June 17, 2013

Solvang, Santa B, and "See ya" Khla!

Today I decided to show my family around in Solvang!

I had only been there once, with my first hostfamily, and honestly, I was not impressed.
At first I thought that maybe it was because that the place was just COMPLETELY WRONG, but now that I think about it, it might have just been because I spent my very limited time there with people that I didn't like. Only seeing things they liked. And eating terrible food. YUCK! 

It was also Khla's last day in America. He had wanted to go to Solvang for a long time but every time we had something planned out, someone from our group would cancel out and we weren't able to go.
Soooo, I went with my family in our rented car while my hostdad took Angel and Khla in his.

So anyways, I hadn't expected much in Solvang, I just wanted to show the place to my family now that we ARE Danish, in hopes that they might see how terribly wrong that place is and how [many] Americans see Danes; however, we DID find a lot of things that we could relate to. We DID find a bunch of clothes stores... Terrible places! Don't even... just stay away from those. Aaaand we DID find what I was looking for!

Those of my friends who have gone to California as exchange students have gone to Solvang to have these and they said that the æbleskiver there tasted like home! 
Of course I had to try them before I go back home!

As we were walking towards one of the main streets, a small restaurant appeared out of nowhere and THERE they had them!
See the 3 places each with 3 little balls of dough? Those are the æbleskiver! 
It was a cozy little place with great food! The waitress was a super bubbly middle-aged woman who served us with a smile.

After we finished eating, we walked around a little to see the place.

One of the buildings they got right was the "Rundetårn" which is originally located in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. Its name means a round tower and this one was supposedly one third of the original size.

A mill? Uhm.. no, you won't find many of these left in Denmark. I don't think my city has any at all. Try Holland maybe.

This picture cracks me up every time! 
 And I

If it wasn't for the crazy hats store that we went into at first, we would have never found Arne's Restaurant!

A cute little bakery~

We found a statue of H. C. Andersen! (The most famous Danish writer of all time. Some of his most famous works are The Little Mermaid and The Ugly Duckling).

Nope... not very Danish either. Well at least not something you'll find in modern Denmark.

As we were about to leave Solvang, my hostdad asked if we would like to visit Neverland (Michael Jackson's ranch). It was one of the things on his bucket list and like he said himself "I'd like to see it with friends". Of course we would! It wasn't more than a few miles away!
We drove out in the country where there was pretty much nothing but dust and scorched plants.
Suddenly we stopped at this random porch- we were here! 
Sadly we weren't allowed to go further in but just standing there was an experience itself. All over the place were little messages that people had scribbled into the stones or the wood and you could also find a few flags. 
Vietnam, Sweden, England, China, Turkey, Spain, Germany, Brazil, you name it! 
I'm not a touchy-feely person but there was a strange vibe around this place. Somehow it was just really sad that such a big personality had passed away, but on the other hand there was also some kind of happiness about it. I mean, not that he's dead, but to see SO many people from all around the world have come to visit and leave a message.. there's just something about it that words cannot explain. I felt a presence of something good. 
This is kind of an intern joke but... here you see my hostdad taking a "Selfie" 
YAAARH! Invade the ranch!

After Neverland,  my hostdad showed us to a small cowboy-looking-village (well not an entire village, just like 5 buildings) where he and my dad could have a beer before we'd split up.

Apparently this place has been in a lot of Western movies

Khlaaaa <3 

The "jail". Such a small room filled with evil darkness spiderweb, eew~

So we also found this little bench to take pictures on.
where Khla suggested that "We have to take awkward pictures! Like in movies, they always sit awkward"
I thought they meant now, not after one last smiling picture...  
There you go Khla, here's your awkward picture! 

And one with her dad too!
Love the way he poses
With our favorite "Thailandian" as Elyssa says! 

Angel went back home with her dad and Khla got into our car. 
Khla had one last wish before flying back home; to touch the Pacific Ocean! 
At first we just walked around until Khla mentioned how cheap the shuttle was. We took at plan at the shuttle-stop and he was right! It was a quick way to see town too. 
Khla in the shuttle~
I just love this picture :)
Looking back at the city
Isn't it just special how you have the city, a small area of grass and palmtrees and then BAM! Beach right in yo' face! 

We found this kind of hippie-looking guy. A little girl walked up to him and asked if she could take a picture with his mermaid, "It's a free country" he exclaimed. 
My dad, Khla, and I went further down the beach. My grandma and mom didn't want sand in their shoes.. pfff
This is also one of my favorites

Don't let your eyes fool you! The water was cold! 
Khla suggested taking some "flying" pictures in the water..
so he was like, "Lucy! Jump!"
And I did!
Then we tried to have my dad join in.
Hahahah I can just imagine...
"Weeee I can fly!"

"Dad! C'mon! Jump!"
"No >:("
After the beach we walked back to town to sit down and have some frozen yogurt, yum!
"Look at me, Thai friends! I'm in America!"
At the yogurt place, Angel called and said that we had to hurry home unless we wanted to miss the goodbye party that our friends had put together for us!

We had a great time with our friends at Elyssa's place. 
Elyssa, Raquel, me, Zandler, Marvin, Khla, and Angel :) All together one last time... at least for now
Man... we're so derpy that we couldn't even get ONE SINGLE PICTURE taken nicely.. -le sigh-
Playing freeze-tag in the dark in the park, killing zombies, and munching pizza four hours!
I had brought half a plate of my Swedish chocolate for all of them and they had brought presents for Khla and I. I got a really nice grey scarf because 'Denmark is such a cold country', a sports t-shirt, those moustache sunglasses that I've worn pretty much every day now, and a handmade pencil case from Thailand.

Caus' only my friends are able to pose around a mini trash can and still look cool! I love these people <3

We probably woke up half of her neighborhood with our singing and screaming in the streets but.. what do we care! It's our last night! 

We were all being driven home at the same time.. Khla was with Marvin and Zandler in a different car..
Elyssa was the first one to break into tears and soon Angel followed up... I was keeping my tough image and told him that we would meet again for sure.. Then I got into the car and my face broke in halves

We will meet again.
You hear me Khla!?
And same goes to the rest of you!
This isn't the last time you'll see your foreign friends! 

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