tried them on before and my eyes transformed the second I applied them! I'm very very happy with my purchase, and I'm planning to get more as soon as I get money. 

The people working there looked as if they had been pulled out of a Korean fashion magazine, and they were SO nice and smiling. When we paid, they gave my mom and I these. The two peachy ones are for me and they are just amazing. I wish I could go back and buy the full product.

After seeing Koreatown and driving though Bel Air, Hollywood, Rodeo Drive etc., we drove to the car renting place to get rid of the car and then took a bus from there to LAX.

LAX was far far from being as huge and terrible as I imagined. It was really nice. A calm atmosphere, nice stores, nice and HELPFUL people, and understanding. I enjoyed spending time in there. One request though is for them to get a better Wifi! I don't carry around a cable with me! :O

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