June 13, 2013

Parents and graduation!

Before I start my post, I would like to inform you that at this exact moment, my parents and grandma have flown over the ocean and landed in Los Angeles Airport. RIGHT NOW! AT THIS MOMENT!

Okay, now on to the post..

This week has gone by incredibly fast!
Monday I only had 1st and 2nd period as normal classes and thereafter my finals in 3rd and 4th. In 3rd I had to pass some Microsoft tests which I had done some weeks ago and 4th period we had a putlock!
The school provided us food and we basically just met up to eat. The class leaders had made us little awards and gave us these kinds of "tassels" that we (only ASB students I think) will have hanging around our necks at graduation. 
There were many different awards; most likely to whine, the rainbow award, loudest, best accessories, etc. 
For me, I got the "Sweetie Pie Award"
"For always being so nice to everybody around her

Which I found a very cute award. I was pleased.

As I was about to go home, Khla ran by and handed my a small card. I didn't read it before I got home but... aaw <3
That card made me smile like an idiot. It's hard to find friends like that nowadays. 

Tuesday went by quick!
In dance class we just learned a new dance for fun and then I turned in my lock to my locker. 2nd period was when I had to take my last final; English! BAM BAM BAAAAM!
Nah it wasn't bad. Actually it was easy. Way too easy. 
I had a multiple choice test with 50 question that were each worth 2 points. They were all SUPER easy.. as in like.. "Who planned to kill king Duncan?" (We were doing it on Shakespeare's Macbeth) and my teacher had basically already given us the answers. All we had to do was to remember and I'm pretty good at that. 

Since I had already taken my finals in 3rd and 4th, I went directly to the football field where we had graduation practice. Here I finally got to buy my cap and gown! (Procrastinating much?)
Looook at my beautiful gown! 

After that, I went with my two American friends Kristen and Jenny to the movies to watch DreamWorks "Epic". Since the theater was RIGHT by the outlet mall, we spent some time shopping for summer dresses. We ended our girls' day out by eating at Johnny Rockets. One does not simply go watch a movie here without going to Johnny Rockets afterwards! 

Wednesday I only had to show up for grad practice, and I actually had to meet an hour later too but I'd feel bad if I asked my dad if he could pick me up again like he did Monday. Instead I went behind the band room where Kristen and Jenny's English class were having a putlock. Yummm, more food c:
I rode the bus home and was later fetched by Jenny. 
We went to this little psychic place that the school bus always drives by in the afternoon. EVERY time I see it, I tell my friends "One day, Imma go there! Just to try" and since I don't have many days left here in America, we decided that today was the day!
It was fun!
After we all had our tarrot cards read, we walked to Kristen's house to watch Korean dramas.

Theeeeen, today I stayed home. At first, the seniors were supposed to go to school again to have grad practice but the school decided that we had done so good the other days that we could stay home. I really haven't done much today. Just waiting. Waiting for my parents. 

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