June 13, 2013

My parents in America

June 13th, the day before graduation, my parents flew in to LAX around 5pm.
Because of the heavy traffic and the fact that they'd have to go through immigration and customs, they weren't supposed to get to our house before 7/8pm, which was an okay time ya' know. Emma would be asleep and we'd be done cleaning our rooms and making the house look just a tad extra nice for them to see.

As it became later and later, we began to wonder where they were. Angel was the first one to desert us. She had school on Friday but I didn't have to show before 12.45. The baby was down, my hostmom was at work and wouldn't be home before Sunday, and my hostdad tried. He had had a long day and seemed nervous that everything was okay. He really wanted to make a good impression on my family.

From 10pm toooo... I think midnight (When they finally arrived), I was in the living room falling asleep, waking up, falling asleep, waking up, and falling asleep until I finally crashed in my own bed, just to get some heat (You know how some get those nightly chills early in the mornings).

Of course everything that could have possibly gone wrong (except for the plane crashing) DID go wrong!
Their first flight from Copenhagen was delayed by 45 min. which meant that, when they landed in Heathrow, they had to run (and I mean RUN) to their next flight.
Then they landed in LAX and learned that 2 of their 3 luggages had been lost. Great.

After spending a loooong time getting through customs and immigration, they went to stand in line with a bunch of other people in order to get it. 40 big hardcases had been lost!

After standing there without having moved for quite some time, a woman pulled them over and told them they had to call a certain number, tell them they had lost their belongings, and then those people would call them back. They never did.

Then, at the rent-a-car place, they people messed up and tried to pull $5K (30.000DKK) off of my parents' credit card which caused it to be blocked for 24 hours.
They finally sorted it out and my parents were ready to go.

THEN, as they were driving and trying to find their way to our house, the GPS stopped working and they had to drive back.
I was... bombed when they finally arrived. It was a short visit as we were all tired and soon they went back to their hotel.

No presents for my hostfamily, no clothes, and no money except for what they had in cash.

Thank you, American Airlines. It has been a pleasure for them.

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