June 15, 2013

Nachos in Malibu

Since we were out of school, we had a lot time to spend and a lot of places to go before heading back to Denmark; however, since it was my birthday the day after, we couldn't really go very far.
We decided to go to Malibu!
My family really wanted to see the place and my hostmom had recommended them to see this one "mall" thingie down there. She had also warned us that we under no circumstances should think of buying anything there caus' it would be hella' expensive.. She was right .____.

Actually... we didn't really do that much down there. They just liked to say that they had been in Malibu~

We found a little place to have "authentic Mexican food".. whiiich wasn't really that good. The beans were weird.. I don't really like black beans.. BUT! They had the most amazing oaxaca ohmygosh <33

We saw a bunch of nice cars and some of them were really old. Here Angel and I are posing in front of a car.. just because it was matching my shirt hahah

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