June 21, 2013

The haircut

Now I bet you're thinking "Where is the 20th?!"
The 20th was the day we drove back to California after having spent some time in Vegas. To be honest we didn't do much than spending some quality time back in the house with my host family. I didn't take any pictures so I decided just to skip that day. Not that it's not worth writing about, we just really did NOTHING.

So today my hostdad had invited my family and I, his mom, and Angel out for breakfast at a place called PJ's. I believe we ate there the day before too.
When we came, there was barely any space. The waitress then moved a family who were already sitting down so there would be space for us to join 2-3 tables together. The family had no problem moving but as a thank you, my hostdad whispered to the waitress that he'd pay their bill. Can you say Good Guy Greg?

Here we're sitting with the family <3 

When we had first parked, we walked by some stands. Apparently today was part of some sort of festival. All the stands were white except for one red one and naturally my eyes were drawn to it. It saw the name CHI and was about to turn around with BIIIG steps. But... something caught my eye. It was a boy. He seemed familiar.. it was... !!!! WOJTEK!!!
My parents and hostfamily stood there watching in terror how I out of nowhere had decided to run up to and attack this random guy.
And that is how Wojtek and my family met
The End

After we finished eating, we just sat there talking. I had for a long time wanted to cut my hair and... today my spontaneity took over.
Literally right beside PJ's was a hair salon and I was sitting in a chair within 2 minutes.
So this is a before picture of me. Look how thin the ends are.. I don't know why it looks so yellow of a sudden. It really wasn't.

Aaaaand last picture before the cut. I have never in my life thought it was THAT bad... ohgod... 

I told the man, a very nice elderly Hispanic guy, to just "chop it all off!"
and he was so happy about my reaction, that he pulled me out in the back to show his work to the others.
"I should be working in Hollywood!" He exclaimed happily.

What do you think? I wanted to get rid of as much as possible without having a boy's cut.

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