July 12, 2013

I have returned!

The virus is gone!!

But I spent way too much time on it.. Really I had like 1 day where I did nothing but work on my computer.
I used a TON of different virus detectors (a lot of supposedly good ones such SuperAntiSpyware, AVG, SpyHunter (Which you can only use for detecting stuff, when it comes to removing you'll have to pay)) but none of them seemed to work.
I soon learned that it was a spyware that had infected my system and no matter what I did, it would just NOT get off my computer.
In the end I said to myself "SCREW IT! I backed my stuff up, now it's time to reboot! >:("

I'm usually really good at taking care of my computer and getting rid of whatever attacks it once in a while would have, but this one took me too much time =____=
I forgot the names (since I had more than one thing on my computer) but one of them was called "CouponDropDown".. except for that I had a "Backdoor", a Trojan, 3 Generic-something, and some evil cookies that would come back right after they had been deleted - -
Especially the CouponDropDown was a pest! It'd underline random words on websites and if I clicked on it, it'd lead me to random things. Irritating adds would show up of NOWHERE and place itself on top of things (I figured my computer was under attack when those "Woman loses 10 pounds! Doctors hate her! See her secret!" adds showed up INSIDE my dashboard when I was writing entries. Oh and whenever I opened my browser, another window filled with spam sites would open.

Okay... that only took me a day. A whole day.
After that I needed a break from my computer.
It's like a side-effect of having fought with my electronics.

So as I had just come home, my friends also really wanted to spend some quality time with me.
We went to the beach Monday night, I went with my friend Mette downtown Tuesday, and then yesterday my cousin came to visit and later three of my friends and I went downtown again. It's been some nice slow days without doing much, therefore I don't have a heck-load of pictures to show you guys.

I'm back on my computer and ready to blog again! My work on the remaining posts about America have already begun (and my search for where I backed up the pictures) so you should expect to see those soon. Until then, have these two pictures we had taken yesterday!
  Karoline, Maria, me, Agnes (an old cheerleader friend I found!), and Monika 
♥ ♥ 

Got any questions?
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  1. Oh looks like that must have been mind boggling. Anyways which operating system are you using? If windows then I'd suggest switch to Linux Ubuntu. Virus free OS. No need of anti virus! :)

  2. Gosh it was - -
    I have Windows 7 installed and on the little sticker it says "Windows 7 Starter" but I don't know if that makes much of a difference o:

    I haven't heard much about Linux, any tips on how I could get it? Or where I could get it?

  3. Google, YouTube are always there to help. I'll send u some good links in some time!

  4. Sure, thank you so much! :) I'll take a look at it!