June 14, 2013


Friday was the day that I had been looking forward to, with both eager and fear, the past 5 months! 

I came. I saw. I CONQUERED! 
Unlike Angel who had to go to school and take her last finals, I stayed home to pretty much just sleep in and calm my nerves before the big ceremony. 
My parents came to have breakfast, that my wonderful hostdad made, at our house. I swear, that man makes the best bacon I have ever tasted in my life! 
I'm going to have him tell me how to make it and then put up a tutorial here or something! You guys seriously don't want to miss out, trust me! 

So anyways, I got ready and .. well I didn't know what to do!!
Just the day before somebody had informed me that I had to wear a dress under my gown. And so when they asked me if I had bought a dress I got all confused and was like
"Dress? Foooooor?"
"I thought I was supposed to wear my cap and gown?"
"Yes but you need to wear a dress under!"
"Nooooo!! How was I supposed to know D: Nobody told me!"
"Everybody knows!"

Well, they've lived here! How the heck was I supposed to know -,.-? 
Traditions... mehhh!! 
Our schools are nothing like American high schools, we ain't got no gowns! 

Bleh, well I found a dress and put on my gown and cap. When I got to the school, I could see absolutely NO other people with it on and I started to wonder if I wasn't supposed to put it on yet? 
I went to the gym where we were supposed to meet up and I was happy when I was met by an ocean of red and black gowns. Everything just looked so... REAL! I couldn't believe it was happening!

The following pictures were taken by my parents so... thank you mom and dad!
Here all the seniors are entering the football field!

See the guy in black pretty much in the middle of the picture? That's my friend Alex the Italian, I'm the 2nd person behind him :)

Aaaaand the ceremony has begun!

After a LONG time of sitting, we got through all 420 (Or something around that) seniors!
After one last speech from the principal it was time to throw our hats!
It was more windy than a freaking wind tunnel so most of us decided to let our hats stay on.. 
As we left the field, we had been instructed to walk one in one direction (and apparently walk to the quad to have a biiig senior photo taken. I missed that hahha... well, my friends will remember me! That's all I need). As I passed all the happy families waiting for their kids, somebody pulled me into a hug and congratulated me. I looked up and it was Joab! Joab from my history class! (History was the first class I got out of and I never really felt that I had said my "goodbyes" well enough to all of my friends in there, so I was really really happy to get to talk to him again). 

Here's the proud family ~ 

Khla, Angel, and Marvin were with them and came also to take pictures and congratulate me~ 
Khla couldn't get a diploma since he was "just" a junior at the school, so he borrowed mine :P 

Yaaaaay!! I did it!!

In the quad right after getting my diploma- I was SO proud!
As we were walking to the parking lot, I met my friend Jenny and her mom. Her mom is sooooooo nice and when Jenny told her I was going away, she said I could always come back and stay with them the next time I went to America :) 
Jenny is going to Berkeley, pshh that smart girl!
Right before we parted, she asked me to come to a "surprise party" for Kristen another day because Kristen was moving away. She was going to Fullerton and was probably just moving closer. 

We took Khla home with us and had schnitzels before going to Megan's party in the evening. 
Actually, Khla got some other kind of diploma for getting through high school that he could take back to Thailand with him but he REALLY really wanted a picture... 

Before my parents came up to me, they had asked if they could take a picture of the local sheriff who gladly posed in front of his American police car.

My hostdad put up the flag to celebrate our graduation + it was flag day. 2 birds with one stone!

My hostdad was still enjoying his viking helmet. Arrgh!

Thank you Rio Mesa, I've had an AMAZING time there.


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